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Empire -- Happy Birthday, Cookie

Updated on April 20, 2016

Last week Andre and his pastor gang-banged Rhonda accusing her of cheating in what was supposed to be a grief counciling session. Jamal, like his fans, jumped to conclusions that Lucious told about him having sex with Skye to ruin his chances to win an ASA and in retaliation he betrayed Lucious by revealing to the world Lucious wasn't even Lucious' name. Hakeem made a sex tape of him and Camilla and sent it to Mimi, which lead to Camilla killing Mimi and trying to make it look like a suicide. Lucious arrived on the scene and suggested Camilla do herself a favor and kill herself, as well.

Tonight it's Cookie's birthday. Last year, Lucious left Cookie a single rose and she thought it was a threat and put out a hit on someone. Hopefully, this year things will go a bit better.

Camilla's funeral. The family comes to the service. Hakeem speaks at her memorial service. Cookie's making nasty remarks during the service and Rhonda is put in charge of Camilla's clothing line.

Andre apologizes for accusing Rhonda of cheating. Andre says he's been to his doctor and is taking his medicine.

Lucious suggests that Hakeem killed Camilla. Cookie orders them all to stop fighting. When Jamal digs Lucious for always digging his kids, Lucious fires back when are they going to stop being kids and grow up. Cookie asks for a nice birthday from them.

Lucious goes back to his old neighborhood. He shows Cookie the spot he slept after he ran away under a lion statue and that's how he took the name Lyon. Cookie says Lucious needs to put his whole truth in his video when he won't tell her what happened to his mother.

Tiana getting pissed that Hakeem's little girlfriend is taking over her time when she's just supposed to be the opening act.

Jamal and Hakeem also visiting the hood looking for Freda. A kid raps for Hakeem trying to impress him. Jamal starts singing along with them as Hakeem raps. Jamal wants to perform with Freda. Freda won't betray Lucious like his two punk sons want her to. No wonder he feels closer to her than his own kids. She's more loyal to him. Was wondering why those two were after Freda when they did nothing but trash her and stick their noses up at her before until then wanted something from her. To try and get back at Lucious. Lucious' right. When are these two punks going to grow up.

Porsha giving Cookie choices for her cake. Lucious and Cookie looking for someone to play his mother in the video. He's once again haunted by memories of his mother.

Becky tells Hakeem that Tiana is threatening to leave the tour because of Laura. Hakeem goes there to fix the mess.

Cookie goes to Jamal to tell him about her birthday. She asks Jamal if he knows anything about Lucious' mother, but he says no.

Hakeem negotiates a sweet deal for his little hoochie as Tiana sees them going at it. From what Tiana said his hoochie is really stepping over the line acting like she's the big act and even taking Tiana's clothes. Tiana pissed because she never used her relationship with Hakeem to get ahead and earned where she is.

Lucious coaching the kid that's playing him on how to act; that he loves his mother and is afraid of her. When Freda learns that Lucious has cut her out of his video she goes to team up with Jamal. Jamal and Freda talk about the hold their father's have on him. She records his song with him. It's ironic that Lucious' mother has the same hold on him.

Lucious introduces Cookie to Harper Scott. Lucious starts freaking out when he sees the woman that's portraying his mother and wants to change it, saying this isn't his truth. He's made it fine without an ASA award. Cookie tries to talk some sense to him.

Laura shows her family around her dressing room. Hakeem upset when Laura's father says a father loves to see his child be more successful than him.

Lucious tells Cookie how his mother nearly drowned him in a tub, then got her gun and blew out her brains in front of him. He ran away before social services could get him. He lived on the streets and ate out of garbage cans for six months until he met Frank Gathers who gave him his first bag to sell. Cookie shocked Gathers got him to start hustling, but Lucious feels he saved his life. And then he turned around and killed him to save Cookie.

Cookie encourages Lucious to tell his truth in the video. She says she did 17 years in prison for a man she didn't even know.his real name.

Lucious prepares to film the scene of his mother nearly drowning him in the tub, but he starts freaking out. Cookie talks to the boy performing the scene so he knows it's just pretend.

Tiana performing on stage. The fan goes wild. Then Tiana and Laura are on stage with Hakeem as he performs with them as back-up.

Jamal gives Cookie flowers for her birthday and reveals he's not coming, tonight. Jamal still yapping about Lucious sabotaging him for the ASA award. Cookie going to have her birthday dinner alone with Lucious and Jamal accuses her of falling for him, again. She says what they have is so deep you can't just walk away from it.

Cookie arrives at Lucious' place. Cookie is not impressed by what she sees. Lucious surprises her with all her family there. He says they love her more than they hate him.

Cookie shows everyone Lucious' video and Andre can't watch it. Andre and Lucious get into it when Andre asks if his grandmother was bipolar. Lucious says his mother was a nutjob and he was embarrassed of her just like he is of Andre. That he hoped by sending him to all those schools and letting him marry Rhonda might make him better. Andre says the hell with Lucious and storms out.

Hakeem asks Laura to marry him, and Tiana watches from afar. She smiles at them, but is she really happy.

Rhonda calls Anika to pick her up. Rhonda says she can't take it anymore. She feels like she's spent the last ten years looking after Andre and she needs a break. Anika invites her to stay with her.

Cookie surprised to see that Freda recording with Jamal. While Freda is doing her rap Cookie hears her mention that Frank Gathers is her father. She starts talking about how her father got killed and nobody cares. Cookie leaves and is visibly upset knowing Lucious killed him for her.


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