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Empire -- The Backstabbers

Updated on November 18, 2015

They smile in your face...

Everyone seemed to be betraying each other in this episode

The morning after Cookie had sex with the enemy and she's still screwing her brains out. I know a woman's got needs, but maybe she should watch what she lets into her love sack. In fact, he keeps her in the sack and away from the office. He suggests she adds some Lyon artists to the Heat 103 music thing he's handling. It makes her decide to have her own music thing. He actually manages to keep her in the sack for three days. They must smell by now.

Lucious still mentoring Frieda. He asks what her father did to her when she breaks her rap, and she asks what his father did. More like what his mother did. Wonder what Hakeem's going to do when he hears Frieda doing Boom Boom Boom Boom.

Jamal asks for Cookie's feedback on his song. She worries what Lucious and Hakeem will say if they find out. Delgado gets her to go help Jamal.

Delgado finally gets out of the sack and goes to his brothers to promise him they're going to get even more money than they planned. She'll need to pay them for protection during her big music extravaganza.

Lucious goes to Sir Huey and plays the song he and Frieda did. He says Lucious is on to something. He tells Lucious he needs to dig deeper.

Cookie announces the hip hop event she's going to do. Menage A Trios performs. Cookie wants to make Carmen the lead singer when she pushes Laura out of the way. Cookie says Carmen is the star. Hakeem has other ideas.

Mimi upset that stock prices are so low. Andre has a streaming plan. Mimi wants them to merge with Swift Stream. Mimi says she has the inside with Swift Stream. Lucious asks Andre to handle Frieda's criminal problems with the Deputy Mayor who he gave a butt job to last season. How will the new religious Andre handle that one?

Hakeem wants Tiana to teach Laura how to be sexy so she won't be usurped by Carmen.

Cookie dresses all up to go and see Jamal. He tells her Huey Jarvis invited him to perform in his living room. Wonder what he'll do when he learns Daddy was pushing Frieda and not him.

Andre goes to his reverend. He takes him to the place he almost killed himself. He says his father wants him to ruin what he's got going with God. The reverend says he's God's warrior and encourages him to do what Lucious wants. Are we sure he isn't on Lucious payroll.

Cookie takes Jamal back to Lyon Dynasty and gets him to lay down some tracks for her. Oh, Daddy aint gonna be pleased.

Hakeem comes in and she makes Jamal hide. Jamal runs out.

Mimi takes Lucious to a boxing ring. Jago, who owns the streaming company, wants Lucious to step in the ring with him. They negotiate as they box. When he says Lucious lyrics are kind of shallow he has a flashback of looking at a bullet and burying it when he was a child and punches out Jago.

Rochelle starts putting the moves on Andre. He refuses to give her sex. He films her coming on to him and blackmails her. He tells Rhonda he didn't go back to his old ways and starts kissing her.

Cookie not buying Laura as the lead singer. She says Laura doesn't have it.

Lucious flashes back to his mother tearing the apartment apart. She can't find a bullet.

Jamal tells Lucious he's playing Huey Jarvis' living room session. He acts like he's happy for him, but he isn't.

Cookie's back swapping spit with Delgado. He's suggesting venues for her big music extravaganza. She wants to hold it in Harlem. He says he knows the perfect place. It just happens to be in the gang's territory. He suggests she sit down and negotiate with them.

Hakeem takes Laura to a crowded square and says she's got to get everyone to stop and take notice of her. She starts singing. It seems to work. They kiss.

Lucious and Mimi go visit to Jago in the hospital. Lucious says because of him he dug deeper and wrote a great song. I think Lucious drugged him, as his voice is echoing as he talks and Jago is acting drunk.

Cookie is about to fall into Delgado's trap, but Hakeem enters and ruins it. He says he's an equal partner and starts negotiating with Delgado's hood buddy. They agree to give him 15% off the top.

Hakeem tells her to stop treating him like he's not an equal partner. Hakeem doesn't trust Delgado and for once, Hakeem is right. She accuses him of thinking with his balls when it comes to Laura and he hands it right back to her saying she's doing the same with Delgado.

Jamal performs in Huey's living room. Huey says Lucious elevated Jamal's sound to another level, not knowing it was actually Cookie who did that.

Lucious has another flashback of his mother tearing their house apart. She finds the bullet she was looking for.

Menage A Trois performs and Laura fights Carmen for the lead spot and wins.

Mimi tells Lucious the deal with Jago is a done deal. Mimi and Lucious do a threesome with a girl they both want. Mimi gets called away. When Mimi gets upset with the person on the phone, Lucious brings her back to their three-way. When Lucious sees a gun tattoo on the gir'ls leg he can't go through with it.

He goes into his private quarters and takes a gun out of the lock box. He remembers his mother loading and unloading the gun with one bullet, playing Russian Roulette. His mother keeps going Boom Boom Boom. He uses the gun in his and Frieda's recording on the song and uses the memory of his mother.


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