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Review of the Album "Seeds of Rage" by Italian Progressive & Power Metal Band Eldritch

Updated on August 22, 2023
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The front booklet for the album Seeds of Rage

Eldritch started the decade of the 1990's on such a high note that you could say they really came out making an excellent album. The cover symbolizes the band's outstanding start to their career.
Eldritch started the decade of the 1990's on such a high note that you could say they really came out making an excellent album. The cover symbolizes the band's outstanding start to their career.

Introduction to the band Eldritch and the People That Play on the Album Seeds of Rage

Eldritch is a fantastic heavy metal band from Italy that has been around since 1991. That's over three decades of existence in the music business. Some of you reading this were not even born yet. Nonetheless, their debut album called Seeds of Rage was released in 1995 and is one of the best albums of its kind for sure. Every single song on here is worth a listen and these guys did a heck of a job! If you wanted to start off a career in the most excellent fashion, Eldritch have accomplished just that with this release. On vocals is the really good Terence Holler (Mario Tarantola) and he is a really good one that is not well-known to most heavy metal fans. Eugene Simone handles all of the guitar playing duties. The drummer is Adriano Dal Canto. Eldritch has gone through several lineup changes throughout their career with Holler and Simone being the only members that have been with the band since its inception. Martin Kyhn handles the bass guitar duties while Oleg Smirnoff plays the keyboards. The members use their stage names. Seeds of Rage was a memorable album for me because I remember that this was the first Eldritch album I ever heard on cassette tape back in 1999!

Songs List for Eldritch's "Seeds of Rage" Album

1. Incurably Ill

2. Under this Ground

3. Chains

4. Cage of Sins

5. Colors

6. The Deaf and the Blind

7. Ultimate Solution

8. I Don't Know Why

9. Chalice of Insanity

10. Blind Promise

The album Seeds of Rage: the Songs Incurably Ill, Under This Ground, and Chains

The band's lyrics tend to deal with topics such as politics and social issues (Incurably Ill, Under this Ground) or even love and romance. Incurably Ill is a song that is about people who live in an authoritarian dictatorship and what can happen to them as a result of living in such an environment. The keyboard part at the end complements the song in a good way. As the song says, politicians will be rewarded with seats in office as long as they are able to convince their people that they will protect them. Under this Ground tries to warn people against drinking and driving. We know the deadly consequences that can result from these actions. So many people are killed in alcohol related car accidents each year. So please do not drink and drive and if you do drive, drive carefully. Chains is a song about getting out of your comfort, expressing your own personality and just bringing out the best in yourself. You will make mistakes along the way but as long as you keep on going towards your goals you will do a great job.

Cage of Sins is a Powerful Song

Cage of Sins is about lovers who are in a destructive relationship. This relationship is based on lies and deception and when such conditions exist, even the best written poem has the chance to be ruined. You may have tears in your eyes if you listen to this one but it is a terrific song as Terence Holler shows his power and range. Words are never enough to bring across how much we can be hurt in relationships or are they ever enough?

"Cage of Sins"

The Second Half of the Album "Seeds of Rage" Is Impressive As Well

The point can be made that Seeds of Rage is also the best heavy metal album of 1995 as well. It is so well written that I really don't see any flaws with it. This album is easily better than any album Megadeth released in the entire decade of the 1990's! This is how it should be done. This album has solid songwriting, solid vocals, and great guitar solos particularly in the song Blind Promise. This album will get a perfect 100 out of 100 from me for sure! I would rate Seeds of Rage as being better than even Iron Maiden's The X-Factor album.

"Blind Promise"

Analysis of the Songs I Don't Know Why & Blind Promise

With that stated, let's continue with the review of this amazing album by saying that the song “I Don't Know Why” is about someone who does not realize that his own ego is controlling him. He is involved in a game of lying and deception as he is looking for someone to give him love and direction. Our ego is never on the side of good because it is our ego that tries to tell us that we are not good enough and not complete enough for this or for that. This song is another good performance by Terence Holler. Blind Promise is the last song on the album and it is a terrific ballad type of song that has one of the best guitar solos that you will ever hear. There is so much passion and feeling put into this that you will want to hear it over and over again. I know how much I love the song so hopefully you will too.

Eldritch Is a Band That Is Worth Listening To

Eldritich may not be as popular as their counterparts from Milan Italy called Lacuna Coil. But these guys are seriously very good! As their career has progressed, they have gotten better or have been consistently good. 2004's Portrait of the Abyss Within is another very good release form these guys. Neighbourhell released in 2006 saw Eldritch get even heavier and more melodic. They have been one of Italy's best bands ever and Seeds of Rage is a terrific debut album and it would be hard for any band to do any better with a debut than this. From the beginning as the keyboard filled song Incurably Ill starts off this album, Seeds of Rage is a progressive metal album that is very much worth it for any fan of the genre! With the rise of music streaming services such as Spotify, Seeds of Rage is one of those albums that is definitely worth listening to!

"I Don't Know Why"

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