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Empire -- Cookie Uses Social Media To Launch Jamal

Updated on February 12, 2015

Jamal's ambition hits a sour note with Michael

As we last left off, Cookie had put a hit out on an innocent man. And Jamal had declared war on Hakeem.

Cookie is trying to find the right outfit to wear because Luscious has invited her to dinner. She's going on the fact that he gave her a rose to mark their wedding anniversary. She finds the whole family gathered there. Jamal tries to make peace with Hakeem, but he acts like a jerk, per usual. So what's the real reason Luscious invited Cookie? To hear him announce his engagement to Annika. Who the hell invites their ex-wife to hear their engagement announcement. The dude brings insensitivity to new heights.

Cookie has no shame. She reveals that Luscious gave her a rose after he proposed to his little Boo Boo Kitty. Then she reveals she's wearing sexy underwear under her coat and only sexy underwear under her fur coat. Tossing a rose at Luscious, and revealing to the blushing bride-to-be he gave her a rose after he proposed to her, Cookie shows she knows how to make an unforgettable exit. As she's leaving she flashes her butt saying this is a butt, before walking out in disgust. Jamal is the only one who gets a kick out of it. He seems to be the only one of her kids that gets his mother and isn't embarrassed by her.

The next day, Cookie is thrilled by Jamal's music and thinks they have a hit. Jamal's boyfriend, Michael, asks Cookie if she's noticed that Jamal's changed. She says success changes everything and suggests he makes sure he has his own thing going on. When Jamal confronts her about what she said to Michael, Cookie predicts that he and Michael won't last, because he just doesn't get it.

Luscious notices a cop going through his trash. Vernon asks if Luscious killed Bunky. Luscious reveals the truth. Vernon says Luscious should have paid Bunky instead of killing him. Luscious asks how Vernon is going to fix this. He's going to beef up security and tells Luscious to act like everything is normal.

Vernon puts Andre in a choke-hold for not telling him the truth. Andre says that's what he does, he gives his father false alibis. He covers for him when he doesn't know what's he's covering for. Andre then calls Rhonda and says he was right thinking Luscious killed Bunky.

Cookie's against dumping Elle Dallas. Cookie plays the song for Annika and company that Jamal did but she puts it down as being unfinished. Luscious decides to give Cookie Elle Dallas. Elle doesn't want to work with Cookie. Calls her an ex-con and walks out.

Vernon meets someone names Lamont.

Cookie goes to see Elle. She throws a junkie out of her bed and won't let her get high. Cookie says her music helped her get through prison. Then Cookie throws her drugs away.

Hakeem is still brooding over Tiana liking the ladies better than him. So he calls his Mama Camilla. He's a freaking hypocrite. So it's okay to have his old piece on the side, but Tiana is supposed to stay true to him. Sounds like he's a chip off of Big Daddy's block.

Cookie plays Jamal's song at a club. She approaches Vince Boydwho has a huge Twitter following. She asks him what he thinks of Jamal's song and asks him to tweet it on Twitter to introduce it.

Luscious interviews a new security man. The man is an ex-Navy SEAL. He identifies areas where Lucious' security is lacking.

Hakeem shows up at the club wanting Jamal to help him with his song. Jamal says he doesn't care. He's not going to let him use him and he's not going to put up with him disrespecting their mother.

Michael not happy that Jamal is calling off their weekend to do an interview now his song is a hit on Twitter.

Hakeem having problems recording his song. When he starts ranting and rapping about Tiana, Luscious thinks he has a hit.

Cookie's shocked when she hears Elle's song and her voice sounds bad. Annika tries to blacken Porsha against Cookie. Says she knows a way for Porsha to make double of what she's making with Cookie. Probably being the stick insect's mole.

Luscious has found a doctor who says in Russia they've made progress in ALS. Luscious wants in on the treatment.

Cookie tells Elle she's not bringing it. Cookie gets Elle to take off all her furs, jewels and hair extensions. She tells her to sing about her pain. And it works.

Jamal sings for the press. Jamal is asked about if he has a girlfriend. Michael is crushed when Jamal says he has no one special in his life.

Vernon gets someone to take the fall for Luscious. When Luscious goes to thank him, Vernon just walks away from him.

Luscious starts his new treatment.

Cookie meets Malcolm Dafoe, Luscious new head of security. They seem to give each other the eye. Wonder what Luscious will do if Cookie gets with Malcolm. Something tells me he'll grab his bat.

Andre tells Vernon he's never lied to him. Vernon says they need to go ahead with their plan. Andre says if Vernon ever puts his hands on him again he'll slit his throat. Vernon tells Andre to keep taking his meds. So Vernon knows Andre is bipolar, but does Luscious or Cookie?

Annika is slobbering all over Hakeem's new song, probably because she knows he's Lucious' pet. Cookie is appalled because his song is about hating women. She says she hopes he lets go of his anger when he becomes a star, and he arrogantly tells her he's already a star. This little puppy needs to take a hard fall. Then when they're all walking out a woman named Olivia tries to get through security. She has a child with her.

She tells Jamal she heard his song. Seems his new-found success has brought her out of the woodwork. She says she wanted to bring her daughter to see her daddy. And that daddy appears to me none other than Jamal. Wonder what Daddy Luscious will think of that one?


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