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Empire -- A Lyon Falls!

Updated on May 17, 2016

But which Lyon will it be?

As we last left off, no one saw how mean and crazy Lucious' mother is, as she made him eat the cakes she made him and told him he was the cause of all her problems. And Rhonda seemed to be on the verge of remembering who shoved her down the stairs.

Tomorrow is the ASA awards. Lucious putting the musicians performing his song through their paces wanting perfection.

Cookie arrives asking how his mother is, and he says she's still crazy. Cookie says he's trying to avoid his mother because he doesn't want to go home. Lucious, once again, tells Cookie the woman is dangerous and he doesn't trust her. For once, people should be listening to him, because he's right.

Leah giving Lucious' maid a hard time. She sees the video Lucious did of her trying to kill him, and she declares that Lucious has always been a liar.

Carol tells Cookie she ran into Tyrique. She reveals he's asked her out to dinner.

Freda and Jamal performing in front of his latest lover. I'm sure Cookie will be thrilled. D Major says they got something there. Then D Major says it's time to let his mother go. He wants to produce his next album, instead. I wonder if D Major is just sexing up Jamal to get him to sign with him and leave Empire.

Andre comes to visit with Crazy Granny. She says she doesn't like being left out, cause she wants to go to the ASAs. She claims she just wants to see her grandbabies on stage. She claims no one will notice her and she won't tell anyone Lucious lied about her being dead.

Anika comes to see Rhonda at Empire. Rhonda is avoiding her. Anika thinks it's because she's starting to show. Rhonda asks if Anika was wearing the same shoes she was wearing when she came over to see her. She remembers her attacker wearing them, but doesn't say that's the reason for her question.

Hakeem tells Laura her career isn't going to take off like they wanted it to, when she wants to use their wedding to promote her career. She claims her dream is marrying Hakeem and that's enough for her. But is it? She's really giving off a vibe that there's something off about her.

Cookie has Lucious run a check on Tyrique. Cookie thinks he's a fed. Cookie intends to find out what he wants from her sister. She arrives at Carol and Tyrique's date before Carol arrives. She says she knows he's a fed and he better not be using her sister to try and get something on her and her family.

Tyrique mentions that Lucious killed her Cousin Bunky and he's surprised she's still with him cause he broke the code. She leaves, saying Carol has herpes and she hopes it's not too late that he's finding that out.

Cookie has a talk with Carol. Carol tells Cookie to back off of him. Cookie tries to convince her that Tyrique is trying to use her. Cookie accuses her of having a drink. Carol says that Cookie stole Lucious from her. Carol says Candace was right about her and that she doesn't care about her. Cookie throws her out and refuses to take her with her to the ASAs. Not a good move, Cookie. And very interesting to discover Carol and Lucious were together, first.

D Major giving Jamal advice on his music and says when he sees him on the red carpet with another woman not to be upset. When Lucious comes in, D Major acts like Jamal was coming on to him and acts disgusted. Lucious tells Jamal he knows D Major is a fake bitch and tries to warn him he's trying to turn him into his bitch. Then things get really ugly between them with Lucious saying he's tried to tolerate Jamal's lifestyle and Jamal saying Lucious can't even look his own mother in the eye and is still whining about his mother trying to drown him. Then Lucious says he'll celebrate the day Jamal dies of AIDS and he's nothing but a disappointment to him. Oh, yeah, can you feel the love, tonight.

Jamal goes whining to Cookie about how he and Lucious said things that can't be taken back but she goes off when she learns he's working with Freda again. Cookie tells Jamal that she snitched on Frank Gathers. Jamal wants to know if Lucious killed Freda's father and she says her father would have killed them all.

Andre is about to sneak Leah out to take her to the ASAs when Thirsty is standing there stopping him, wanting Andre's phone.

Lucious offers to take Cookie to the ASAs and buys her a diamond bracelet. They have flashbacks of their past.

Thirsty locks up Leah and Andre in Lucious safe room so he'll be safe from his mama showing up at the awards show.

The ASAs ceremony opens. Everyone arrives on the red carpet. Laura not happy when she's asked to step back as they only want to photograph Hakeem. Jamal announces this will be the last time he's on stage with his family and he's shelving the Black And White album. Jamal tells Freda he wants to help her get away from Empire.

Lucious talking on the TV about how his mother died. She says the world should know Lucious is a liar and a promise breaker.

Carol shows up drunk on the red carpet yelling for Cookie. Cookie tells Carol to walk away or she'll drop her. Carol runs into Freda and tells Freda she wouldn't be there if Lucious didn't feel guilty about what he did to her father. Freda starts having flashbacks of everything that's happened. Freda grabs a gun and tries to kill Lucious, but Jamal stands in front of her telling her not to do it and gets shot, instead.

Seems Cookie was right about Freda. But she'd probably never have dreamed her own sister would have put it into action.

Andre starts banging at the door demanding to be let out because his brother has been shot. Jamal has a gunshot wound to the stomach. Cookie blames Lucious for Jamal being shot, not realizing it was her sister who set it into motion.

Tyrique wants to use what happened at the ASAs to get Lucious and he's got Anika in a witness room hoping she'll talk about Lucious.

Lucious says maybe it would have been better if his mother had drowned him. Cookie says she knows he wants to do right by his family. Neither Cookie or Lucious see crazy Leah sneaking away. She tells reporters that she's part of the family.

Fade to black...Will she get a chance to out Lucious or will she be stopped?


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