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Empire -- Cookie Makes A Bad Mistake

Updated on February 4, 2015

Cookie takes the stand

Tiana and Hakeem out together. Female reporter keeps calling Hakeem Luscious Lyon's son. Tiana corrects woman saying some day Luscious will be referred to as Hakeem's father. She blows off his invitation to spend the night with him to spend with her female lover. No wonder catching Hakeem screwing Mama didn't bother her.

Luscious asks his Boo Boo Kitty to marry him. He says they need to break the news to their families carefully.

Jamal takes Cookie to a ghetto recording school. Cookie a little freaked that the front glass door riddled with bullets. Cookie has to leave when she receives a text. It's Agent Carter. She tells Cookie she needs protection. She says she doesn't like telling about that part of her life. Cookie has kept her mouth shut about someone named Frank and her testimony will keep him from getting out of jail. Cookie says she has a bad feeling about this.

Andre says Hakeem's video is a million over budget. Luscious says if Andre can't find the money for Hakeem he doesn't know what good he's for. Meanwhile Andre's wife Rita has a vid on Tiana getting down with her girlfriend.

Cookie on the stand talking about seeing a man get shot during the drug bust she got arrested in. She says she saw who shot the man she was meeting with. She names Frank. She learns the man who was shot was a fed. She says she's dead bitch walking now.

Andre says he has a way to get the money and suggests Tiana appear with Hakeem. Now Andre has to deal with Cookie and get her to agree. Luther tells Luscious he needs a doctor to vouch he's in good health. Luscious says Annika's father is a doctor who can vouch for his good health.

Cookie finds a rose on her doorstep. She knows it's a warning. The drug of bags she had on that fateful day had red roses printed all over it. She grabs a gun. Andre asks Cookie to let Tiana be in the video and she says only if she gets a seat on Lucious' secret board.

Jamal recording his song, but thinks there's something wrong. Cookie gives Jamal advice over the phone as she catches a cab.

Andre gives his wife the order to release the video with Tiana and her lover.

Hakeem sees the video of Tiana and her lover. Hakeem confronts her about it. She reminds him he's got a side piece too when he gets all self-righteous with her.

Now Andre wants to send Hakeem's gang of free loaders up to Jamal's recording to ruin Jamal's recording session something even his wife had reservations about since Jamal could get hurt. He makes them think Jamal has money on him. They come in trying to rob everyone. Jamal stands up to the leader and recognizes him as one of Hakeem's crew. Jamal thinks Hakeem is behind it. Luckily, the man helping Jamal record his record is armed and chases the thugs off.

Cookie goes to see her sister. She tells her that the rose is Frank's trademark. Her sister says she needs to go. Carol says Teddy McNally probably left the rose. Cookie says Carol's hide may be on the line, too.

Tiana tells Cookie about her girlfriend and Cookie says they can use it. To get back on set, even though Hakeem told her to leave. Cookie also tells Tyrique what he needs to do to help Jamal.

Annika's mother is not thrilled about the engagement. She reminds her of all the times she came crying to her about all of Lucious' other women, but Annika thinks cause she's got a ring on her finger that will change it all. Luscious asks Annika's father, Steven, to lie to him. After calling Luscious a thug, he uses Annika becoming a rich woman if her father lies for him as an inducement to lie.

Cookie and Carol go to Jamell to get the roses to stop. He says he'll help her. She pays him $5,000 to handle Teddy. Am I wrong in thinking Cookie just put out a hit on this guy?

Jamal brings in a new group of musicians. Meanwhile Hakeem is refusing to work with Tiana. Luscious uses Jamal to get him to work with Tiana. He tells Hakeem to take both Tiana and her girlfriend on in a threesome.

Jamal teaches the musicians what he needs from them as he prepares to record his song. He finally likes this version of the song after he records it. Cookie comes in after it's over and gives the final tip to fine tune the song.

Jamal comes over to confront Hakeem and accuses him of robbing him. Hakeem denies it, but because they knew about his watch, Jamal won't believe him. Jamal then punches Hakeem in the gut and says to never underestimate him, after Hakeem says Jamal isn't even a factor cause he's going to be iconic. Hakeem asks Andre to get money to release his song first to get the jump on Jamal.

Cookie gets a visit from Luscious. He says he remembers it's their anniversary and he was the one who left the rose on her doorstep. Cookie calls Carol to call it off because she realizes Teddy is innocent but it's too late. Jamell goes and guns down Teddy. Well, I guess that makes Cookie and Luscious on the same page in regards for killing people. Those two are really two of a kind.


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