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Ed Asner Stars In Filmmaker Adam Dietrich's Latest Movie 'The Flood'

Updated on August 3, 2017

Interview: Filmmaker Adam Dietrich Discusses 'The Flood'

Texas filmmaker Adam Dietrich recently discussed his latest film The Flood along with other subjects in a far-ranging interview.

1.You recently released a trailer about a film you've made called The Flood. What can you tell us about it?

"The Flood stars legendary performer Ed Asner as the lead role. We shot the entire film in Arlington, Texas, and worked with locals to make it great! It's gonna premiere at Middle Coast Film Festival on August 11th in Bloomington, Indiana! We're super excited to share the film with audiences!"

What Inspired Dietrich To Get Into Filmmaking

2. What inspired you to get into filmmaking?

Dietrich: People. I like hearing people's stories, and I like telling stories.

3. What are your long term goals in film?

Dietrich: I want to make movies that inspire question, and incite. I want to make movies that get people exited, either from pure fun or unflinching explorations of true drama.

4. What are your short term goals?

Dietrich: Keep making movies. Keep pushing my craft. Keep helping others do the same!

5.Where are you originally from?

Dietrich: Originally I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but moved to Arlington, Texas when I was 9. My father worked for General Motors until he retired this year. When the plant shut down in Cinci, he moved us here to Texas....I've been a Texan for 30 years.

When Dietrich First Became Involved In Film

6. When did you first become involved in film?

Dietrich: I've always loved storytelling, and watched any and all storytelling I could, from pupet plays to movies. Originally, I watched TV in abundance...and taught myself to read from the TV Guide when I was very I could know when shows like The Muppet Show, He-Man, Thundercats, Buck Rogers, A Team, and so on were coming on. I'm still a super fan of TV, and hope to do more television as I continue making stuff.

Dietrich Talks About Ed Asner

8. How well do you know Ed Asner?

Dietrich: I've only worked with Ed Asner one time after having met him twice before that. He's a smart, complex, and hilarious guy, who knows A LOT about storytelling! I was honored, and humbled to have th opportunity to work with him. In my opinion, he is a genius, and after our collaboration, an incredibly fun person to share time with.

Adam Dietrich's Acting Role In Monica Lewinsky Episode

9. Have you done any acting?

Dietrich: My friend Brad Osborne directed an episode of Scandal Made Me Famous, about Monica Lewinsky. It's the season opener for the show, airing on Reels channel. I had the opportunity to make a cameo (as an actor) for Brad. It's always fun acting for friends!

'Scandal Made Me Famous'

10. Have you been involved in the Scandal Made Me Famous series?

Scandal Made Me Famous and Murder Made Me Famous is a true crime show, with Narrative Recreations that help to interpret the drama of real events. I've had the pleasure of writing/directing/producing several episodes of both shows, and will continue to do so....some episodes inclue Tonya Harding, Paul Snider, Richard Ramirez, and the Craigslist Killer Phillip Markoff.

Film 'Windsor' Appeared At Cannes Film Festival

11. I understand the film Windsor which we worked on with Porter Farrell appeared at the Cannes Film Festival recently. That sounds like a major development. Tell us about that.

Dietrich: Windsor has been picked up for domestic and international distribution! Porter Farrell is extremely happy with the deal, and we're all excited for audiences to see the film everywhere!

'Windsor' To Follow Path Of Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns?

12, I remember Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns were shown first in Europe before they were popular in USA. Do you see that happening with Windsor?

Dietrich: There are so many paths for a film to find success, that I can't even imagine what Windsor's will be! I know we're proud of Windsor, audiences have really loved the film, and I'm excited for more!

Dietrich's Current Film Projects

13. Could you update us on your current film projects?

Dietrich: Our short film The Flood, starring the legendary Ed Asner, premieres at Middle Coast Film Festival on August 11. We've just finished shooting another short film calling Knowing, starring Joseph T. Campos, and we're excited for its festival run in 2018. I've written and directed several episodes of Murder Made Me Famous and Scandal Made Me Famous for Reelz Channel, coming out throughout 2018, including the Jesssica Hahn episode premiering this weekend, Saturday night, on Reelz. And we have a new feature film being finished for 2018 Festival called the Untitled New Mexico Project. It's mystery thriller set in 1958, and I couldn't be happier or more excited with this project! And of course, Porter Farrell and I are working on his next movie...but you'll have to wait for info on that one!

