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Empire -- Lucious Gets Harassed In Prison

Updated on October 3, 2015

Cookie's kind of a crumb...

Cookie, Andre and Hakim cleaning out their stuff from Empire. So now the crumb named Cookie is all about making Hakim the big star and working with Hakim and Andre. Yeah, she's got time for Andre cause she needs his help. Yeah, at the end of the day it's all about her.

I used to love Cookie last season and this season I'm really finding her very hard to take. I'm even like Lucious better than her. No wonder the two are made for each other. Their two sides of the same coin, only Lucious has music talent and doesn't need to piggyback on their sons back and Cookie doesn't.

Lucious being examined by the prison doctor. There's no authorization to give Lucious his meds. And he needs them for his medical condition. This is but one of the things Lucious will experience as he discovers the trashy DA that likes to let her boobs do her talking for her is behind.

Jamal working on his music. He performs on Spilling the Tea. Jamal has come out with Michael as his boyfriend. Cookie barges in on his interview. She wants him to give Hakim his album back. She says she knows Jamal. Lucious thinks he can make him like himself, but he isn't. After she butters him up she announces she's starting her own company with his two brothers. Whatever. As I said, the Cookie's charm has really worn off this season. To me, she's coming off as a self-serving bitch using her kids to get ahead.

Lucious has his own posse in prison. He performs with them in the prison yard. He starts getting sick because he hasn't gotten his meds. The prison guard starts causing trouble with them. The little punk guard better watch it or Lucious will have him taken out. The little punk guard seems to have entitlement issues saying he owns everything in the prison, forgetting he just works there.

Hakim interviewing girl singers to build a girl's band. Hakim turns down a Selena Gomez clone [for a moment I wondered if they got the real Selina Gomez to make a cameo] and she says with or without him she'll shine. Good for you, girl. You have to believe in yourself and not let some man give you a sense of self worth. Andre doesn't like it and interrupts. Andre says Hakim needs to be recording new music and not making a girl's group.

The punk guard still giving Lucious a hard time. He pretty much says he's working for DA Roxanne and he made sure Lucious couldn't get his medicine. He says if Lucious cooperates he'll get his medicine. If anything, this will make Lucious even more determined NOT to cooperate.

Cookie has a fit because Annika is around. Her act with Annika's getting old, too.

Jamal visits Lucious and notices he's not feeling well, but he won't tell him what's going on. A lawyer named Thirsty offers his services and reveals one of DA Roxanne's ploys is withholding a prisoners meds to get him to cop a guilty plea. Jamal says he's thinking of giving Hakim back his album, but Lucious says he can only have it if he returns to Empire. He also asks Jamal to get him some equipment so he can record some new stuff from prison.

Hakim wants Tiana to join his girl group. She says if this is what this company is about, she's out of it. The T is the star not a member of a group.

Jamal tells Hakim he wants him back at Empire. Cookie sees them together and doesn't like it. Yeah, what would she do is she doesn't have one of her talented sons to piggyback on. Hakim asks if Cookie and Andre can return and he says that might take some time.

Hakim sharing a bathtub with the Selina Clone he turned down for his girl group. There goes her sense of self-worth if she's servicing that little twerp.

Rhonda comes to see Jamal. She wants Jamal to bring Andre back to Empire. She reveals to Jamal she's pregnant. When he hugs her, it's obvious she's manipulating him.

A guard claims Lucious lawyer brought him some meds. He's also given a place to record his music for an hour. It seems the lawyer, Thirsty, has contacts inside the prison, too. Maybe a rich high-powered lawyer isn't always the best route. The song seems to be called, “Snitch Bitch,”. Wonder if it's about Cookie. The crooked guard enters and puts Lucious and his fellow inmates in the hole. Although, since the other guard was crooked, as well, maybe I should call the punk the DA's bitch guard.

The bitch guard says he could kill Lucious and get away with it. Lucious says he doesn't make mistakes like him and that bitch he supports.

Hakim just leaked his album online. Andre says Hakim will be sued and he's done. He asks Cookie to let him go, because this isn't what he wants. He also tells bonehead Hakim an all latina girl group would be popular. Seems he's smarter than Mama Rat and Junior Rat. Maybe he should start his own record company and take both parents down.

Andre goes to see Lucious and says he wants to come back to Empire. Lucious says he doesn't forgive him. Andre asks why Lucious hates him and acts like he's some kind of mutant. Lucious has a flashback of his mother when he was a child and she seemed to have mental problems, too. Lucious walks out saying he doesn't hate Andre. Maybe if he'd tell Andre about his mother, Andre just might believe that.

Hakim spending the evening with Jamal. He shouldn't be singing his music in front of Hakim, he might steal that, too. Hakim says he's not coming back to Empire. He reveals he leaked his album online. He reveals they're going to call their record label the Lion Dynasty.

Lucious' new song from prison released on the radio. I thought it was good, but I saw a lot of people online complaining that it was awful. But I know nothing about rap, just enjoyed Terrence Howard's performance of it.

Lucious' new attorney gets Lucious out on bail when he shows the judge dirty pics of himself. Seriously, DA Roxanne needs to find an outfit that fits and doesn't have her boobs on display. She's a bad joke as an attorney. Instead of having a law degree, she should be standing on a corner selling herself for the night.


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