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The Truth about "Eminem"

Updated on October 24, 2017
Eminem Roasts Donald Trump
Eminem Roasts Donald Trump | Source

The Situation

In the last little while there is some bad, and completely untrue things being said about Eminem, by people who has been ticked off about things he said about Trump.

These rumors and accusations against him claim everything from he doesn't "know" whats going on. hes a "sell out" backing up those who once tried to shut him down. Claiming he believes "Fake News" and that he's just an "Illuminati Puppet."

I have one question for people like that, why can't you open your damn eyes?

Real Eminem fans who have listened to him all of these years, who understand the metaphors and hidden sub-text within his lyrics, and subliminal messages in his videos know that while at one time Eminem WAS a puppet. In recent years he's been just the opposite.

He has been one of the few artists brave enough to speak out against everything that is going on in the world that these people never wanted us to know. The worse the world gets, the more boldthe lyrics get. Trump being in office is bad not just for the United States, but the entire world, and anyone who doesn't see that are either in denial or agree with everything that's been going on.

Of course, they are also disracted by the bullshit tweets of the "president" telling them not to believe any media that makes DonaldTrump look bad. The biggest problem with the "fake news" bullshit is that the biggest person who makes Donald Trump look bad, is Donald Trump.

They say that the truth hurts, and it's obvious that all these pissed off Trump supporters (once "fans") received a huge slap in the face when Eminem spoke out against this moron. Because if you are sitting there right now as you are reading this and still think that Donald Trump is the greatest thing that happened to America, you must have the brains of a louse.

If you still think that Trump's end game is to expose the "Elites" and be a great leader to your country, your sadly mistaken. You were lied to and munipulated into giving both parties exactly what they wanted all along.

The Trumps are and have always been friends with the Clintons. Do you seriously think that has changed? Trump is their latest puppet. They used him to munipulate you into "turning" to him, knowing that he will eventually cause enough mayhem thay you will also agree to turn to the one world government they have been trying to establish for years.

If you heard anything that has ever came out of Trumps mouth, it's quite clear how racist he is, no matter how much he insists he isn't.

This is the same man that ordered all "blacks" off any floor of his hotel that he and his family were on.

This is the same man who insisted to see Obama's birth certificate because he did not believe him to be "An American Citizen." Why? Did he question Bush? Clinton?

Why do you think that Trump questioned only the black president's citizenship?

Just look how Trump is treating immigrants, do you think a color-blind man would go about this the way he is? Promising to build a wall against them? I've seen many articles where Trump made racist remarks and stereotypes against other races. I have seen where members of the KKK strongly support Trump.

If you can't see why Eminem would speak on this, without being a puppet, or a sellout, that quite frankly you know nothing about him at all. If you have never noticed Eminems sea of Stans, than maybe you should take a closer look.

Eminem did something amazing, his music brought together people of all cultures, nationality, of all color. Eminem became a bridge because of a common interest. Over the first decade, those fans got to know each other via Eminems forums, and they became more than a fan base, they became a family. They step up for him and they step up for each other.

The moment Trump became president all of that started to unravel. That line Eminem drew wasn't causing more diversity.... TRUMP already did that.


The majority of Em's fans have the exact same mindset as he does, that's why they connect to him and each other. He put his career on the line and gave a choice. Yet, if you know Eminem at all, you'd know the choice wasn't between him and Trump. It was between right and wrong. Everything Eminem stands for, and what Trump stands for.

Unity versus Diversity.

I'm becoming sick and tired of these Trump Supporting fans, taking it upon themselves for speaking out for all "white" stans as well. I got news for you fools.
You aren't the only "white" fans Eminem has and your disgusting views, are not shared by the majority of the "white fans" he has. The majority of us stand on his side of the line proudly.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how you justify the means.

Everything Eminem said about Trump is 100% truth.

There is nothing moral about this:

Or This

Even though most "illegal" immigrants arrived for better lives, work and have had children born in the country. This idiot classifies them all as "Criminal Aliens" and that by shipping them out will "Save American Lives."

One might argue that he means the criminal act of sneaking into the US but thats bullshit. How does them not being here save American lives? No what he's saying is that all immigrants are criminals that need to go back wre they came from. The same reason he was demanding to see Obama's birth certificate. If these were white immigrants from countries like Canada, Uk, Australia etc. Trump wouldn't give two squirts of piss about it.

But like all racists, he sees skin color and thinks crime, criminal, menace, terror.

Even though, MOST crimes are committed by Caucasians.

But you need to get rid of all the immigrants because they are the problem.

Why? because Trump is a racist. He can deny it all he wants ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

Right after Eminem accuses him of disrespecting the military he goes and does it again, and denies that he did. While also complaining again about the NFL, and trying to petition to force them to stand for the anthem. Who can blame them? With Trump in office, after everything that's happen why stand for an Anthem thats now a lie?

Meanwhile, Trump's tweets ignore the ambush of American Troops in Niger. He denies disrespecting a soldiers wife, because yeah, because "He knew what he signed up for but I guess it hurts" is a heartfelt message from a great leader. Even kings had more respect for their soldiers in mideval times.

Then again it's possible Trump doesn't speak on Niger because it's what the American soldiers signed up for right? It's also interesting how little he tweets bout how close we are to WW3 too. The Doomsday clock is as closest to Midnight as it's been in years and it's Trump that's behind it.

While you Trump supporters are reading his stupid tweets and thinking everythings going to be okay now because your great leader is making America great again.

The rest of the world are scared on the edge of our seats as each day more and more countries are preparing for world war 3, that becomes more and more likely each hour.

If Trump continues this distructive path, there wont be an America to make great again. World War 3 will be nothing like the previous two. Because it's all Nuclear. There will be fallout. Most of the worlds population will be wiped out and for any of us who remains will be under the New World Order that people like Eminem have been warning us about for years.

When I turn on my News and see that people are sneaking over the canadian border because they fear being deported to a place they have never been, or fear that they might lose their life because of the color of their god damn skin it pisses me off.

NOT because they are coming here in flocks, but because they are that desperate and scared because of Trump. It takes my mind right back to sitting in school and learning about the horror of the underground railroad. Then I think that son of a bitch! America had come a long way from that day, and though yes there have always been racism problems, its never been like this. It's been admitted that Trumps BIGGEST supporters are members of the KKK and other groups like it. It's disgusting.

He can deny it all he wants, he can blame "fake news" and his supporters can continue to make mistakes for him. Yet, again I say actions speak louder than words.


Speaking of Actions speaking louder than words. Let's look at Eminem now.

A man known for harsh and controversial lyrics throughout his career. Many over the years have questioned why he has 90 million fans when his words teach "hate".

Well, that's the thing. Eminem's fan base know the differece between lyrical content and true belief. The difference between what he says and what he truly means. His words are never a problem because we know just because he says something doesn't mean he believes it.

There is a different side of Eminem that his fans saw long before the world did.

If you still think that Eminem is a sellout and is speaking words that he doesn't believe for the same people who tried to shut him down think again.

All you have to do is look at Eminem's mannerisms within the video. This is true raw anger. He is legitally pissed about this.
They are 100% his OWN thoughts and BELIEFS and whoever doesn't like it too bad because he is 100% right.

Everything Eminem said in this cypher is 100% Truth, and well sometimes the truth hurts.

Which side of the line do you stand?

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