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Empire -- Take Me To Church

Updated on October 23, 2015

Andre wants to bathe his sins away...

As we left off last week, Andre finally got back into Empire, because he helped Lucious find Vernon. And Lucious, in turn, decided to play a Halloween trick on DA Tits a little bit early...

Charges are dropped against Lucious. Vernon's death being called a suicide. I think that must be the first death caused by blunt trauma to the back of the head that's been called a suicide. Not too many people kill themselves that way.

Andre returns to Empire. Lucious says he's signed Freda to Andre's new label.

Cookie doing a photo shoot with Tiana. Hakeem introduces her to his new find, Laura. Thankfully, she doesn't call her a bitch.

Cookie wants Hakeem to finish the video with Jamal.

Andre doesn't seem comfortable at Empire. Lucious makes Andre president of Empire. He doesn't seem comfortable with a bunch of women rubbing on him. Yeah, him coming back to Empire is a bad idea.

Jamal not doing that great with Lucious as his producer.

Lucious not happy that Michael with Jamal. Lucious says he shouldn't bring his boyfriend on the road with him, but Neo supports Jamal doing it.

Andre wants to be baptized. The minister says Andre has to confess to his family his sins, then he can be baptized. The minister says maybe Andre is supposed to lead his family to church. I don't see that ever happening with that bunch. As the saying goes, hell will probably freeze over, first.

Two girl gang members pretend to be a fan of Tiana's. When she's taking a selfie with them, one pulls a razor blade on her before they run off with her bag. Something tells me T isn't going to like working in the rough neighborhood Cookie has her company in.

Cookie says they've been marked and they're going to start extorting money from them, when the girls and a masked man put a video on You Tube.

The photog says he agrees with Lucious and doesn't think Jamal should take Michael on the road with him. When Jamal is alone with the photog the photog tries to go down on him. Jamal says he's not into him and wouldn't do that to Michael. Michael arrives on the scene and he and Jamal walk away.

Mr. Delgado, a promoter, says because Cookie is Lucious' ex-wife, the street hoods think she had money and she'll be a target. He says he's the only one who'll take her on. Why do I think this guy has the smell of the Revenge of Annika all over him?

Andre tells Rhonda he's going to be baptized. He tells her the reverend wants him to confess his sins. When Rhonda tries to get Andre to go down on her he refuses. Says he doesn't want to be that way now. Something tells me Rhonda isn't going to like the new Andre.

Cookie asks if Lucious killed Vernon as they fight over who gets stuck with Vernon's ashes. Cookie says Lucious had better not have had anything to do with the purse snatching. When Lucious won't take them, Cookie has to.

Andre finds Thirsty in Lucious' office. He says he's replacing Vernon. Thirsty asks if Annika works for Cookie. Thirsty asks if Andre could steal copies of all of Cookie's music. Andre tells Thirsty to leave his father's office and to not to return until his father is back. Bad idea, Dre, especially since dude knows you helped Vernon kill himself.

Jamal distracted as he's trying to record because Michael keeps texting him. Neo tells Jamal he should take him and takes the phone from Jamal so he won't be distracted while he's recording his song. Neo happy with Jamal's performance this time.

When Hakeem starts trying to grind on Laura she says she should have known this was what this was about and storms out. Meanwhile Jamal catches the photog going down on Michael. Something tells me Michael aint going out on tour with Jamal anymore.

Portia's dog Whoopty-Whoo starts barking and it tips off Cookie to the men Thirsty sent over to Cookie's to steal her music. She and Delgado both have their own guns and chase them off.

Andre goes to see Jamal and Hakeem. Andre says he wanted Empire so bad he tried to turn Jamal and Hakeem against each other. Andre says he's the one who had Jamal robbed to make Jamal think Hakeem was behind it. He asks them both to come when he gets baptized. Hakeem says he'll come, but Jamal isn't so sure because of the way the church feels about gay people.

Lucious tells Andre he needs to check his faith at the door when he complains about Lucious sending Thirsty to steal Cookie's music. Andre confesses to telling Cookie how to blackmail him to get into Empire and reveals he went into Lucious' studio and nearly shot himself in the head to try and hurt him. Andre says Lucious gave him life and God gives him hope. He asks Lucious to see him baptized, but Lucious says there is no God, your sins can't be washed away and Andre needs to man up.

Hakeem goes after Laura. He apologizes for coming on to her. She says she wants to sing to make people happy. He promises not to push-up on her again.

Lucious tells Freda her father was a rotten bastard. He says a lot of fathers don't know how to show love. Sounds like he's talking about himself. He gives her advice as she recording her song.

Cookie comes to church for Andre's baptism. Andre tells her he's not a good person. That he's done horrible things. She says so has she, but they're good people. She tells him to keep his mouth shut and no one needs to hear about what he did.

Jamal shows up at the church. Cookie says if Lucious comes to church the whole place might catch fire. Lucious arrives outside the church and heads inside. Lucious walks up to the reverend and introduces himself. He sits down next to Cookie. Cookie starts fighting with Lucious when he says he was the one who held the family together while Cookie was gone.

As Andre is being dunked in water, Lucious remembers his mother dragging him into a tub of water and holding him under as she sang gospel songs. It's too much for Lucious to take and he walks out of the church while Cookie smirks.

Later, Hakeem is grabbed by a bunch of thugs while he's out jogging and thrown into the back of their van as they take off.

And that's how we ends things while Empire takes a break for the World Series. Damn baseball!


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