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El Gamma Penumbra Wins Asia's Got Talent

Updated on May 19, 2015


The Asian version of the “Got Talent” franchise that airs on AXN Asia is, of course, called Asia’s Got Talent (AGT). It features dancers, singers, comedians, magicians, and many other performances of all ages. They compete for the opportunity to perform at the world-class Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Also at stake is the cash prize of US$100,000.

Hosting the show are Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, two of the known TV hosts in the Philippines. The judges are David Foster, a Canadian musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger who has won 16 Grammy Awards; Anggun, an Indonesian and French-naturalized singer-songwriter; Melanie C., an English singer-songwriter and actress who is one of the 5 members of the Spice Girls; and Vanness Wu, an American-born Taiwanese actor, singer, director, and producer who is best known for being a member of pop group F4.

The 9 Grand Finalists

After the auditions and semi-finals performances, nine acts got into the Grand Finals:

  1. Talento, young rockers from Thailand
  2. Gao Lin and Liu Xin, Chinese acrobats
  3. Dance Trilogy, girls dance group from Singapore
  4. Khusugtan, an ethnic musical group from Mongolia
  5. Triqstar, the hypnotic dance group from Japan
  6. Gwyneth Dorado, a 10-year-old singer from Philippines
  7. El Gamma Penumbra, a shadow-playing group from Philippines
  8. Junior New system, a teen dance group from Philippines
  9. Gerphil Flores, a classical singer from Philippines

Filipino Acts in the Grand Finals

Out of the nine grand finalists, four acts were from the Philippines: the El Gamma Penumbra, a shadow-playing group, Gerphil Flores, a classical singer, Junior New System, a teen dance troupe, and Gwyneth Dorado, a 10-year-old singer.

At the Grand Finals reveal, the 9 acts were first trimmed into the 6 acts who were still in the running for the first AGT winner. Gwyneth Dorado was eliminated together with the Chinese acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin, and the dance group Dance Trilogy. Three Filipino acts were still in the top 6.

The second cut eliminated the Junior New system and the Triqstar. The top 4 included Talento, the young rockers from Thailand; Khusugtan from Mongolia; Gerphil Flores, and El Gamma Penumbra, both from the Philippines.

Another cut was announced which eliminated Talento, the young rockers from Thailand, leaving Khusugtan, El Gamma Penumbra, and Gerphil Flores in the top 3.

When the top 2 were finally revealed, only El Gamma Penumbra and Khusugtan remained. Gerphil Flores occupied the 3rd slot. Not bad especially when David Foster promised her that the world would surely know about her.

And, of course, when El Gamma Penumbra was declared the winner of the first Asia’s Got Talent competition, the whole Filipino nation rejoiced.

El Gamma Penumbra Audition:

El Gamma Penumbra in the Semi-Finals

El Gamma Penumbra in the Grand Finals

Gerphil Flores sings the theme from "Godfather"

Gerphil Flores sings "Love Story"

Gerphil Flores belts out the "Impossible Dream"


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