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Empire -- Andre Gets Down With Nessa and Rhonda

Updated on November 9, 2016

Shine Declares War...

Empire is back, tonight, and here's what happened on the last episode we saw before the baseball break.

Lucious and Andre in back of his car riding through the old neighborhood. They're at Shine's joint. Before they go in a white cop drives by and gives Andre the eye. Andre seems attracted to Nessa. Shine refuses to sign the contract Lucious is offering. He reveals all the other competing companies bidding for Nessa. Which totally pisses off Lucious.

Lucious blames Becky for letting Nessa slip through his fingers. Cookie arrives and informs Becky she's not being appointed head of A&R, she hired someone else.

Three kids come and seranade her. They're working for Angelo. Angelo asks her to see Gia Coplin sing. He says it'll be their first date. Cookie says Angelo reminds her of this guy her daddy wanted her to marry. It's her first boyfriend that she dumped for Lucious.

Cookie flashes back to her father picking her up and confronting her about skipping class. He says she could be anything. Lucifer Lyon will drag her down.

Lucious says he's worried about her. She says Angelo won't drag her down like Lucious has. But he fires back that Angelo is running for mayor and only dates socialites, so why is he making a play for her?

Hakeem claims he can get Nessa at Empire and that he's got this. Lucious says he wants Andre to handle it. Andre asks Hakeem to leave him alone with Lucious. He tells Lucious that Jamal has been visiting Freida and plans to visit her, again. Lucious says it's good to have Andre back and they're about to become a powerful team, again.

Jamal's therapist is with him when he goes to visit Freida, again. Freida is beaten up and Jamal is shocked. She says Lucious' lawyer only wants to make sure Freida doesn't tell he killed her father.

Hakeem hosts a big party for Nessa. Shine tells Hakeem to put the numbers on the napkin and if it's what he wants he'll sign the contract with Empire. He uses the offer to raise the bidding for Nessa. Seems Daddy Lucifer was right to keep Hakeem out of this.

Cookie having a hard time finding the right outfit to wear with Angelo. Cookie arrives for her date and she learns too late it's a fundraiser. All the women wearing long evening gowns, while Cookie in a short red dress. Cookie announces she was in prison to the rich snobby women Angelo introduces her to.

The singer he wants her to listen to is an opera singer and she doesn't understand what she's singing about. Opera is the one music I've never cared for so I'd be bored out of mind. During the performance Cookie stands up and starts cheering, making a fool of herself.

Later, Cookie is in the bathroom when two of the snobby women are wondering what Angelo is doing with a hoodrat like her. She threatens them, and splashes water in their faces, before storming out of the fundraiser.

Cookie dodging Angelo's calls. Tiana not happy with Cookie's plan for her boyfriend to do a song taking on Hakeem for trashing her.

Angelo goes to Jamal for tips on how to win Cookie. Jamal asks Angelo to help him get Freida out of jail. He gives Jamal a name of a lawyer that could help, Gabrielle Gerard.

Andre takes on the task of trying to get Nessa to sign with Empire. He tells her that Shine is exploiting her. He tells her he knows her brother, Stone, who died and asks if she's going to take what's hers. She asks him the same thing, and he says if he had her musical talent he'd own Empire. Nessa and Andre actually have some good chemistry together.

Andre shows Lucious the contract he got Nessa to sign. Shine storms in and attacks Andre. Andre fights him and when he pulls a gun on Andre, Lucious uses a bat to kneecap him. Then Lucious points a gun at him and forces him to sign the contract.

Freida is given a bail hearing. Jamal speaks up for Freida at the hearing. Jamal says he and his family are to blame for what happened to her. Freida is released on bail.

Tiana supposed to sing a song to get back at Hakeem. Becky better at the A&R job than Xavier, the guy Cookie hired. Cookie uses the opera she saw to help Tiana sing her song.

Angelo shows up in the performance and tries to get Cookie to give him a chance. Lucious shows up, as well, and watches Cookie. Lucious starts singing bad opera. He sits down with Angelo and asks if she told him how she got the name Cookie.

Flashback to young Cookie and Lucious. Lucious rapping as Cookie watches him. Lucious is the one who gave her the name, Cookie. Barry, Cookie's boyfriend shows up, and Lucious takes him outside where he and his hoodrats beat him up. He tells Barry that Cookie is his. Lucious says he and Cookie always find their way back together, and Angelo says we'll see about that.

Lucious congratulates Jamal for getting Freida out. Lucious says he was behind the beating and Freida was in on it. Jamal realizes he was played by Frieda. Lucious says Jamal paid off a doctor to lie and he didn't even have to force him to do it. He says he sees himself in Jamal and asks how it feels to know he's just like his daddy.

Jamal tells his therapist he's working. Jamal asks if he thinks he's a good person. Jamal says he needs to go on tour and get back on stage. He sees Jamal about to pop more pills and his therapist tells him not to mix pills with alcohol. It stops Jamal from popping them, until he leaves his place. Then he works on his song.

Shine orders his boys to hit Lucious and Andre. Then he can't find Nessa. She goes to see Andre. She and Andre start going at it on his desk. Andre pulls back saying he can't. When Nessa says she knows he lost his wife, he sees Rhonda. Rhonda says she and Andre can have sex with Nessa together. He starts kissing Nessa, again. As Andre starts having sex with Nessa he imagines he's having a three-way between Nessa and Rhonda.

And that's where we last left off...


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