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Elisa C. Martin: A Look at the Life and Career of the Former Dark Moor Vocalist and Why She Is so Great

Updated on August 3, 2020
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Elisa Martin: The former Dark Moor and Fairyland Vocalist

A still photograph of Elisa Candelas Martin the former vocalist for the band Dark Moor.
A still photograph of Elisa Candelas Martin the former vocalist for the band Dark Moor.

Who is Elisa C. Martin?

Fans of the Spanish power metal band Dark Moor will surely remember the name Elisa Martin. Elisa C. Martin entered the world on August 3, 1972 and she got her start in the music business at the young age of 12. At this time period, she started a few metal bands. Necropolis, Five Cross, and Sabatan recorded two mini albums. But this band split and Elisa joined the band Dark Moor.

Elisa Martin's work with Dark Moor & Fairyland

Elisa recorded the albums Shadowland, The Hall of the Olden Dreams, and Gates of Oblivion. I have all of these CDs in my collection except Shadowland and I listen to the third album the most. In 2003, Elisa joined the French symphonic metal band Fairyland and recorded the album Of Wars in Osyrhia. In this album, she showcases her powerful vocal skills. This would be the only album that she would sing on with Fairyland. The last musical collaboration that Elisa would have with Dark Moor would be when she recorded Between Light and Darkness.

What did Elisa Martin do after she left Dark Moor?

Due to musical differences with the band, Elisa and 3 other Dark Moor members left and decided to form their own musical group, another power metal band called Dreamaker. The band has recorded two full-length albums, Human Device in 2004 and Enclosed in 2005. Not much is known about the band at this point as they seem to have gone on a hiatus at the time when I first wrote about Elisa. Dreamaker disbanded in 2011. As of 2007, Elisa was in a power metal band called Hamka. It was said that she would be releasing her solo project in 2016.

Elisa C. Martin Also Sang in the Band Hamka


Why is Elisa Martin such a special singer?

Elisa Martin says that her biggest influence in her life is her mother. Her plans include singing for the rest of her life and traveling all around the world. I wish Elisa Martin all the best and I really think she has one of the most powerful voices in the music industry. She is able to switch between a soft and mellow voice to a powerful voice within seconds. Let’s hope that we see Elisa Martin get involved with more musical projects. At a time when Spain’s economy is really in bad shape, that country has no problem producing great musical talent. What can I say, Spain is a gorgeous and fantastic country with beautiful women and talented musicians especially when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal music. Elisa Martin is not as beautiful as Lullacry’s Tanja Lainio but she has a great voice. Elisa does not possess the highest vocal octaves and ranges but her voice ranges from soothing in songs such as Your Symphony and just beautiful in songs such as The Night of the Age. Interestingly enough, The Night of the Age was one of the first songs that I listened to from this band and I knew then that Dark Moor was a special band. This was the case when Elisa was in the band. For those that may not know, Tanja Lainio was the vocalist of the Finnish heavy rock band mentioned previously.

The song called "Maid of Orleans" (From the album The Hall of the Olden Dreams)

The Greatness of Elisa Martin as a Heavy Metal Vocalist

How Good is Elisa Martin as a Heavy Metal Vocalist?

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Gates of Oblivion: the front album cover

The album's cover shows a warrior or some kind of knight guarding a castle that stands in the distance. Dark Moor's album covers are similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire.
The album's cover shows a warrior or some kind of knight guarding a castle that stands in the distance. Dark Moor's album covers are similar to bands such as Rhapsody of Fire.

The Night of the Age (One of Elisa's finest vocal performances)

The greatness of Elisa's voice is seen in the album The Gates of Oblivion

Fans of anything that Elisa Martin has worked on will also enjoy bands such as Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, and other similar bands. Elisa now works as a vocal coach in the province of Tarragona in Northeastern Spain. The biggest highlight of Martin’s career came in 2002 in the album called The Gates of Oblivion. That album is Dark Moor’s finest moment as a band. Since The Gates of Oblivion is the finest moment of her career, it would be a disservice if we did not analyze the reasons why this is the case. Elisa does a particularly good vocal job in a few of the songs that she sang with the industrial style power metal band Dreamaker. These two songs are Without Angels and Take Me Higher. Dark Moor were one of the best symphonic metal bands from 1994 through 2003. How much you enjoy the voice of Elisa Martin will depend on what kind of vocal style you prefer. Elisa’s voice is soothing yet beautiful at the same time. She does not sing in the operatic style like Tarja Turunen or Sabine Edelsbacher. She also does not have the deep voice that Helen Vogt has. But her voice has a good balance between a low soothing range and a great mid-tempo style. It is a real shame that Elisa was not as well-known as vocalists such as Cristina Scabbia or Anneke Van Giersbergen because she has some serious vocal talent! If you listen to her sing, you will hear it for yourself. Let’s give Elisa Candelas Martin praise for the wonderful job that she has done for the music industry as well! If she ever resumes her singing career one day, she will always do a great job!

Silver Lake: another excellent song in the career of Dark Moor

Vocalist that replaced Elisa C. Martin after she left Dark Moor

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The song called "Take Me Higher" by the band Dreamaker (2004-2011)

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