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Empire -- Rhonda Goes Splat!

Updated on October 5, 2016

And Anika gets away with it...

Tonight we finally learn who survived the rooftop fight between Rhonda and psycho Anika. I've got a bad feeling it won't be Rhonda. Which is sad, as that means Anika got away with killing Rhonda's baby and Rhonda and Empire's only token white character will be gone.

Hakeem runs out of the ballroom taking off in his marriage car as Lucious chases after him.

I was right. It's Rhonda that's dead and the Baby Killer got away with it. Andre starts choking her. Of course, Baby Killer acts like she's the innocent victim and claims Rhonda attacked her. Then she screams her water is breaking, which saves the foul cow's life. Too bad Andre didn't treat Baby Killer the way she treated Rhonda when she was pregnant and shoved her down the stairs.

Cookie alone looking at Lucious' albums. Jamal calls Cookie.

Hakeem shows up at Tiana's place. He starts stripping off his clothes. He passes out.

Cookie gives Andre Rhonda's things. Cookie offers to pray with Andre. Andre says he's done with God.

Baby Killer delivers a baby. Lucious tells her to claim that Rhonda jumped instead of her pushing Rhonda. Oh, Lucious, you don't have to worry about this filthy cow telling the truth. She pretended to be innocent when Rhonda called her out on murdering her child. Why would she tell the truth now when it could land her nasty carcas in jail? Lucious isn't pleased it's a girl and says she lied to him. She just murdered your son's wife after murdering her unborn child and you're surprised she lied to you about the sex of her spawn? Get real.

Lucious having a poker game. He says he's relaunching Swift Stream under Empire. When Lucious says he's a King they say how can be a King when he lost his Queen (Cookie) as he married his ex-hoochie. Guess no one is particularly impressed with Baby Killer.

Everyone wondering where Andre is when Lucious wants to know why Andre isn't at a meeting. Yeah, your baby killer wife just murdered his wife. That's no biggie. Andre shouldn't be upset, at all, should he?

Lucious wants Jamal to perform at an event he's planning. Hakeem offers to perform, while Lucious complains about his drinking. Lucious puts his name on his new grandchild's birth certificate as the father. When Hakeem and Jamal leave, Lucious thanks Cookie for having his back.

Lucious says he knows he and Cookie are still good as long as she has that fire in her eyes. She says what they had is dead because he ruined it when he married the she-devil.

Shine comes in saying Hakeem song is weak when he muscles his sound people. He orders Lucious to make Nessa a star. He attacks one of the sound techs and tells Lucious he has twenty-four hours or he's going to Tyrique.

I will say the show seems to be tighter in the first twenty minutes of this episode then it was all last season. Let's see if they can keep it up and if the show is truly over the second season slump.

Cookie and her sisters having a get together. Cookie asks why they keep bringing up Tyrique. She asks Candace what she told Tyrique. She tells them to leave and finds Tyrique standing at the door.

Cookie and Lucious learn the evil she-devil got released from the hospital. Lucious moves the evil bimbo into his house. The servants welcome Baby Killer back. Leah wants to know what she's doing there. Leah comes at she-devil with a knife and says she doesn't trust her and to stay away from the food. Here's hoping Lucious and Leah make this foul cretin pay for every rotten thing she's done. She panted like a dog in heat to be a Lyon, now may she pay for it with every breath she takes. Yes, I loathe, despise and detest this character. She a useless waste of space who got away with murdering Rhonda and her baby.

Tyrique watching Lucious' house. He comes out to see him. Lucious says Tyrique is welcome any time he wants and even invites him to dinner.

Lucious apologizes to Shine. Shine says he wants Nessa to perform with Jamal. Shine shows Hakeem how he changed his track. He advises Hakeem to say something real about his life. Shine tells Hakeem to stay away from Nessa. Which means she'll probably be his next screw toy.

I bet Nessa, who Lucious doesn't even want to give a chance, will have real talent. I'm enjoying Lucious having a real threat to face down in Shine.

Cookie sees a picture of Lucious with the murdering she-devil from the past. Cookie asks if he was happy with her.

Jamal performing as Cookie enters. Cookie says Lucious won't approve of the song he's singing, and Jamal says he doesn't care. Cookie says neither does she, basically, and walks away.

She-devil is trying to get Hakeem acquainted with his daughter when Lucious comes in and takes over the baby calling himself Daddy.

Tyrique has dinner with the Lyon family. She-devil kisses Lucious in front of Cookie. Leah says Tyrique came to visit her in the home. Tyrique tries to incite all the Lyon members against Lucious. When Tyrique starts putting down Cookie for letting Lucious use her while he married his little mulatto bitch [loved that remark] Jamal nearly goes for his throat, but Cookie puts Tyrique in his place and order is restored. If he'd said murdering mulatto bitch he would have had the perfect name for her.

Empire puts on its big show. Lucious introduces Jamal. Jamal performs a song dedicated to Black Lives Matter. As he's about to sing he has flashbacks of Frieda singing and can't sing it. He goes off stage and starts hyperventilating. Nessa steps up and sings Jamal's song for him.

I was right. Nessa is talented. Shine says he and Lucious have business to discuss and calls him partner.

After the show, Jamal says they're all going to go down if they continue to follow Lucious, when Jamal says he lied to him saying he would help Frieda. Lucious shows what a slime he is when he comes up behind Jamal, who is recovering from a panic attack, and motions like his hand is a gun and he's shooting Jamal in the head. Hey, dude, your son took a bullet for you. Show some respect.

Lucious brings up when he first met Cookie. Cookie says that's the past. Cookie says she needs to concentrate on her future. Cookie says after tonight she thinks she's done. She says the only way this is going to work is for him to stay out of her way and leave her alone.

Andre wakes up saying he messed up. He said he should have believed Rhonda and defended her. That's right, you should have. Instead he took Baby Killer's side over his own wife. He sees Rhonda and she says he messed up and shouldn't have let that bitch murder her. Rhonda says he doesn't know how to take care of himself without her. He doesn't know how to regulate his meds and doesn't know when to stand up to his father and when not to. Jamal comes in and Andre says he's okay.

Lucious doesn't know one of the stuffed animals in Baby Bella's room has a hidden camera and bug in it. He starts talking about how he's going to show them all what hell really is. Well, you did a pretty good job of that to your sons this episode. Pretending to shoot the son who took a bullet for you and nearly died and protecting the murdering mulatto that killed your other son's wife and baby sure don't give you the Father of the Year Award.


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