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Emma Watson's OTHER Films (Part 1)

Updated on April 20, 2015

*Note: This is a pretty long article. So I divided it into two parts*

She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s talented, she’s British, and she is one of the most successful and beloved actresses of today.

We all know Emma Watson as everyone’s favorite brainiac witch, Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter Movies (2001 – 2011). We’ve watched her grow from a cute 10-year-old child to a gorgeous young woman.

Now that the Harry Potter movies are over Emma has gone on to pursue many different fields of study. That’s one of the many things that people love and admire about her: she chose a life of education over a life of glamour.

It can be said that Emma has grown out of Hermione’s shadow and has gone on to have, probably the most successful career of all three kids from Harry Potter. Not to mention she is now a graduate of Brown University and the current Ambassador for UN Women Goodwill.

But even with everything going on in her life, Emma still finds time to continue acting and I think it’s time to take a look at some of her other famous projects and some lesser known work.


Ballet Shoes was Emma’s very first film project outside of Harry Potter. Based on the 1936 children’s novel by Noel Streatfeild, the film went straight to BBC TV.

The story focuses on three orphan girls who are adopted as babies. Because of their guardian’s (Richard Griffiths) love for Paleontology, they are all given the surname, Fossil. Over the years, the family becomes broke, so their guardian’s niece, Sylvia Brown (Emilia Fox) takes in four boarders to live in their house to help make ends meet. The Fossil sisters grow close to the four boarders, learning from them and being inspired to leave their own marks on history.

Emma plays Pauline Fossil, the eldest of the sisters, who dreams of one day becoming an actress. While she is kindhearted there are times where she tends to be a bit spoiled. Out of all three girls, Pauline seems to get the most attention which makes her younger step-sisters jealous.

The film is an example of working hard to achieve your dreams and supporting each other as a family. Though, while it’s an okay film it didn’t leave much of an impression. This is possibly Emma’s most forgetful film.

Overall Rating: 2/5


Watson as the voice of Princess Pea
Watson as the voice of Princess Pea

Based on the book by Kate DiCamillo, the film tells the story of a mouse named Despereaux (Matthew Broderick) and his passion for danger and adventure. These are things that all of the other mice seem to lack. He makes friends with a non-vicious rat named Roscuro (Dustin Hoffman) and a human princess, Pea (Watson). However, a group of other rats plan on invading the castle and it’s up to Despereaux and his friends to defend it.

There isn’t much to say about Emma’s character, Princess Pea. She’s just a kind, lonely princess who sometimes misunderstands the responsibilities that come with being part of the royal family.

The animation is good, but even with the films all-star cast the film itself is not memorable.

Overall Rating: 2/5


Watson as sassy wardrobe assistant, Lucy.
Watson as sassy wardrobe assistant, Lucy.

The film focuses on filmmaker Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) as an assistant director on his very first film The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) starring Sir Laurence Oliver (Kenneth Branagh) and Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams). Colin is often assigned to tend to Marilyn’s needs and the two become very close. Despite everyone’s warnings not to get attached, Colin ends up falling in love with her.

How would you like to have the chance to be alone with a famous person whom you’ve had a crush on or admired all of your life? How would you like to have them open up to you on feelings they don’t believe anyone else will understand? It’d be pretty cool, right?

Emma’s role is more minor in this film. She plays Lucy, a wardrobe assistant whom Colin also falls in love with. The two actually make a cute couple until Marilyn comes along.

The film is a good watch and Michelle Williams does a spectacular job playing Marilyn. The film shows us how hard the film world can be and if you want to make it in the business, you need to find a way to stand out from everyone else. It also shows us the stress of fame and how being a star is not a glamorous as it seems.

Overall Rating: 3/5


Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are at it again!

In this movie, almost every popular celebrity gets together for a party at James Franco’s house until suddenly, Judgment Day occurs. The film is just Rogan, Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel trying to survive and find a way to get to Heaven.

The entire movie is very “cameo heavy” meaning so many celebrities make surprise appearances, from Michael Cera to the Backstreet Boys.

Emma has more screen time in this film than any other female: a total of ten minutes. She takes shelter at Franco’s house during the apocalypse. At first she feels safe but when it crosses her mind that the guys might rape her, she turns into an axe-wielding psycho.

Emma’s part was originally meant for her former Harry Potter co-star, Daniel Radcliff. However, Radcliff turned it down because he was only shown a rough draft of the script, which Rogan admits was weaker than the final cut.

This film is not to my taste in comedy but it does have moments where I laughed. All in all, hard core Seth Rogan fans will not be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 2/5

*Please check out "Emma Watson's OTHER Films Part 2"!!!


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