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Emergency, Randy Mantooth the Paramedic

Updated on January 30, 2019
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Snapshots of the evolution of environmental and work safety regulations and the reason why.

The First Paramedic Show in the US, Based in Los Angeles,California

When people get older, they begin to reminisce about how the world was many years ago. Mostly, not many newbies want to hear about it. If a show, or movie is in black and white, perhaps a bit scratchy, and obviously staged; today it is overlooked and dismissed as uninteresting.

Maybe this is why history has been so subjective. Regular history of regular people, or situations, need to be pumped up, colorized and glittered. Then it may catch an eye, or a curious person may investigate further.

A little history lesson:

In 1973, sending out trained emergency personnel was a brand new practice . Catch some of the old Jerry Lewis movies and catch a look at the old fashioned ambulances , and how they rolled.

The first real police show series I can remember was Dragnet . "One Adam 12, One Adam 12, please respond!" Jack Webb Produced Dragnet, showing the very straight and narrow detectives of Los Angeles, attempting to stop the dirty hippies, psychedelics , and women acting hysterical . Dragnet originated in 1967 .

Some Bloopers from Emergency...

Safety Instructor? Watch Emergency- What Not To Do.

In the blooper above is a scene where Randy Mantooth is trying to rescue a fireman, or another worker from the floor above, which is partially floor, partially roof. Paramedic Mantooth in his 1973 wisdom, was going to use that hemp rope, to hoist several men, in an industrial fire and hot spot.

The scene is a funny blooper in a mostly serious show. The thing is, that now, the whole set-up can be seen as a recipe for disaster.

Randy is on the enclosed, ground floor of an industrial complex, that appears to manufacture corrosives. This show aired years before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was formed, and before there was a Clean Water , and Clean Air act.

It is amazing to me, as to how we can look back at the way we used to view the world. Humans, supposedly trained in sciences, such as surgery, and medicine, not being able to fathom or understand germs passing from one patient to another by unwashed hands.

Spraying water on chemical fires is another big no, no that was practiced back in the day. This can be witnessed in Emergency. Perhaps mankind just took the world for granted as a simple structure, that would bow to us, and all we delighted to do.

These old television series, show a progression from how men used to identify with and treat the Environment. These old shows, are proof for the next generation, that in the 1960s and 1970s our air was so brown and toxic, that entire towns and populations were sickened and even killed. Our waterways in America, would catch on fire from all of the large toxins that were poured into our waterways. It was a lot of damage, quickly.

Because of the activist movement for the Ecology , and a concern that these toxins were finding their way into the systems of the human body, the concern for clean water, many rules and laws were initiated.

Today, almost 40 years later , it seems as if we have unlearned all of our good sense. We beat the Oil companies and auto industry in the late 1970s when lead was removed from gasoline.

You should have heard the propaganda then. They say the same thing, but today's human feels it is a right to operate a combustion engine, and our infrastructures are possessed by the automobile industry, in the US generally, our communities are not set up for mass or public transportation.

Flashback! Emergency! Old school Hotties!

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Video's of Emergency! It took technology time to catch up. VHS VCR tapes were a new thing in the late 1970's too.These guys were heart throbs in 1973! Yowza!This duo paramedic team, started a fascination with crime, and medical emergencies, man made and  natural disasters.Rugged Tough heroes!!They always had to look soooo serious.Design by Columbia House Co. a.r.r.
Video's of Emergency! It took technology time to catch up. VHS VCR tapes were a new thing in the late 1970's too.
Video's of Emergency! It took technology time to catch up. VHS VCR tapes were a new thing in the late 1970's too. | Source
These guys were heart throbs in 1973! Yowza!
These guys were heart throbs in 1973! Yowza! | Source
This duo paramedic team, started a fascination with crime, and medical emergencies, man made and  natural disasters.
This duo paramedic team, started a fascination with crime, and medical emergencies, man made and natural disasters. | Source
Rugged Tough heroes!!
Rugged Tough heroes!! | Source
They always had to look soooo serious.
They always had to look soooo serious. | Source
Design by Columbia House Co. a.r.r.
Design by Columbia House Co. a.r.r. | Source

The Doctor Was the Smart; Nurses Were Attractive.

Call me a woman's libber, I don't care. Just giving some background as to how life was, and some changes in 40 years.

These old shows are a testament, as to the low caste of the creature known as "Eve's sisters".. .Women were held accountable for Eve's sin against Adam.

It appears that in the 1960s and 1970s women's hysteria was the cause of Adam's downfall, and must be avoided at all costs.

Getting a woman to chill out in an emergency was paramount. "Just get her to settle down. Give her a smack across the kisser".


Divorce besmirched a woman's character, a female divorcee was looked down on and was automatically considered a whore. (Missing out on regular sex made her appetite, insatiable. Such a woman was to be kept away from married men, because...

The divorced man, was likely already resettled in a new marriage, with a newer model wife. This was standard practice then. He was viewed as a regular hero, admired among lawyers, judges and other men looking to do a trade.

Squad 51, squad 51, Please respond!


©Emergency,Universal Home Video , Columbia House Co . 1998 a.r.r. Dragnet© Universal City Studio's, Columbia House 1995 Columbia House Co.cited. a.r.r.

© 2011 Lori J Latimer


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