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Empire -- Luscious Gets Good News And Bad News

Updated on March 24, 2015

Empire's First Season Finale

I think FOX made a mistake putting the last two episodes back-to-back and calling it a two hour finale. They kind of ruined the cliffhanger ending for the first episode, and the second hour seemed to lag because like a normal episode it slowly built in dramatic tension until the final minutes

After learning that Luscious screwed Jamal's wife and may be the real father of Lola, Cookie asked Malcolm to take her away somewhere.

Luscious playing the piano. His vision goes blurry and he can't control his hands. He has a flashback of writing music and Cookie helping him write music when he's stuck.

Hakeem doesn't want to talk to Luscious. He's still pouting cause Luscious sent his Sex Mama away.

Lucious' tribute concert to take place in one week. He tells Becky to find him Cookie so he can write an epic song for his farewell performance. He doesn't seem to get that Cookie is off him after what happened last week.

Malcolm takes Cookie up to a cabin in the snow. Cookie tells Malcolm she's never been with anyone but Luscious. Malcolm tells her she's in charge. Cookie has sex with Malcolm. I have to say it wasn't good for me. Really didn't see any chemistry there. Can't even match the Luscious/Cookie match-up of a few episodes ago. Also, that thing on Malcolm's chin just makes him look kind of gross.

Someone says double vision isn't associated with ALS when Luscious mentions he keeps suffering from double vision.

Malcolm tells Cookie that Camille didn't take Lucious' money like he claimed. Cookie says she wishes Luscious would just drop dead already.

Luscious pushes Hakeem to the press, even though the press keeps bringing up Jamal and says his music may surpass Lucious'.

Hakeem finally shows up, but does he have something planned to sabotage Lucious' plans? Hakeem takes the stage along with Titan and Snoop Dogg. He trashes Luscious in his rap and then walks off. Afterwards, Luscious punches Hakeem in the face and Hakeem spits his blood at Luscious.

Hakeem tells Jamal he hates Luscious and the sooner he dies the better. Jamal tries to get Hakeem to reconsider leaving Empire and going to another label.

Porsha mentions Cookie was in the Berkshires and Luscious knows Malcolm was there too and he puts it together. In short, Cookie's been busted.

Andre comes to see his music therapist, Michelle, at her church. Andre says he tried to go back to work but he couldn't do it. Says the suits and ties don't feel like they fit any longer. Wanna bet if the music therapist was a guy named Michael his suits would fit just fine?

Cookie shows her sister, Carol around Empire. When Cookie tries to enter, she's told she's been instructed to not allow her in the building. Luscious arrives and tells her she's no longer a part of his company. And she's not on the board of directors. She leaves saying he's going to die a lonely man which is what he deserves.

Andre learns how to pray. Seriously, you just put your hands together and pray. You don't need to be taught like your a two year old.

Cookie tells Malcolm she's been given 15 minutes to collect her things. Cookie learns Malcolm didn't get the boot like her. He asks Cookie to come with him to Washington. Cookie says she can't leave Empire.

Andre comes to see Luscious. Andre tells him to find a new CFO. Luscious disdains Andre for talking about getting close to God. Considering, Luscious thinks he's God, I can see why he's not happy about his son going to the competition.

Luscious comes to see Jamal. Luscious dangles Empire under Jamal's nose, so he can get him to do his dirty work for him now Andre's turned in the title of doing Lucious' dirty work for him.

Andre says he feels at home with his therapist in her church.

Jamal takes Luscious back to their old home. Luscious makes snide remarks about Jamal as he follows him inside. Jamal suggests Luscious is a fraud and asks if he's afraid of dying. Jamal and Luscious do a song together. It seems to be the first time the two have really connected. During it Luscious recalls gunning some people down back in his hood days. I thought the actors had some really great chemistry in this scene and were really bouncing off each other in a good way.

Jamal helping Luscious because he promised to let Cookie back in. Meanwhile Cookie at Lucious' house. Cookie tells Luscious that Hakeem is meeting with Baretti to sign with him and Jamal is trying to stop him. Jamal hangs Baretti over a balcony to get Lucious' music rights back from Baretti, just as Luscious assigned him to. Meanwhile Luscious finds Hakeem and Annika going at it.

Luscious learns he doesn't have ALS. He has MG. It's a chronic but treatable condition. He fires his doctor for misdiagnosing him. He laughs in joy that he's not dying, after all. Kind of like the devil laughing at his good luck.

Luscious still pursuing Andre. He tells him he's been invited to ring the bell at the stock exchange. Andre refuses to go and says he's staying at the church. And will say a prayer for him that's flame-proof. That was such a punk thing to say, Andre really deserved what Luscious did to him next. Sorry, Dre, but you don't yank this tiger's tail without him delivering a killer blow to you with his paw.

Luscious approaches Andre's therapist and says he wants to do a gospel song and says he wants to do it with her. Andre tells Michelle she's just spread her legs for the devil. Yeah, when he was going on her God Squad train to get her to spread her legs for him, and Daddy accomplished what you've been trying to achieve for days in like two seconds flat.

Jamal and Ryan get it on in Lucious' office.

Luscious takes some strong sleeping pills and Cookie comes by and hears Luscious admit to killing Bunkie and that he doesn't have ALS. Cookie approaches Luscious with a pillow and says it's over. Before that she said if Luscious wasn't dying she'd kill him.

