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Eddie Murphy Raw:Classic Stand-Up

Updated on February 27, 2013

Eddie Murphy Raw was filmed at the New York City's Felt Forum in 1987 and is a classic stand-up comedy act by one of the greatest comedians of the 80's (in my opinion)

If you are looking for a great, laugh-alot comedy act, stop looking! This is it!

The movie starts out as showing a skit of Eddie Murphy's childhood where first Tatyana Ali (mostly known for her role on Fresh Prince of Bel Air) sings Why do Fools fall in Love and Eddie states he has a joke to tell and goes on to tell a joke that his parents don't look too happy about. Then it goes to all the fans of Eddie's Raw show and the crowd tells of how much they love Eddie and what their favorite movies with him are. He does imitations of Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Mr. T, and Richard Pryor.

When I turned 18, my mom told me to watch Eddie Murphy Raw. So I did, and it is now fried into my brain as the best comedy to watch. My friends and family and I banter over all the funny things he says. Sometimes I will just bust out singing, "DON'T LET EM FOOL YA OH NO, DA NA DU DU DU DUN DUN DUN!" (That part is at the end fyi)

You should not let your kids watch this as this movie is rated 'R.' But, for you adults with no conscience, (JUST KIDDING) this is perfect material to watch with friends or significant others when you just want to laugh.

Eddie Murphy talks about growing up, his mom, his relationships, songs of the 80's, women of the 80's, and who he made fun of in the last stand-up movie he had called Delirious. Although that movie was first, I don't like it even close to Raw.

Also, he looks good in that leather suit =)

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    • Anaydena profile image

      Mia Taylor 6 years ago from Euless, TX, USA

      I remember sneaking and watching the video with my brothers for the first time, when I was like 7! Bad age to be watching this, but this is a total classic lol very good hub! Voted up!

    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 6 years ago from Sin City

      I'm glad I could bring back good memories for you Paradise =) Thanks for commenting!

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      I loved Eddie Murphy back in the day, too. So funny! This brought back some good memories. Thanks!

    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 6 years ago from Sin City

      I LOVED Eddie Murphy back in the day. I rather be strapped to a chair watching Raw then Daddy Daycare in my opinion =) Thanks for commenting CoolDad!

    • cooldad profile image

      cooldad 6 years ago from Florida

      I remember as a little kid, sneaking around with my friend and listening to Eddie's standup. We used to die laughing. The fart game, the G.I. Joe in the toiler, his mom throwing things at him. He was great, dirty, but hilarious. Great hub.