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Empire -- Battle Lines Are Drawn

Updated on April 6, 2016

Who tried to kill Rhonda?

The long hiatus is finally over and our questions will finally be answered. Are Rhonda and the baby dead? Was it Boo-Boo Kitty that shoved Rhonda down the stairs? Will Lucious find a way to get his Empire back? Will Hakeem's family turn on him? What about Hakeem and Laura now Camilla is back? And what secret is Carol keeping from her sister, Cookie?

Rhonda lying on the floor. The person that pushed her comes down the stairs and walks out the door. Rhonda looks at them as they leave.

Lucious won't leave Empire. Andre tries to talk Lucious into leaving. Lucious refuses to leave until Andre gets him the charter. Rhonda crying for help.

Cookie waiting for Hakeem and she's got her broomstick. She asks why he would do this to their family. Cookie says he gave their business away to Camilla. She says she wants him to take his vote back, but he says no. She attacks him with a broom ordering him to take the vote back. There was no outrage over this scene, which is essentially child abuse, but wanna bet there would be a huge outcry had Lucious done what Cookie did?

Jamal is asked to perform his song at the conclusion of the nominations. Jamal says he supports Lucious and this song is for him.

Rhonda trying to crawl to her phone, but when she gets it it's broken. She starts praying to God to save the baby. She doesn't care what happens to her. She throws the phone at the window of the door and sets off the burglar alarm.

Security breaks down the door of Lucious' office as Camilla tramps in. She orders him out of HER office. Lucious says she'll have to drag him out of HIS office. The stand-off ends when Lucious hears Rhonda is in the hospital and she might not make it.

Lucious joins Cookie and Jamal at the hospital and says they have to hold it together for Andre. Hakeem shows up and Cookie kicks him out. They tell him Rhonda is alive but the baby is dead. Lucious and Jamal have to hold Andre down as he reacts.

Rhonda can't remember what happened. She thinks she slipped. She says she prayed to God to save the baby. Rhonda says God doesn't exist. She says if HE did the baby would still be there. She tells Andre there really is no God.

Cookie comes to find Lucious. He's lying in bed. She gets in the bed with him and holds him. She wakes up later to find him sitting in his closet playing with a gun. Lucious says if Hakeem tries to become CEO it won't turn out well for him. Cookie says to give her 48 hours and she'll take Camilla down.

Camilla shows Hakeem Empire's new clothing line. She orders him to get rid of Laura. She offers him the CEO position if he dumps Laura. Cookie offers Camilla her company since Hakeem is under contract to her. Camilla turns her down. Cookie asks if Hakeem is really going to pick this bitch over his family, and he says at least she doesn't beat him with her purse. Actually, it was a broomstick.

Thirsty and Lucious talking to a bunch of thugs to convince the board members to stay on their side. Lucious picks up a gun and says he'll handle Hakeem.

Boo Boo Kitty pays Rhonda a visit with flowers. She asks what happened, but Rhonda says she doesn't know. She says maybe things happen for a reason; and that reason would be so her baby was the only heir apparent. Rhonda feels she let Andre down. She says there will be another heir, referring to her own demon seed.

Hakeem asks if Jamal will be mad at him if he becomes CEO. Jamal says he hated running Empire cause it took him away from the music and turned him into someone he didn't like. Hakeem says he really cares for Laura and doesn't want to dump her to become CEO.

Hakeem enters as Laura and the group are singing. Hakeem starts trashing Laura, saying she's holding the other girls back. The other two walk out when Hakeem and Laura start fighting. She leaves, too.

Jamal questioned about his relationship with Skye. That it'll make it seem that being gay is a choice. His music producer dumps him because of it.

Lucious playing the piano as Cookie enters. Meanwhile all the thugs are dealing with the board members.

Cookie tells Jamal he can't let up and lose his chance at winning the award. She asks him if he's now a wishy-washy bi-sexual. He says sexuality is fluid. Jamal says because he had sex with two women doesn't mean he isn't gay. Cookie says he can't afford to piss off people like his producer, Jameson.

Camilla holding a meeting. All the CEO candidates have withdrawn their interest. Hakeem puts himself up for CEO as the idiot walks on top of the board table. Oh, yuck! People actually clap for him, although not that enthusiastically.

Jamal sings a song he just wrote at the ASA celebration. In his performance he has women grinding on him. His song is about freedom and not letting anyone tell him how to behave. Jameson, in the audience, claps reluctantly.

Cookie at the hospital with Andre and Jamal. Andre says Rhonda is afraid they won't have kids. Cookie tells them that she had a miscarriage before giving birth to her sons. Jamal says he has an idea how to get Camilla to buy Lyon Dynasty but Cookie has to promise to take down Camilla.

Andre brings Rhonda home, but she doesn't want to go upstairs. She wants vodka. When Andre is gone, Rhonda tries to make her way up the stairs by herself. She has to sit down on the stairs and when she does she has a flashback.

Jamal, Cookie and Andre come to see Hakeem and Camilla. Jamal says he's going to let Lyon Dynasty release his album instead of Empire. They offer Camilla and Hakeem a deal. Cookie gets to be head of A&R at Empire if Jamal let's them release his music. Camilla warns Hakeem not to trust them. Hakeem says they can come back to Empire and be a real family. Hakeem agrees to Cookie's demands.

Cookie lets Lucious use Lyon Headquarters to write some music. She says to let her do the dirty work.

Andre packing up the nursery. He gets down on his knees by the bassinet saying he's sorry. He holds a pillow to his chest as he breaks down.

Cookie listening to Laura sing on her own. Hakeem is watching her longingly. She finds Hakeem waiting for her on her stoop. He says he's sorry for what he did. He only did it to get his Empire back. He kisses her and they take it to the bedroom. Ooh, little man, when Camilla finds out Mommy is not going to be pleased. They declare their love for each other.

Lucious waiting for Hakeem. It's the spot where Lucious killed Bunky. Lucious tells Hakeem he's standing on the exact spot where he shot Bunky. Lucious says that's how much Empire means to him. He vows to stop at nothing to get his Empire back. Lucious gives him a gun. He dares Hakeem to kill him and set on his throne, or he'll do his best to take Hakeem's life the next time he sees him. Hakeem won't pull the trigger. Lucious yells at him to watch his back as he walks away.


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