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Emika Kamieda pop music singer of the group NMB48

Updated on July 27, 2017

A first look at Emika Kamieda of NMB48


Who is Emika Kamieda?

Emika Kamieda is a Japanese pop music singer and she is also the captain of the musical group NMB48. She is a captain of Team B2. Second in command of this team was Ayaka Umeda who used to be a member of AKB48 before she transferred to this group. As of 2016, the sub-captain for Team B2 is Anna Ijiri. Emika made her debut with NMB48 in February 2012 as a member of their 3rd generation. Emika was born on July 13, 1994 in Osaka, Japan. She joins Mayu Watanabe as another notable member of either AKB48 or its “sister” musical groups to be born in that year. Emika is in the same team of NMB48 as the cute Nagisa Shibuya.

Emika Kamieda is also a bikini model

Typical of many of these Japanese idols, Emika has also appeared in magazines such as Weekly Playboy Magazine and Big Comic Spirits. One of the most famous Japanese idols in this industry to have made an appearance in this magazine is Aki Takajo who did so in August 2011. That is one of the best photo shoots ever and it shows Aki dressed as a lifeguard, relaxing in the hotel or swimming in the pool! The appearance in Big Comic Spirits Magazine was in November 2013 with NMB48 member Sayaka Yamamoto.

Emika Kamieda with Sayaka Yamamoto

Emika Kamieda is pictured here with the beautiful Sayaka Yamamoto (left) in Big Comic Spirits Magazine.
Emika Kamieda is pictured here with the beautiful Sayaka Yamamoto (left) in Big Comic Spirits Magazine.

Emika Kamieda: her career in brief

Emika goes by the nickname of Emichi. In her career, she has appeared in eight of NMB48’s singles and their B-sides tracks. Some of them are Nagiichi, Virginity, Kitagawa Kenji, Bokura no Eureka, Kamonegikkusu, and the latest single Don’t Look Back! Emika Kamieda has not been ranked during any of the group’s last three Senbatsu Elections. These elections are held to determine which member will be the center for the singles and which members can participate in the singles. These elections are held each year and the results are determined by the vote of the fans. Emika Kamieda is one of NMB48’s newest members and she may become more popular in the future. Especially with the sudden announcement of Rina Kawaei’s graduation plans, Emika has the chance to solidify her status in NMB48. Note: it is now 2016 and Kawaei is now working as an actress.

Trivia about Emika Kamieda

  • Her hobbies include reading, horse racing, and watching movies.
  • She is skilled at horseback riding, the English language, and beat boxing.
  • Her favorite foods are macaroons and cheese.
  • Her future ambition is to become an actress.
  • She regularly practices equestrian.
  • She is now taking English and Spanish classes at the university. She joins an extensive list of Japanese celebrities that have taken or are taking English classes. Morning Musume’s Makoto Ogawa studied English in New Zealand. Aika Mitsui was on hiatus from her entertainment activities because she is studying English. And of course, actress Saki Aibu studied English in California from April through October 2013.


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      Ara Vahanian 15 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      Thank you for letting me know. I will make that edit there, I just happened to make a small error.

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      Aipon~love 15 months ago

      That last picture is of Rina Hirata from Team A, not of Emika ^^