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Eminem is the GOAT

Updated on February 13, 2020
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Rhylee Suyom has hopped in three different worlds: the academe, the corporate, and the media. He enjoys being with nature and his family.


Eminem is the GOAT

For the longest time, there has been a war on words leading to diss tracks between Eminem and a bunch of other rappers trying to use the racial card to discredit the greatest rapper of all time. Even YouTube reaction channels have made it their common topic of discussion the seemingly nonsensical comments and reactions of Nick Cannon, Lord Jamar, and a horde of other people who cannot seem to get enough of “Em.” Well, I guess they are just plain ‘salty’ since he just graced the Oscars with his ‘Lose Yourself’ performance ending with a standing ovation while on some other unrecognized place, Ja Rule was just caught trying to wow the crowd of high schoolers. Oh well, I believe there were three clapping while Ja was desperately trying to copy Em’s standing ovation.

The Salty Crew

Salty as it may seem, the old diss war erupted when Nick Cannon tried promoting his ‘hate Em’ songs luring the GOAT to his Wild ‘n Out program. Oh, the horror it was when Stans (Em’s invisible legion of avid and rabid fanatics) took it upon themselves to lambast Nick with all his corny songs and poor performances. YouTube-based VLAD TV fueled the fire by initiating an anti-Em campaign of interviews later earning the famous line from Lord Jamar that “Em is a guess in hip hop’ because he is white. The line acted like a black hole sucking all the hate for Em creating a ragtag of rappers who agreed with Lord Jamar’s statement citing some of his lines in the interview that hip hop is for and came from black people, so anyone who is not black is merely a guest in the house of hip hop. This became a very controversial issue considering that VLAD TV was still promoting these people using the ‘race card’ against Em since they cannot, and in no way, outsell his songs, albums, and clicks. Adding flame to the burning bush, many other white rappers began releasing diss tracks instigating hate for anyone who uses the race card and thinks that hip hop is exclusively for black people. Mesus is one great example who addressed the racial hate with “Guest." Adam Calhoun’s Racism track gets the same narrative while taking about the racial stereotypes. And in case you still want to watch and listen to more, search for Joyner Lucas and you can easily see some of the examples as a reaction to the black ticket of Lord Jamar’s tirades plus Nick Cannon’s.

Quick Fixes that Backfire

The solution to this issue can be easily listened to in Joyner Lucas’ “I am Not Racist.” No Life Shaq’s channel in YouTube emphasized the need to just sit down, have a nice talk about the differences, and give each other a hug to patch things up. While the music industry seems to be brewing with more hate songs and diss tracks which many seem to enjoy even branding such act as ‘good for hip hop’ since they have made Em come out of the open while also unleashing his backup plan (50 Cent, Joyner Lucas, Dr. Dre, etc.) against Lord Jamar et. al., there is no better way than to let go of the hate and follow the advice. Again, it seems that listeners want the heat more than the friendly gesture thus we cannot expect such act to quell pretty soon.

My Two-Cent Mind

Sitting half-way across the world with the comfort of my computer connected only through the Internet, it seems that my life is just as boring as it can get but thanks to this recent rapper beefs, hip hop has just gotten a bit colorful than it recently was. Talk about some lame mumble rap songs with no content at all, perhaps a little hate…or conflict makes the scenario better for the industry and the listening public? However, while I hate to admit the obvious, clearly Em did a great job of silencing MGK’s Rap Devil just so people would know that he has not aged yet, that his pen and tongue are still sharper than ever, and that no one can still mess with his daughter Hailie without getting the backlash (or an early career change like Benzino). So I am just gonna sit back, relax, and enjoy some good old B Rabbit’s Music To Be Murdered while the rest seems to be at each other’s throat…in music that is.


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