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Empire -- Leviticus

Updated on January 15, 2015

Will Lucious get away with murder?

Luscious watches all the news reports about him. They even show one of his old music videos. But Luscious isn’t the only Empire artist making news. Kid FoFo is credited for having lyrics that incited a shooting. This threatens his plans to take his company public.

Cookie shows up. She makes Luscious pay for her cab. Cookie tells Luscious he’s not shutting Jamal out anymore. She wants Luscious to let Jamal perform at the opening of his club Leviticus, but he refuses. He’s planning for Hakeem to make his big launch at the opening. While there she takes a look at the house that could and should have been hers and Luscious half-naked girlfriend.

Hakeem meets an artist named Tiana. She rebuffs his advances.

Andre’s wife, Rhonda, tells him he was talking about himself in a third person in his sleep and he needs to go to the doctor and have his meds recalibrated. Andre is bipolar. I wonder if Luscious and Cookie are aware of his condition?

Becky, Luscious’ assistant, sees his meds and realizes he’s sick. He says no one can know about this. He says he’s dying.

Cookie wants Luscious to drop Kid FoFo, and she guesses he won’t because he’s one of his bedwarmer’s artists. Meanwhile Luscious wants him to backup Hakeem at the opening. He figures it’ll make Hakeem’s launch a big success.

Vernon is called down to identify Bunky. He was found floating in the river. Vernon wants to know why someone would shoot Bunky in the face. Vernon says Cookie needs to be told since Bunky is her family. Luscious calls Cookie to tell her Bunky’s dead.

Cookie wants Jamal to find a way to steal the thunder from Hakeem and he doesn’t want to do it. She even suggests he come out and perform on the steps outside where Hakeem will be performing. As part of that plan, she hires Rhonda’s publicist friend, Dominique to arrange a big press presence to cover the event.

Luscious puts on a great act, even crying, saying he’ll find out who killed Bunky. Of course, before this he was pretending he thought Bunky was in Atlantic City gambling. Cookie tries to comfort Hakeem and he tells her not to ever touch her. Then Jamal tries to comfort her, and she rejects him. Vernon gives Hakeem Bunky’s necklace.

Luscious says if Andre can handle this mess with Kid FoFo, he’ll make him head of the company. Sure you will, dude. After the performance he put on over Bunky, I wouldn’t believe him if he told me he was black. It’s pretty obvious the son he’s favoring is the obnoxious Hakeem.

Hakeem makes some outrageous statements on camera when he’s wasted. He trashes white people and says Obama is a sell-out. Oh, yeah, that’ll make him real popular. And right before his big debut. Looks like Luscious is going to have another scandal on his hands.

Rhonda and Andre are thrilled that Hakeem has sabotaged himself. Luscious calls Obama and tries to make things right and gets hung up on. Luscious almost attacks Hakeem until his girlfriend stops him. She tells him this bad boy routine has launched him.

Cookie tells Luscious she liked him better when he was a thug. That he sounds like he grew a vagina. As he tries to justify standing behind Kid FoFo.

Luscious tries to stop Jamal from announcing he’s gay. Luscious threatens to cut him off if he comes out. The question is will Jamal cave to his father or go through with the announcement.

The answer is he doesn’t. He sits at his new piano paid with Luscious money singing his song watching Luscious on TV saying how he’s for freedom of speech. Yet he stopped his son’s freedom of speech. But I think this episode established what a great liar the man is.

Luscious goes on TV to defend Kid FoFo. At the same time Cookie gives a statement that Luscious’ lyrics were a lot worse than Kid FoFo.

Luscious dumps Kid FoFo after he trash talks Cookie, even though in front of her he sided with the FoFo, while his nasty skank girlfriend laughed.

Luscious promises Hakeem one day Empire will be all his. Yep, told Andre he shouldn’t believe him. The only one he’s not shining on about being made head of Empire is Jamal and Jamal isn’t stupid enough to believe him.

Andre’s drinking and acting out because he’s not taking his meds. Even Luscious noticed he was acting odd and asked what was wrong with him. Rhonda threatens to have Andre committed if he doesn’t take his meds. She forces him to leave Leviticus.

Hakeem wants Jamal to back him up on stage. Cookie is thrilled by Jamal being up on stage with Hakeem and Luscious is fit to be tied.

Tiana comes to see Hakeem backstage. She offers to have sex with him.

Cookie tells Luscious he’s a horrible father. Yes, Hakeem has IT and Luscious will succeed in making him a star. But he’s insufferable and that can’t all be laid at the feet of Luscious’ bad parenting. Before Luscious and Cookie can have a moment when he tells her he dumped Kid FoFo for the way he talked to her, his skanky girlfriend comes up and starts putting down Cookie for being older than she is.

Cookie doesn’t rise to the bait and leaves the club. As she does, she’s accosted by a big white man who forces her into a waiting car. A woman named Agent Carter, not the one from the Marvel Comics show on ABC, is waiting in the car for her. This one kinds of reminds me of Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. She tells Cookie they had a deal and she wants her to testify at a grand jury. Cookie says she’s going to get her killed.

It looks like Cookie may not have gotten out of stir on good behavior like she claimed. It seems she made some kind of deal. I’m guessing it’s not Luscious she’s supposed to testify against.


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