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The Best Electric Guitar Effects Pedals

Updated on January 30, 2016

Electric Guitar Effects Pedals

The Boss Super Overdrive SD1 is an extremely simple to use Guitar Effects Pedal which provides you with the smooth, warm distortion of an overdriven tube amp. All this is achieved without overriding the subtleties of your playing technique.

As described, the Boss SD1 is simple to use and only has three controls, affecting Level, Tone and Drive. This enables the Guitarist to easily go from mild to hard – the Sd1 can even be used as a signal booster if required.

Boss boasts that the SD1 delivers its rich authentic overdrive effects due to its unique symmetric drive circuitry. Whatever the reason, the Boss super overdrive Sd1 delivers warm solid rock sounds, and can even be used playing the blues. Though this pedal is probably not going to be a great Metal or heavy distortion producer, a great variety of sounds and can be achieved when used in conjunction with the amp distortion of your amplifier.

Physically, the construction of the pedal is rock solid; some even refer to it being built like a tank. The case has rubber on the button to help prevent it from moving about, and also has rubber on the pedals part. Many performers who had had the SD1 for a number of years rate the pedal as extremely rugged and reliable.

Summing up:
-The Boss Sd1 is a simple to use Overdrive pedal which is great for beginners, yet should not be discounted by the more experienced player.
-Only three controls – Gain, Tone and Level
-Sooth, warm distortion
-Unique symmetrical gain circuitry
-Great for Riffs, Blues and making you solos stand out, delivering rock solid sounds
-Maybe not the best for Metal or heavy distortion
-Can be used as a signal booster
-Solid reliable construction

If you are looking to buy the Boss SD1 super Overdrive Pedal, see below for a price comparison on various leading online stores.

Jonathan has played guitar and other instruments for over 20 years and uses many different guitar effect pedals in his setups at this site


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