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Empire -- Hakeem Has PTSD

Updated on November 11, 2015

And No One Is Getting Him Treatment For It

Empire's brief hiatus is over and we pick up where we left off with the kidnapping of Hakeem.

Hakeem is taken out of the back of a van.

Becky getting it on with some guy on his balcony. His named is Jay Poppa.

Cookie wondering where Hakeem is. Cookie keeps putting down Porsha. Cookie gets a video on her phone of Hakeem with tape over his mouth. She thinks Lucious is behind it. Yeah, right, that makes no sense.

Lucious playing the piano while Jamal sings. Jamal stops singing because he's upset about Michael. Lucious advises him to put his pain in the music. Cookie storms in with her phone accusing Lucious of being behind it, but he tells her he's not behind this. Lucious and Cookie team up to try and get Hakeem back.

Hakeem sees the men with bull tattoos on their back. When he mouths off they punch him in the mouth. I seriously didn't feel bad for him. He kind of had it coming with his fake tough ghetto act.

Andre wants to base things on a person's character and wants Becky to set a meeting with him and the artists to see if he should cut people. Seriously, that's not what the business is about. It's whether they have talent or not.

Lucious and Cookie open up the van to find Hakeem and find him gone. Annika's coming home all upset when Hakeem is waiting for her on her doorstep and he grabs her and kisses her. I think I actually feel sorry for her this season as she's letting the Lyons turn her into their whore when she comes from a rich family. For cripes sake, girl, get some self-respect.

Hakeem back at the mansion with his family. He won't let any of his family help him. Lucious makes him let a doctor examine him. Doctor gives Hakeem a clean bill of health. Hakeem blames both Cookie and Lucious for what happened to him.

Lucious has more problems with Jamal. He's tired of being marketed as a gay artist when the Stapleton Center takes a pass on him. Jamal called a man named Jameson Hemsworth to help him because he's on the board of the Stapleton Center. Lucious and Jameson have a past. Lucious wouldn't sign with him because he was gay. Jamal convinces them to work together to change the way he's being marketed.

Hakeem having flashbacks as he's performing with the girl's group. He yells at the girls turning them off of him real fast.

Andre questions the artists. He interviews Becky's boyfriend, J Poppa. Poppa quotes the bible, which is just what Andre wants to hear. Wonder if Becky coached him on what to say. "Dude's a bible fanatic. Spout of few Hail Mary's and the dude will be all up your butt."

Lucious says he wants Cookie to give Hakeem back to him. He can keep Hakeem safe and she can't. She won't agree and walks off with his wine glass and bottle of wine.

Hakeem having trouble concentrating on his music as he keeps having flashbacks. Cookie trying to get a security team in place. Her PR man, Delgado, says she should hire the thugs who snatched Hakeem as her security team. Oh, that's going to set well with him. Cookie won't do it.

Both parents don't seem to have a clue about their son's mental issues. Mr. PR kisses Cookie.

Cookie goes to Jamal. He tells her Hakeem won't return his calls. Cookie takes Hakeem to see the thugs that snatched him so he'll feel like a man, only Da Man pulls a gun on the three thugs.

Cookie tries to talk him down. Cookie says if he pulls the trigger she's going to have to step in front of the gun. Cookie takes the gun and points it at them. She makes a deal with them.

Andre says he's willing to overlook J Poppa and Becky's relationship for now. How big of him. Calls J Poppa his archangel Michael.Is he taking his meds or are they just not working? He worries me when he talks bible. Neither Lucious nor Becky like J Poppa using the bible in his rap.

Andre wants to get rid of Frida when she kicks a heckler in the face. Lucious tells him he's not getting rid of her. He makes it clear Andre is not the real boss, he is. And that may be a good thing considering Andre's management style.

Cookie preps the three girls as they're about to perform. They worry that Hakeem may not have it together. Meanwhile, Lucious plays a song he wrote. He gives it to Hakeem with no strings. Hakeem destroys the song saying there's always strings.

Lucious gets into it with Hakeem. Andre tells both Cookie and Lucious to get out, because they're both the problem and to let him and Jamal handle it. They offer to take him out so he doesn't have to perform.

Hakeem upset because he didn't fight back. Andre says he survived having Lucious and Cookie as parents. And Jamal says Hakeem always stuck up for him. It finally gets through to Hakeem.

Hakeem goes out on stage and seems to freeze. Laura keeps making Hakeem look at her and it helps him to breakthrough his block. Lucious seems disappointed while Cookie is pleased. Lucious walks out during the performance.

The best part of the show is when the three brothers come together. It doesn't happen too much, only three that I can recall, but when it does it's a great scene.

Hakeem thanks all the girls for helping him as they celebrate their success. Annika shows up, but he gives her the brush off and closes the door in her face.

Lucious tells Frida he's not dropping her. Says there's a beautiful flame in her eyes that he had. He says he identifies more with her than his own sons. He says he wrote a song for her. It's the same song he wrote for Hakeem that Hakeem threw back in his face. He starts rapping with her.

He told Frida's daddy he was going to screw her. Maybe that's what he's going to do.

Cookie shows up at Mr. PR man's place. She asks him to make her forget about everything that's happened this week. She doesn't know she's opening her love shack to he son's kidnapped. Delgado has the same tattoo on him.

Laughing my head off. They're playing Lucious' Boom Boom Song as Cookie screws PR Man.


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