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Eloise Movie Review

Updated on May 23, 2019

The Review

After watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl, religiously, I came across this movie, Eloise (2016) which starred Chace Crawford who played Nate Archibold in the series. I admit, I started watching the movie with high expectations but sadly, I was very disappointed. Psychological thrillers and movies on insane asylums have such a potential to make incredible horror movies but they always seem to miss the mark and this one was as bad as they come.

The trailers and the background of the movie were promising but in the whole, it was just a let down.


The movie is based on an actual psychiatric hospital called Eloise Psychiatric Hospital in Westland, Michigan. The asylum was named after the daughter of Detroit's postmaster and operated from 1839 to 1982. However, contrary to the movie, the asylum didn't burn down, rather as time progressed it went into disrepair and ultimately became the sites for a strip mall, a golf course, and condominiums. The graveyard where the patients were buried still remains and there are sufficient rumors that suggest the site is haunted in real life.

The movie had such a rich history to build on with spooky, real life stories that they could have used but the movie was way off the mark. Very disappointing, indeed.

Horror Disappointments

Once again, we've been cheated out of what, potentially, could've been a great horror movie. However, one should not lose heart, there are horror movies out there to satisfy all your horror/slasher/thriller movie needs. DO NOT DESPAIR!!

The Plot

After moving away from his estranged father, who had him put into a juvenile facility as a teenager, Jacob Martin has a comfortable life. He worked in a mechanic shop and had a beautiful girlfriend, but he has to drop all of that and return to his hometown upon finding that his father had killed himself because he had cancer. Upon his arrival, he meets his father's lawyer who tells him that he has an inheritance of 2 million dollars but to gain it, he had to get the death certificate of his aunt who died in the mental institute.

With a childhood friend, Jacob finds an enthusiast who knows the asylum very well and gets him to agree to take him to the record room to find the documents. However, the enthusiast has severe mental disparities therefore, his sister also tags along to keep an eye on him.

Well, one thing leads to another and the four people find themselves separated in the huge mental institution, each subjected to individual visions pertaining to the deceased patients, doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital. Jacob does find his aunt's death certificate but with it comes horrible knowledge of his past that he wasn't expecting to find.

The Verdict

I think I made the movie sound a lot more interesting than it really is. It isn't worth it my friends, the movie does have a great starting and it gives you hope that it will be worth watching but you will soon realize that you're being set up for immense disappointment. Don't do that to yourself, move on.


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