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Empire -- Can Cookie Forgive Lucious

Updated on March 20, 2019

Kingsley is like a hemmorhoid that just won't go away...

Empire is back tonight after it’s long hiatus. When last we checked in the fast forward showed Andre being rushed into the ER critically injured, which seemed to indicate he wasn’t the one in the casket. In the present Kingsley ruined the Lyon’s great moment.

A lot has happened off-camera that could possibly change the identity of the person in the casket. I’m, of course, talking about Jussie Smollett. He had a good thing going and he ruined it. Now he may be on his way to prison for his stupidity and the show will have no choice but to fire him. So Jamal may end up the one in the casket, when the plan was probably to have the annoying Kingsley in the casket. They already introduced a new player that may make a play for Cookie and become Lucious rival.

The aftermath of Kingsley bombshell. Lucious trying to explain things to Cookie and she doesn’t want to hear it. Cookie says they have to take Kingsley down and she doesn’t care if he’s his son. She asks if Lucious is with her and he says he is.

Cookie tells the boys that Gisele says she can get them back into Empire. Jamal against it and Andre for it. Lucious asks Jamal to help with Kai. And Hakeem is to produce new music. After the parents are out of the room, they talk about Kingsley and Andre says he’s not letting some white boy take what’s theirs from them and says let’s treat him like a Lyon and tear his butt down. Later, Jamal asks Kai if Lucious can talk to his sources and he gets his knickers in a knot about Jamal’s loyalty to this family. However he comes through in the end.

Thirsty comes in with more bad news saying Lucious and Becky are going to be sued for Kingsley framing them for the data mining he was doing. Lucious says that’ll ruin them and cause them to lose everything.

Andre shows Lucious the fake emails Kingsley used to frame Lucious and Becky. Andre says he doesn’t have a problem with Lucious and knows who his father is. Kai comes in with the possible source that framed Lucious and Becky.

Cookie mobbed by reporters because of Kingsley’s little bombshell.

Jamal hanging with Becky and plays her a new song. Becky says Jamal needs to stop letting Kai come become between him and his music and says he’s losing himself.

When the source won’t answer Kai, Andre dangles him out the window to Kai’s horror. I think that was a little too gangster for Kai. Andre walks away laughing and Lucious says welcome to the family. I don’t think so. I think that was his cue to get out of this family while the getting is good.

Candace comes to see Cookie, apparently all is forgiven. They say they’re sorry and embrace.

Becky gets Jamal to take to the stage and perform. Everyone goes crazy as he performs. It’s his old high school. That’s definitely getting back to his roots.

Lucious reveals to Kingsley he found his hacker. Lucious tells Kingsley to either sign a press release that he’s responsible for framing Lucious and Becky or he’ll take him outside and give him the butt-whooping he deserves. Kingsley claims he made Empire better than Lucious which makes him better than any Lyon. Keep telling yourself that. Dude is as delusional as his mother is.

Carol says she knows Kingsley’s mother. Candace urges Cookie to not to run from the truth, so she goes to visit Tracy in the hospital. It may not go well since last time we saw the woman she was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Tracy says she was a junkie and then had two strokes. Cookie says she’d like to hear Tracy’s story. She says that when Cookie met Lucious she was pregnant already. When Tracy starts whining about how she lost everything, Cookie says she lost everything when she went to jail. Tracy says she guesses it wasn’t so great when Cookie met Lucious. Burn!

Kingsley makes it clear to Andre and Jamal he’s not giving up. Lucious celebrates getting Empire back. Cookie starts having flashbacks of all the bad times she’s gone through. Cookie takes the mic and thanks everyone for making the Empire what it is. Lucious interrupts her and says let’s party and she walks away because he interrupted her when she was trying to make it real.

Hakeem introduces Mia [who I don’t really remember] to another dancer.

Lucious tells Jamal it was Kai that helped clear him. Jamal goes to see Kai, whose still planning on leaving. Kai tells Jamal Lucious and Andre dangled a man out of a window and threatened to kill him. He says violence doesn’t scare him, but what Jamal’s family does to him does. Jamal says the person he spends his life with has to understand he’s a Lyon. He gives back Kai’s ring.

Jamal trashes his keyboard after Kai leaves.

Andre introduces Terry to Cookie. Cookie is still in a bad place because of what Kingsley revealed. Hakeem takes to the stage. Tiana sees Hakeem performing with Mia and she doesn’t look like she likes it.

Lucious asks what’s wrong with Cookie. Kingsley calls Lucious wanting to meet and Cookie says to enjoy his father/son time. Lucious meets him at Empire. Lucious asks what Kingsley wants. Kingsley claims he wants to connect and then reveals he’s deleting all of Lucious’ music on the server. He says he’s erasing him. Kingsley says he knows about Lucious secret server in London. Lucious realizes Kingsley isn’t bluffing. Lucious says if he had known about him he would have found him and been a father to him. That Kingsley is like him and made himself out of nothing and that’s the Lyon in him. Kingsley rejects Lucious overture to him, saying he’s nothing and walks away.

Andre driving Terry home. Terry says Andre makes excuses when she wants him to come to church. Andre says his relationship with God is complicated and he’ll tell her about it sometime. Andre suddenly gets a nosebleed and passes out at the wheel. She calls him an ambulance after they crash. Jamal starts playing music and starts singing a new song.

Cookie tells Lucious she went to see Tracy. Cookie says she thought when she first saw him he was a king. Now she’s seeing something else. She says Empire was built on drugs and pain. She says they did bad things and it’s coming back. She gets up and walks away from Lucious.


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