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Empire -- The Backstabbers Make Their Move

Updated on September 30, 2015

As we last left off, Lucious was being arrested and Jamal was odd man out as the rest of his family turned on him to take away the Empire from him. And Andre and Ronda reunited because of her pregnancy and murder.

There's a Free Lucious rally in Central Park. Lucious has been in jail three months without bail. Cookie tells Hakim they're just doing the concert for their hostile takeover. Hakim wisely tells Cookie Jamal is going to feel they've betrayed him. And that's because they have. Cookie seems as twisted in her thought process as Lucious is. Cookie appears as an ape in a cage to punch up the audience. Jamal apologizes to Cookie for thinking she'd sell Lucious out. How the woman can look him in the face when she knows that's exactly what she's doing is beyond me.

Lucious watches Jamal performing on TV in his orange prison jumpsuit. Then he watches Hakim performing. He also refuses to help a prison inmate, Cookie's cousin, that comes to him asking for his help. He's the dude that whacked that guy for Cookie. Lucious glares as he sees Cookie working someone for money so she can fund her hostile takeover of Empire. Word to the Cookster, when you're plotting against the Lion don't let him see you doing it on national TV.

Lucious in the prison yard as an inmate warns they're bringing in Frank Gathers. He comes off the van in chains. Lucious flashes back to Cookie doing something in regards to Frank. Lucious and Cookie used to work with Frank. He's the one Cookie ratted out to get a get out of jail card free card. Lucious makes friends with him.

Jamal is rude to Hakim and tells him to shut up. He's rude to Andre, as well. Not to mention a few others. Seems power is going to Jamal's head. Lucious says if Jamal gets him out he can go on tour to promote his album. Lucious asks Jamal to find out who Cookie was cozying up to at the concert. He says she's up to something. Considering the way Jamal is treating his brothers you can almost understand why they want to stab him in the back and make a grab to take the company from him. Maybe after this is over, Jamal will realize he doesn't like who he's become being in charge of the Empire.

Andre says they need this hostile takeover done before Lucious gets out. Ronda assures Andre no one suspects them in Vernon's murder. She assures Andre the company will be theirs, as no one will give it to Cookie or Hakim.

Frank corners Cookie's cousin. It's too bad Lucious shut him down, because he would have gotten some great dirt on Cookie.

Cookie has a fit when Hakim brings Boo Boo Kitty to the party where Cookie is trying to romance money from Mimi, the woman Lucious saw her cozying up to. She wants to know why Cookie wants to depose Lucious. Cookie claims it's all for her children, which is utter BS. She's certainly not doing it for Jamal. Cookie, like Andre and Hakim, is doing this for herself.

Jamal is nasty with his current boyfriend, too. Seems he's back with his old boyfriend, Michael. But he may also be still with his new boyfriend, Ryan, as well. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? He really seems to be embracing his inner Lucious. Jamal says Ryan is a ho. And what do you think you are? God, he really is becoming Lucious.

Mimi takes a shine to Annika. She starts twerking with Mimi.

Jamel calls Cookie saying she needs to get Lucious to protect him from Frank. That she and her kids are in danger. She also ignores a call from her sister trying to warn her, as well.

Lucious is visited by the new prosecutor. Her name is Roxanne, who says she's going to be his worst nightmare. She claims she's talked to Vernon, which is bull, since he's been dead for months. He refers to her as a black bitch in cheap shoes, denying her offer of a deal. Wow! He's as rude as Jamal is being.

Lucious sees Frank's daughter performing for him and compliments her talent.

Cookie and her traitors make their move on Empire as they announce they're taking over the company. But the traitors are betrayed when Jamal reveals Mimi is on Lucious' side instead of theirs. Mimi says that Lucious IS Empire. Lucious appears on a giant screen saying, “Game over, bitches. Bye, bye.”

Jamel having dinner with Frank. He tells him it was Cookie who did it. That she's the snitch.

Cookie claims she was doing this to protect Jamal. He said at least when Lucious threw him in the garbage can it was to his face. She says he's turning into his father.

Cookie comes home and finds a present waiting for her. She finds Carol waiting inside. She tells her the roses are from Frank Gathers. She finds her cousin's head in a box in that was on her doorstep.

Jamal trying to find time to work on his music. Cookie calls Jamal and interrupts his recording. She tells Jamal to go to Lucious' house and he'll be safe. Then she finally goes to visit Lucious. He says for whatever reason she came he still loves her. He says he loves her and hates her at the same time. She says she needs him to fix the mess with Frank.

Frank summons Lucious to his side.

The entire family at Lucious' house while Carol tells them what's going on. Frank says Cookie has to pay for snitching him out. Lucious says they're good, but he loves Cookie and if he's got war with her, he's got war with him. Frank orders Lucious killed, only to discover his men are loyal to Lucious. Lucious gave them all they needed and orders they kill Frank. He also says to Frank he's going to sign Frank's daughter and then screw her.

Jamal says Hakim's album is never going to see the light of day. Cookie says Lucious took care of it from prison and it's over. Then Jamal throws Cookie and everyone else out for betraying Lucious. Cookie slaps Jamal twice and backs away when she seems to be afraid of him. Jamal starts to break down after he closes the door, but keeps it inside and walks away.

I'm surprised people can't see why Jamal is mad at Cookie. She is betraying him. The way Hakim and Andre feel about Jamal, they're not going to give him nothing, so she's just blowing smoke at Jamal. It's ironic, she was all for Jamal being head of the company, as long as she had a part of the company, but once she got booted for trying to smother Lucious, she suddenly teamed up with the other two sons she wasn't backing to take the company away from Jamal. In her own way she's no better a parent than Lucious. Look at how she never tried to reach out to Andre, probably because he doesn't have any musical talent. Just like Lucious.


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