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Elise Testone American Idol 11 (2012) Predictions and Spoilers

Updated on January 13, 2012

Elise Testone is a singer who is competing on the 11th season of American Idol. Based on YouTube videos, Elise has been the lead singer of The Freeloaders. According to TheIdolPad, Testone has made it to the Top 42. This means she has one more round to get through to make the Top 24 voting round.

Elise has a bluesy style to her voice, and she also has a jazzy style of phrasing. From what I have seen, she is pretty soulful and frankly the most interesting and perhaps most talented contestant I have reviewed so far in the Top 42 for Season 11. That is not to say she is my favorite, as I have not seen all the other contestants yet and don't even know if Elise will make the voting rounds. But she immediately impressed me with a healthy amount of soul, power and emotion.

With that said, I certainly hope she takes a different route than Lily Scott if Elise does make the voting rounds. She is similar to Lily, but the problem Lily had was trying to sing every song (even a country song) with that same jazzy style. This was a failure waiting to happen. While I certainly prefer Testone over Lily Scott from what I have seen so far, that kind of phrasing gets old really fast to a national audience. I would suggest using this style sparingly could create good moments without getting repetitive. On the other hand, Elise can be as soulful as she wants to every week. I am talking only about that jazzy phrasing.

Can Elise Testone Win American Idol?

Whether Elise has a chance of winning first depends on whether she is going to mix up her style. I predict she is probably toast unless she does that. If you look back to previous winners, they seem to mostly fall into four categories: RnB, country, soft rock and pop. However, one could certainly argue that Kelly, Taylor and Kris fall under different categories. The point, though, is that being too unique does not generally make you an American Idol winner.

Hopefully, Elise Testone will deliver the kinds of cool, soulful performances that she has displayed on her YouTube videos. If she does that and mixes it up enough not to seem overly stylized, then she could at least make the Top 12. However, she is unlikely to win unless she gets a very favorable edit from the producers and can build an early fanbase.


TheIdolPad Spoilers for American Idol Season 11

Elise Testone and The Freeloaders


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    • profile image

      meg 5 years ago

      i dont even know who she is

    • profile image

      Clair 5 years ago

      I agree- top ten for certain!! I think she has an amazing voice and a great personality. check her other youtube videos out - my favorite is "Can't Get Enough."

    • profile image

      Veronica Miles 5 years ago

      Elise is awesome! She will be in the top 10 for sure!