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Empire -- Andre Finds A Way To Get Back In Empire

Updated on October 15, 2015

And DA Tits sets her sights on Cookie and tries to make her crumble...

The FBI is raiding Empire as Jamal is singing in the studio. They're seizing all Lucious' files, not to mention ripping open furniture that they probably won't pay for. Someone comes and gets Jamal.

Annaka is back begging for Cookie for a job. Isn't Annaka from a wealthy family? Why does she need to go begging to Cookie. Why doesn't she start up her own company. She has experience in the record industry. Why doesn't she try getting a job somewhere else?

Cookie wants Hakim to sing, but Hakim wants to concentrate on his girl group. When Cookie hears about the FBI raiding Empire she plans to take advantage of the situation, only the feds come to ransack her place, as well. Suddenly, she's not finding the situation so great, herself.

DA Tits shows up at Lucious' house to personally search the place. Lucious flashes his pecker at her. That is just so Cookie of him. Then he heads over to Empire and plans to use the situation to make Empire even bigger than ever. He doesn't care if he's not supposed to come to Empire. He's reclaiming his throne and plans to do it on the backs of the FBI.

Hakim asks if Lucious killed Bunky. Lucious swears he didn't lay a hand on Bunky. Lucious' lawyer tells them they all have to play act like they're one big happy family and stop the in-fighting. He also says they need to find Vernon and Andre knows that's not going to happen.

Andre in bed remembering Vernon's death. He gets out of bed and it sounds like he's vomiting in the bathroom.

Lucious and Cookie meet. Cookie wants a truce. She wants Hakim and Jamal to do a video together to send a message to the feds. Cookie claims it was Hakim's idea.

Michael seems a bit jealous of the photographer taking Jamal's picture for the cover of Rolling Stone. And maybe he has reason to be when the photog says Jamal is gorgeous.

Lucious flashes back as a child and a social worker is asking him if he feels safe with his mother. Lucious says he wants to be the kind of grandfather he wasn't a father. Andre asks if he could be let back into Empire if he can get the case against Lucious dismissed. Lucious says he can come back if he can do it. Lucious looks a bit worried when Andre walks off making it clear he can do it.

Rhonda asks if Andre is okay. Andre tells her he's going to dig Vernon up. He promises he'll protect her if he gets caught. Andre tells Rhonda that God's been speaking to him. He says God wants him back at Empire. Oh, God. Whatever you do, don't tell Lucious that.

Jamal and Hakim do their video or at least start to. Lucious tries to make nice with Hakim and Cookie runs in saying he's trying to poach Hakim from her. Hakim tells her to not worry cause it's just them now. Cookie also starts getting in Mimi's face. Mimi doesn't seem to take her seriously.

Cookie gets arrested. Yep, DA Tits is playing hard ball.

Cookie finds herself cooling in jail while she has flashbacks of being in prison. DA Tits comes in. She threatens to send Cookie away for years if she can find anything. Then DA Tits threatens her kids. Says she hopes Andre doesn't kill himself when she's done with him. Tits says unless Cookie gives her what she wants, she'll come after her boys next.

Andre prepares to dig up Vernon. Rhonda says she's coming with him to dig up Vernon.

Lucious tries to lure Hakim back to Empire, again. Lucious says Cookie is unreliable. He even offers to let him manage Valentina.

Cookie has flashbacks of how hard prison was for her. She starts banging on the door. Looks like she's going to give Tits what she wants.

Hakim looks like he's jealous when h sees the painting the photog did of Jamal. He sticks a knife in it. Lucious actually defends Jamal and says he made Jamal head of Empire cause he can do the work without his mother. And after that, Hakim and Jamal have to display brotherly love for each other in their video. Unfortunately, the brothers can't pull it off as they get into a fight and Hakim almost hits Jamal with a bat.

Cookie asks Tits if she gives her what she wants will she let her out. Cookie makes up a lie about Bunky and Lucious fighting over the Apex radio deal, so it'll fall through for Lucious., and she can launch her record company as she planned. Tits plans to investigate the Apex deal, but she won't find anything.

Rhonda and Andre can't figure out where they buried Vernon, since all the trees have the same hole that they used to mark the spot where they buried him.

Jamal apologizes for what Hakim did. The photog says they'll keep the slash mark in it. That it'll make it a symbol that will make it even more relevant.

Rhonda gets Andre to stop looking for the body. Then they see a car coming towards them and hide. They're told to come out of there with their hands up. It's Lucious and Thirsty. He put a tracking device on Andre after their conversation. They tell him what happened, and Lucious says they saved his life. Lucious says he's proud of them, as Thirsty uses a device to find where Vernon is buried.

Hakim in a bar listening to a Frank Sinatra wannabe or at least that's what he looks and sounds to me. He sees a female singer named Laura come on stage. Seems like he's found his replacement for Valentina.

The photog hangs up posters of Jamal saying Jamal is now the art.

Andre says a few words over Vernon. Saying he's sorry, he loves him and he's the man he is because of Vernon. Meanwhile Lucious tells Vernon to rot in hell. Then he welcomes Andre back into Empire.

Cookie refuses to let Annaka work for her. Says she doesn't trust her.

Lucious burns his picture of Bunky as his thoughts drift back to his mother.

As Tits gets in her car thinking she's beaten Lucious she finds the rotting corpse of Vernon sitting in her passenger seat and screams. After her remark about Andre killing himself, she deserves this.


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