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Empire -- Lucifer Drops A T-Bomb On Jamal

Updated on December 14, 2016

And Andre sinks to a new low...

Last time Cookie hosted a dinner for Angelo's mother, Diane, and everything went wrong, but it turned out all right in the end. Andre missed the dinner. And Shine taped Freida rapping about her father and the Lyons.

Tiana performing. Cookie showing Angelo and Diane around. Jamal comes up complaining about Xavier. Diane asks Jamal to perform at her charity event. Diane wants Jamal to write a song for Angelo and perform at the Captain's Ball. Jamal says it's time for him to perform live.

Andre being taunted by memories of Rhonda and gets jumpy when Nessa come up behind him and says she can't do it. He turns talk to how Nessa can take advantage of what's coming up.

Thirsty has no news on Ty-Freak. He says he thinks Ty-Freak coming after him on something new. Lucifer orders Thirsty to find Ty-Freak's weakness.

Designer wants Tiana to have her hair straightened when she performs at her fashion show.

Nessa sees Tiana practicing to perform on the runway with the models. Nessa says she wants to replace Tiana in the show.

Cookie says she's still mad at Andre. He apologize and explains he was meeting Nessa's family. He wonders if it's wrong for him to be thinking of starting over. He cons Cookie into letting Nessa shadow Tiana at the fashion show.

Tiana against Hakeem re-recording her ex's vocals on her tracks and accuses them of trying to reactivate Hakeem's career. Hakeem and Tiana trade a bunch of personal insults.

Lucifer and Baby Killer out to dinner with Leah. Baby Killer not happy she's not going to be Shine's A&R anymore. Ty-Freak hears Leah saying Lucifer is hurting her and wants to go in and save her. Seems that's his weakness. As for Baby Killer's whining, that murderess should be rotting in prison where she belongs.

Tiana complains about the dress she has to wear to perform in. Nessa “accidentally” sets the designer dress on fire. Tiana blows her gasket and starts trash talking the designer. After she storms out, Nessa smiles at her reflection in the mirror.

Ty-Freak approaches Leah offering to help her get away from Lucifer if she helps him.

Tiana's tirade gets on the Internet. Andre offers to talk to the designer to gloss things over. I wouldn't trust him if I was you, Cookie. I guess we know why Nessa was smiling. She was filming Tiana's tirade.

Phillip tries to help Jamal conquer his PTSD. He uses a virtual reality simulation of Jamal performing in front of an audience to get him used to it, again. Unfortunately, it becomes too real and Jamal freaks. He tries it again with Freida being in the audience. Lucifer enters and ruins the moment. He tries to mess Jamal up so he won't do the event for Angelo. He also orders Jamal never to perform the song about him and Cookie, again. Lucifer even threatens to dump Jamal from Empire. Phillip realizes Lucifer is Jamal's PTSD trigger and says unless Jamal can work through it with him he can never get back on stage.

Andre talks to Helene, the designer, and puts forward Nessa as Tiana's replacement, but she won't go for it. He makes a remark about Helene's daughter's hair and how much she loves it before he leaves. It isn't an idle remark, as we'll later learn.

Leah meets secretly with Ty-Freak and says Lucifer and Baby Killer are always having nasty sex together. He asks about what his father was like.

Helene's daughter wakes up and someone has cut the girls hair off in her sleep, The girl and Helene start screaming. That's a move worthy of Lucifer.

Andre all smiles until he finds Hakeem in his chair and he accuses Andre of being behind getting Tiana replaced with Nessa. He even goes for Andre, but Andre quickly takes him down and even laughs at him as he leaves.

Helene comes to Cookie and says she wants to go with Nessa. Andre tells Helene he told her Nessa would work. Hakeem over with Tiana and says they're the original Empire couple. No, little deluded dude. That would be your Mommy and your Daddy.

Helene warns Diane to get away from Empire because the Lyons are actual gangsters.

Cookie says what Andre did to Tiana wasn't cool. She says he's changing in some way she hasn't got a handle on. Wow! She actually noticed something is up with the son she ignores.

Lucifer comes home to a sexed-up Baby Killer. She starts breaking things because she didn't get the job she wanted. What a gross disgusting pig she is. She keeps breaking things and to stop her from breaking his things he agrees to give her what she wants. Sorry this underdressed bimbo is not even interesting. Lucifer and the Baby Killer go at it when Leah comes in. The two disgusting creeps laugh.He leaves with Leah wanting to talk to her about where she was. He comes up behind her and wraps his tie around her neck, then she tells him she did exactly as he told her to. He kisses her after she tells him he's jealous of Lucious cause he knew his father and Ty-Freak didn't.

Jamal tells Cookie he's done a new song for Lucifer. Lucifer comes in as the old vids of Cookie are playing. He's calling Lucifer out for all the things he's done. Lucifer not amused. Jamal says he's doing an album about his family. He says Lucifer caused Cookie's father's death. Lucifer reveals he had to kill Frank Gathers because he was cleaning up Cookie's mess when she put a hit out on the wrong man. Lucifer says he'll never apologize for loving Cookie and storms out. Jamal and the boys shocked by what Cookie did.

You wanted the truth, Jamal, but can you handle it?


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