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Empire -- Cookie And The Kids Learn The Truth

Updated on February 20, 2015

Elle becomes the victim of Anika's rivalry with Cookie

As we last left off Olivia showed up claiming her daughter was also Jamal's daughter. And this episode we find out just how long Miss Anika will go.

Luscious is working on an Investor's Showcase to get investors to invest in his company. Cookie says Luscious forced Jamal to marry Olivia when he was 18. Everyone keeps asking Luscious if he's okay. Luscious passes out as Cookie is reading him the riot act.

Luscious is taken away on a stretcher. Cookie and Anika both want to go with him. Luscious chooses Anika to ride with him. Once again Luscious kicks Cookie in the face and she's stung by him choosing The Other over her.

Michael moves out on Jamal. Jamal says he only slept with Olivia once, so her daughter can't be his daughter. Michael says Jamal is in love with his music, not him.

Andre has to cover for Luscious with a potential investor as he and Rhonda entertain him.

Hakeem has dinner with his Mama. She's not happy. She says she wants him to treat her like he does Tiana.

Luscious is told that Dr. Mason's treatments are causing him liver damage and killing him, but he won't believe it. And they won't let Cookie in to see him.

Luscious is still controlling the company from his sickbed.

Jamal and Hakeem are having problems as they rehearse for the show. Cookie tells them both off for not cooperating for their father. Luscious comes in and is touched, but Cookie says she's only doing it for the money. She's still hurting from him picking Anika over her to go with him in the ambulance.

Jamal's maybe daughter is found on the elevator by herself saying she lost her mother.

Cookie learns Olivia left her daughter there. Jamal still wants nothing to do with the child, refusing to believe she could be his.

Cookie is trying to find Elle. She thankfully comes in and actually looks good. Cookie is pleased. Malcolm comes in and stands by Cookie.

Jamal comes to see Luscious and sees his maybe daughter before going in to see his father. Luscious says he's sorry Jamal is not happy. Luscious offers to take Jamal's maybe daughter home with him. This is the nicest he's been to Jamal. Jamal admits there's a possibility the girl could be his daughter.

Jamal and Hakeem sing as the music extravaganza begins. All the big stars begin arriving. Luscious is there meeting everyone even though he's not one hundred percent.

Anika can't stand the fact that Cookie managed to get Elle cleaned up and Elle will be opening the show. So she sidles up to Elle like the snake she is and puts something in Elle's drink to ruin her performance and make it appear she's doing drugs again.

Hakeem's Mama is at the music gala. Luscious comes up to see Mama. She flirts with Luscious. Don't think Luscious knows she's the one screwing his youngest. She happens to be a potential investor or so she claims.

Elle is completely strung out. Cookie finds Elle and thinks she took something. She has to tell Luscious Elle can't start the show. Scumbag Anika says she knew it. Jamal and Hakeem have to open instead.

During Jamal and Hakeem's performance Luscious starts coughing. He can't seem to breathe. Luscious can't speak. Anika the scumbag wants to give the speech, but Luscious asks Cookie to do it, instead. Take that you drugging hag.

Cookie gives her own speech and ignores Queen Anika's prepared little speech. Luscious claps over Cookie's speech and says he loves Cookie, right in Queen Anika's hearing. The investors also love her and her candor.

Later, Cookie asks Luscious what's really going on with him and he says he'll tell her. He gathers the family together, minus Miss Anika who has to leave town on business.

Jamal deposits his maybe daughter in Cookie's arms to take care of as her bedtime arrives. Cookie asks Malcolm to check the security in her apartment in front of Lucious.

Luscious announces to the family he has ALS. Hakeem doesn't know why they're doing this for if Luscious is going to die. When Andre starts wondering how to handle this, Hakeem attacks him. Then Andre starts talking to himself and says he doesn't need Rhonda's help. She finds him sitting in the shower fully-clothed. He starts hyperventilating and she slaps him so he'll breathe. She tells him he's going to have everything he's ever wanted. That seems to calm him a bit.

Luscious spends some alone time with Cookie. She says he has to beat this thing, because she can't lose him again. He says she has him now. He asks her to dance. He kisses Cookie. It quickly leads to the bedroom. Just as Anika comes home early. She sees them in bed together.

It was a really hot scene. Cookie and Luscious have some great chemistry. Who says forty-something characters can't have hot sex scenes?

After what Anika did to a recovering addict, I can't imagine too many people feeling bad for this foul cretin because she walked in on her fiancé tupping his ex-wife. From what her mother said and what we've actually seen, Luscious isn't faithful to her. Yet she puts up with it and even agreed to marry him. I doubt her seeing Luscious having sex with Cookie will be a deal breaker. If she puts up a fuss it'll probably be an attempt to get Cookie out of the company since the more Cookie proves she's good at the music business, the more she wants her gone.

When Andre started acting out, Luscious seemed shocked, so it seems he doesn't know his older is bipolar. And since Cookie's been in prison for years, she probably doesn't know either. I wonder how much longer before his parents discover the truth about him. Boy, Luscious hit the jackpot in the kids department. One is gay, one is dumb as dirt and the third has a mental illness.


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