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Electronic Music for Studying Youtube Playlist

Updated on September 9, 2015

Electronic Music for Studying


When I work or when I study I like to listen to music, many types of music actually as I got bored of always listening to classical music to study, so I constantly seek for other relaxing tunes.

Classical music remains my favorite when it comes to setting the perfect mood for working, it is relaxing and allows to concentrate. But sometimes I need something more hyped to make me work faster but still relaxed and focused. So after some time searching I stumbled to a nice instrumental collection of electronic music for studying that fits the profile: no lyrics, no crazy beats but not “sea waves” either, and hours of music without having to find new songs.

Following I will share the playlists I have created on Youtube, as I only use Youtube to hear music while I work. Not only will I share my electronic collection, I have made other similar playlists which I have named: Programming Music, which has a more retro punk feel to it, and Indie Games Soundtracks, which are more exotic and… well, just listen them out to see if they are right for you.

Electronic Music for Working Playlist

This is the best playlist I have come up with that fits my personality at the time of work. It is not chill out or over hyped, a nice in between of both. Nice to “tune in” and keep you awake and interested in whatever you are doing.

No lyrics. Lyrics get me un-focused of my work.

No videos either. The playlist is on Youtube but if there is a video going on sometimes I get stuck watching it. Just let the music play on the background.

This playlist is composed by several 1 to 2 hour music electronic music tracks. I have no idea who the original artist or artists are, the tracks are not listed on the description.

Electronic Music for Studying

Electronic Music for Programming

Music for Programming

This entire playlist I came across while searching for the soundtrack of Mr.Robot, a hacker culture TV series that has me hooked. I don´t hack or do programming, I write posts for affiliate websites. But in my wet dreams I like to pretend all this typing I do is some type of super software J.

It makes sense that programmers look for their own music styles. They have to develop a code in a short period of time and fix all those bugs. A can of Red Bull by the side and some coding music to get things going.

This programming music playlist is very similar as the electronic one, with the main difference programmers have their techno punk defined theme. Programmers are stuck in the 80´s pop culture of what Hollywood portrait would be the future: Apocalyptic high tech world were the techno renegades could beat the “the system”.

Anyway, I stumbled across this playlist after testing a few others claiming to be “hacker music”, but the soundtrack for Matrix doesn´t cut the cheese for me. This one turned out to be really good made from the same person. 4 complete sets that will take you the entire day to listen. More hyped than the previous electronic music playlist:

Programming Music Playlist

Indie Video Game Soundtrack to Study


Indie Video Games Chill Out Soundtracks

This is the first electronic or indie music playlist I came up with. The tunes are great from awesome games like Monument Valley, Journey, Shadow of the Colossus, Her (which is a movie, not a game. But has indie games in it), FEZ, The Floor is Jelly, The Binding of Isaac, Eve and more.

I really like the tuned of these video game, but it has some flaws when I am working. The video game tunes begin to change pace and distort the mood, it snaps at my concentration from whatever I am doing.

The World is Jelly specifically has a part towards the end of the Soundtrack were everything is just wrong. At this point I just stop what I am doing and click on the next soundtrack.

Still, I love this playlist and sometimes I come to it when I want to spice things a little. But I prefer to check the individual soundtracks rather than play the whole thing.

The playlist has potential, but it needs some rearranging to fix the tempo into something nicer.

Indie Video Games Chill Out Soundtracks Playlist

Soundtracks I recommend from this playlist:

Journey – Journey is an incredible Indie game from Playstation, the first that I heard of from this genre hitting a video game console. I have never played it as I do not own a Play Station, but I watched the game play on Youtube… it is that nice to watch. Journey is not your typical video game, it falls under a whole range of games just meant to chill out and enjoy the scenery. It is easy to play, no shooting people, just minor plot issues with incredible art, design and a hell of a soundtrack.

Monument Valley – Monument Valley seems to be inspired on Journey. I found this mobile game on the itunes store and purchased it for $4 dollars, or less, I can´t remember. This game made BOOM the first time it was released. I believe in 2014. It was made by French developers and it is like walking around Art and Poetry. Your mission is to find out who you are while getting around a complex web of geometric levels, many of which received individual awards from the gaming industry. Trust me, it is like being in a abstract world of art. You have to try it if you have a smart phone.

If you play this game I can guarantee complete addiction from beginning to end. Which shouldn´t take you more than 2 weeks. There is an expansion and I hope a third delivery of levels. But for now enjoy its beautiful soundtrack.

Her – Her is not a video game but the soundtrack fits very well with this playlist. The film does have some indie video games in it, a really awesome one were people of the future play mind games that are very original.

Watch the film, it is about artificial intelligence and how it can evolve faster than humans, to the point of loving us and then becoming far superior. Not a “kill the humans” film, instead a “love the humans” film and the consequences from that. The Soundtrack, scenery and wardrobe of Her is just indie in style, so it fits in here perfectly.

The Binding of Issac – Never played the game, but the trailer seems more interesting than the game itself. Actually, that is the coolest part of Isaac´s soundtrack, the opening story narrated in third person.

Isaac is this little innocent boy that lives alone with his mother on a lonely shack. Isaac´s mother is a Christian addict, like religious fanatic addict. One day voices whisper to her and believing it is God speaking the mother is compelled by the voice to kill Isaac in sacrifice. Isaac suspects her mother while she comes to his room and escapes in the last minute through a pipe, and so the game begins.

One hell of a narration followed by dark beats.

The rest of the soundtracks you can check out by yourself. I keep adding tunes to these playlists and have a couple others that I night mention on this article.



*I couldn´t manage to add the playlist links to the Hub, so only the first soundtrack of each sounds. That won´t be a problem with the first two soundrtrack, but it will be with the Indie one. If you want the link to the whole playlist let me know on the comments and I will share it by private mail.

© 2015 David Trujillo Uribe


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    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 2 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      I think I already replied but can´t see my response...

      I checked out your video, very nice! But it got tiring after 10 minutes, too much upbeat. I need a nice in between of electro sounds to keep me focused and not sleepy, but soft and tranquilizing so it doesn´t grow on your nerve.Presently I am listening to Emotional Psy Chill Mix, Chill Step etc. Here is a link:

    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 2 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      Nice tunes! I feel I need to accompany this one with Red Bull though, ot a bad idea when I want to work out pretty fast online.

      I have found tons of other nice playlist, not all electronic music. Fantasy, Emotional, Epic, and even Space music. One I really like is this Ronald Jenkeens Electric Guitar instrumental:

    • profile image

      Alison 2 years ago

      Electronic music honestly improves my concentration for studying. I actually never really thought about that, because it´s not my type of music to listen to on a daily basis. But I tried it out, and it worked. I think it has a lot to do with the steady bass line and the beat. It´s the same with lullabies, which help you sleep. Because they are also made to have an even melody, which runs through the whole song.

      However, I found another video, especially for electronic music for studying. Here´s the link, in case you´re interested:

      Thanks for the interesting information! It helped me a lot!

    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 2 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      I´ll see what I can digg up for jazz and country music lovers.

    • profile image

      Gracieeeee 2 years ago

      Music is absolutely the back round sound of my life and although classic fits nearly any moment I am still a die hard fan of jazz and country although I find I can't work as well if I opt for music with words so I tend towards classic and movie tunes minus the words. I am not sure I have a great appreciation for electronic and video game soundtracks I can totally appreciate the desire for great back round music to the days!