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Empire -- Lucious Is Back And Badder Than Ever

Updated on October 14, 2015

And The Cookie is not happy about it...

The DA vows Lucious won't stay out of jail. She describes him as a sociopath. Apparently, she's running for Attorney General and may be trying to win on Lucious' back. I think she needs a dresser. I don't think she'd win too many votes by flashing her boobs.

Cookie sees Hakim's latest girlfriend, the Selena Gomez clone, Valentina. Cookie complains Jamal didn't do stuff like that before he recorded. Hakim performs his latest song.

The DA made a part of Lucious' bail that he can't enter Empire. So he addresses his fans on the street, instead. Lucious thinks the DA is up to something.

While Hakim is interviewed by Sway, the interviewer brings up Lucious by asking what Lucious thinks. Then Hakim makes promises that he can't keep.

Cookie tries to make Jamal feels Lucious isn't concentrating on him at the dinner Lucious holds for the entire family. Lucious says Cookie will be sorry unless she disbands her new record company. He says he'll let everything go if he gets his family back. Cookie's response is to pull the table cloth off the table as she leaves. You know, this is getting kind of old.

I think I rooted for Cookie last time she behaved badly at dinner because Lucious had done her wrong. However, she's the one whose done wrong and when she had more trouble than she could handle she went running to Lucious to get her out of it. Don't have much sympathy for her at the moment. You want to take Lucious down, don't go running to him for help when you're in trouble.

Annaka arrives at Empire. Lucious invited her there. He wants her to help him take down Lyon Dynasty. She turns him down, at first, until Lucious says Hakim will come back and that will just leave her and Cookie and that will be a whole other level of hell. She asks him what he wants her to do.

Hakim and Cookie trying to rehearse his girl band, Menage a trois. Hakim tells Cookie not to call Selena/Valentina a bitch.

Lucious lunches with Andre. Andre is trying to once again get back in Lucious' good graces. Lucious says he's a brilliant MBA but so are a lot of other people.

Lucious tells Jamal he wants Frieda signed but she won't sign without Lucious. Jamal isn't thrilled that Lucious keeps setting him up with the wrong type of people to record his music and described Frieda as musically his everything, making Jamal wonder where that leaves him. Lucious better watch out or the only loyal son with talent is going to desert him, too.

Lucious watching Frieda. Thirsty says he knows where Cookie is. He won't placate Jamal who feels Lucious is showing no loyalty to him after all he's done for him. He tells Jamal to do what he wants if he wants attention from him. He doesn't take it as a warning when Jamal says at least Cookie cared about his music.

Annaka comes to Cookie and tells her what Lucious wants. Annaka says it's very important for her to hurt Lucious. She tells Cookie about the party Lucious is throwing himself.

Cookie shows up at Lucious' party and hijacks it and has Hakim perform for her label, Lyon Dynasty. Hakim raps an insulting song to get at Lucious. Lucious has her and Hakim thrown out.

Cookie's stunt seems to have worked putting her recording company on the map.

Meanwhile Menage a trois starts fighting amongst themselves. Andre goes back to see Cookie. Andre tells Cookie Rhonda is going to have his baby. He says he wants to make Empire something he'd be proud of to leave his child. Andre reveals he hasn't told Lucious he's going to have a child, but Cookie suggests using it to get to Lucious.

Andre follows Cookie's advice but Lucious isn't happy. He asks if Andre isn't worried about the child's mental health. He says bipolar doesn't run in the family. Lucious flashes back to his mother acting crazy. Lucious says Andre is breaking his heart that he's using his child to try and get what he wants. So much for following Cookie's advice. Lucious tells him to get out and to give Rhonda his love.

He starts playing the piano as he has a flashback of being a child and telling his mother they need to eat. They can't eat until his mother takes all the stuff back she bought. Sounds like Lucious was the parent and his mother was the child. You know, Lucious really needs to tell Andre about his mother so maybe he'll understand why he acts the way he does towards Andre.

Lucious comes to where Frieda is performing on the street. He watches her having a rap-off with a big man. He saves her from being shot. He pleads with her to give him a chance to help her. She chooses her gang and runs off.

Lucious' assistant suggests that Jamal call Cookie. She says Lucious' been setting him up with good producers and only Cookie has been able to handle his moody ass.

Lucious has a run-in with the DA and miracles of miracles her boobs are covered up. He realizes she doesn't have Vernon. She vows she's going to use the charges to get dirt on him, while Lucious offers to screw her since she seems to have a thang for him.

Cookie trying to teach choreography to Menage a trois. Valentina won't let Cookie put her through her paces. She says she's worked hard to get where she is and isn't sleeping with Hakim to be a success. Cookie says unless she does what she says that's what people will think.

Lucious catches Jamal about to go in to see Cookie. Becky told him that Jamal was going to see Cookie. Lucious tells Jamal he doesn't need Cookie, he's gone past her. Lucious says he'll produce Jamal and says that Jamal is going to be the one.

Valentina doesn't show up for the performance. Lucious shows up. Lucious bought APEX radio where Cookie and Hakim were going to debut Menage a trois. Lucious also signed Valentina. Lucious says now Cookie's little label will now dry up, and she says he can't keep Cookie down. Hakim leaves with Cookie.


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