And this was where the first episode was supposed to end and that would have been a great cliffhanger to ponder on for a week if Cookie had really killed Luscious. Only FOX played the resolution like two seconds later killing all the anticipation.

Cookie walks away. Did she really kill Luscious? No, she didn't.

Luscious enters to find his three sons waiting for him. They have presents sitting in front of them. He tells them he doesn't have ALS and he was misdiagnosed. He's still going on about training one of them to take over for him one day.

Hakeem's gift is a necklace with wings on it. He says Hakeem will have his own jet to go wherever he wants. Hey, you can go visit your soiled dove wherever she's perching now. Don't that make you happy, Hakeem. Heck no!

Andre is next. He finds a gold cross. He says it's the Lion of Juda. He says Andre will head the Lyon Foundation and have a hundred million dollars at his disposal. Is he happy about that? No. And the cross is wasted on him. He's no longer interested in God now the chick he wanted to shag disappointed him. In short, his God stuff was just to get in Jennifer Hudson's panties.

Jamal gets a scepter with a lion's head. Luscious says the Empire is Jamal's. Shocky-poo only not that big of one. Jamal was the one son that remained loyal to him. So what did the other two expect? Not that Big Bad Daddy would give it to Jamal.

Cookie comes in and Luscious says he was misdiagnosed. Cookie acts like she's happy about it. Cookie opens her gift. It's a pillow. He knows what she tried to do.

Jamal feels like Luscious really loves them. Jamal says he may not do it if Andre and Hakeem aren't with him. Hakeem doesn't like Jamal wants to put back the release of his album until Jamal's album dies down. In short, the spoiled punk is used to being number one and he doesn't like being treated as number two now.

Luscious still allowing Cookie to produce his concert, but she's sure he's planning to do something to her. Luscious tells Jamal that Cookie tried to murder him and he shows Jamal the tape. Cookie tells Jamal that Luscious killed Bunkie and he'll kill anyone who gets in his way as she's taken out of the company, once again.

The feds show up and force Cookie in the back of the car.

Luscious welcomes Vernon back. He tells Vernon Cookie's out to get him.

Cookie is asked to help build a case against Luscious. Cookie recalls being offered a deal when she was arrested but not turning over on him. Cookie once again refuses to turn over on Luscious. Vernon sees Cookie coming out of the feds office. He'll no doubt think she turned over on Luscious. However, he tells Luscious that Cookie was only seeing her probation officer. Why Vernon didn't rat out Cookie becomes clearer later.

Hakeem tells Annika he wants Empire. Annika suggests they do a hostile takeover with the help of Andre. Andre tells Hakeem to accept that Jamal won.

Luscious asks Michelle to sing, “Whatever Makes You Happy.” One of the rappers , Black Rambo, refuses to perform if Jamal is in charge saying real men do hip-hop not fairies.

Cookie tells Hakeem that Luscious should have given Empire to both Hakeem and Jamal. Cookie suggests they build their own Empire together. Hakeem isn't interested in that, he wants what Daddy built and promised him would be his one day.

Andre finds Rhonda packing her things. She taunts Andre for letting Jamal have Empire without a fight. Andre changes his mind. Annika and Cookie have a cat fight, before the two agree to work together to take control of Empire away from Luscious and Jamal.

Jamal arrives where Black Rambo is rapping to take him on. Black Rambo starts making a bunch of homophobic rap lyrics. Jamal answers by saying Black Rambo aint any better than he is. Unfortunately, he sings it not raps is. Seriously, Jamal can't rap.

The corporate raider says Luscious would need to be caught in a scandal to take him down and get rid of his board of directors. And by extension, Jamal.

Cookie asks Vernon if Luscious killed Bunkie. Vernon tells her what happened. Cookie says she can't lose Jamal. She goes to see Jamal and tells him no matter what's going on between her and Luscious she's got him. Yeah, that's nice, but you're helping your other two boys stab him in the back, so your words mean nothing.

Vernon goes to see Andre. When Andre gets in Vernon's face he starts hitting him and the two get into a fight. Rhonda comes in and hits Vernon and kills him. When Andre wants to call the police to tell them what happened, she claims she's pregnant so he won't call the police.

Luscious prepares to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell and Empire will be a publicly traded company. Then Lucious' concert begins. First Jamal and Hakeen perform. Then Andre watches Michelle perform. Luscious tells Jamal that Dwight Walker is his real name. Luscious tells Jamal he loves him. He apologizes to Jamal for the way he treated him and says he loves him.

Luscious is arrested before he can perform on stage and he tells Jamal to go on stage and do his song for him.

Cookie claims she didn't do this. Then yells she did 17 years for him.

Luscious sees Andre and Hakeem and knows they're behind this. However, Vernon is the star witness and without him the case against Luscious will fall apart. That's why he lied about Cookie only seeing her probation officer. But thanks to Rhonda Lucious' stay in jail may be a short one.

While Andre, Hakeem and Cookie are celebrating their victory, Luscious is vowing he'll be back. Game on, bitches! Cookie is taking over Luscious house. Andre is seeing an ultrasound of his maybe baby with Rhonda. Since faithfulness isn't a part of their marriage, it's possible he's not even that father.

I had a feeling this season would end with Luscious going to jail, since it began with Cookie getting out. It's classic writing. You go back to how you being but in a different way. Personally, I can't wait until Luscious gets out of jail and goes after his enemies. Game on, indeed.


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