Dietrich's Favorite Collaboraters

14. Do you have a group of friends with whom you like to regularly collaborate on films?

Dietrich: I've enjoyed working with friends most of my career, and I continue to do so. My best pal and I, Elliott Gilbert, work constantly together. We love working with the team from Windsor, and have some other constant collaborators, and typically try to keep some of our collaborators the same for each project, while exploring new relationships.

Dietrich's Expanding Network In Film

15. I see you're frequently announcing opportunities for extras in your projects. You sound incredibly busy. Is that true?

Dietrich: I have the pleasure of offering opportunities in film/tv, and on a regular basis. I've always worked hard, and don't see that changing...And I've also always extended every opportunity to work hard with me, to as wide a net as possible...and with the internet, that's pretty wide!

Dietrich Makes Time For Family

16. You are so busy with your craft. Does that leave much time for family?

Dietrich: I love spending time with my 14 month old son, Harrison. I'm an avid swimmer, recreationally that is, and enjoy being creative. I play guitar, read books, see theatre, and love being with family and friends. And I'm a a night of dancing!

Reads Shel Silverstein books

17. Do you have time to read much?

Dietrich: Love a good read and tend to read biographies more than anything...however a Shel Silverstein book can be found everywhere you go in my house!

Writing Career

18. Do you do any writing?

Dietrich: I write ritualistically. I write scripts and songs, and just write in general. I've written 6 or 7 episodes of tv this year alone. Elliott and I just wrote our latest short film, Knowing. I've written two other feature films this year, as well as 2 shorts.

Favorite Movies and TV Shows

19. What are your favorite movies?

Dietrich: I'm such a fan of movies and tv, that I can get into almost everything, from high concept dramas to reality television. A few of my favs are Back To The Future, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Buck Rogers, Dog Day Afternoon, The Conversation, Star Wars, Rogue One, What Dreams May Come, Kick Ass, Shark Tank, Despues De Lucia, No Country For Old Men, Barton Fink, and Tropic Thunder.

Renaissance Man In The Film World

20. Do you see yourself more as a director, writer or producer?

Dietrich: I don't see myself like that. I've always been a multi-hyphenate, and I always will be, I suppose. I'm writing/directing/producing more now, but I'm still designing, acting and first assistant directing. I believe my biggest strengths are as a director/producer and actor. In a perfect world, I'll be making my own movie, a movie a year, for the next 20 years, and creating tv shows as well...And acting in other people's movies, and producing other people's movies, and designing other people's projects! haha! I really love what I do, and want to continue!

Educational Background

21. What is your educational background?

Dietrich: I attended Southern Methodist University for Theatre Studies, but never graduated. I spent 8 years apprenticing with Johnny Simons, from Hip Pocket Theatre, in West Fort Wortth. It was a unique training, giving me real world experience running a theatre, and working with a legendary master of storytelling. My everyday mentor was actually Johnny's wife, Diane Simons, and she gave me the inspiration I needed to pursue my passions. I spent 10 years learning in the theatre, then transitioned into film, and spent the better part of a decade doing the same in this field. It's been an amazing journey, and unique to me. I didn't take a traditional path, but this path has suited me well.

Barry Corbin Connection

22. You worked with Barry Corbin on Windsor. What's he like?

Dietrich: Barry Corbin is a consummate pro, and a delight. He's fun to hang out with, to watch perform, and to work alongside. He gives and doesn't stop. I look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to create together!

Gainesville Site Of 'Windsor' Shooting

23. You and Porter shot the film Windsor in Gainesville, Texas. What was that like?

Dietrich: Gainesville was a charming little town, with wonderful people, good food and a beautiful way about it. I have absolutely fond memories of Gainesville from pizza outings, to Starbucks runs, Friday nights at the Winery outside of town and many a night at the local pub.....midnight swims and all night shooting! And Donna's restaurant was a dynamite eatery that I still crave!

Adam Dietrich Rising Star

Adam Dietrich is clearly one of the rising stars of the Texas film scene. His extraordinary diversity of talents in directing, producing, acting and writing place him at the forefront of the Lone Star movie world. It wouldn't be surprising to see him become a household name in the next few years.


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      17 months ago from Norfolk, England

      That was interesting to read. I've never heard of him before.


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