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Elvis's Pelvis

Updated on February 7, 2013

*Elvis's Pelvis!*

on January 3, 2005. © -MFB IIIAll rights reserved

Let us
pause while
I delve us

One of histories
past tenses
it lies stilled
now in Memphis
where it's
wiggling tempest
ceased to shake
long ago

Here it's
common consensus
that his death was
quite senseless
but they still
feel his presence
at Graceland
you know

Where his hips
are reclining
on white satin lining
and no longer defining
all the ways
he could flow
when he grooved girls
with hip moves
in all of his shows


But next to poor Elvis
and his now rigid pelvis
lies a twin
brother's hip bones
that had no time
to grow

They had no time
to shimmy
smiles from all
the young ladies
cause he died
as a baby
fate dealt him
a blow

Come with me now
for one tiny moment
if there
had been
two Elvis's
their pelvis's

Wouldn't that
have been special
then we all
would remember
Duet's of
"Love me tender"

Maybe one would
not end here
where only
worms render
as they
return to sender
all the flesh
down below

Cause he went
on a bender
using doctors
to vendor
all the pills
that brought thrills
and wound up
with him killed

We'd all have
one more Elvis
with a rather
old pelvis
shaking winks
from the ladies
wrinkled lips
kissing babies
all those
wonderful maybes
that fate took
long ago

For they both
lie in state
in the Tennessee soil
that cradles
their memories
out back of their home
now through
with life's toil
they've fallen to spoil

But what
could have been
haunts us
taunt us
from what now
is just bones


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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Wow I loved Elvis too bad we were deprived of his talent way too soon. But I don't think the world was quite big enough for two Elvis's because he was so big as life but it wouldve been interesting to say the least. Great poem.

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Oh this is fabulous. What a wonderful summation. Lovely form. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Thanks for the smile it gave.