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Empire -- The Search For Carol

Updated on November 30, 2015

Lucious outs Delgado

Cookie and her sister are in Philadelphia. They've been there for two days and they can't find Carol. Candace and Cookie don't get on.

Hakeem tells Cookie she needs to get home to handle business. She tells him he has to call all the shots while she's stuck in Philadelphia. He should like that, since he thinks he’s king of the jungle.

Cookie says they have to go to a crack house to see if Carol's there and Candace isn't thrilled by that. Can’t blame here, there.

Hakeem and Laura singing together. They kind of make me a bit sick. So I guess Annika didn't do anything to her. But she's watching them on her phone. She also seems to have become obsessed with Hakeem. Talk about a strange object of someone's obsession.

Cookie and Candace don't find Carol in the crack house.

Lucious wants the Pepsi commercial dedicated to him. Jamal going to team up with Skye Summers for a song. Jamal and Skye head off to make music together.

Delgado's boys show up. They're getting antsy for money. Delgado says the deal is off and pulls a gun on his boys. They leave making threats. Seems he’s become addicted to Cookie’s cookies.

Cookie decides to head back home. Candace wants to know what happened to Jamel. Candace also blames Cookie for Carol becoming a substance abuser. Candace says if she finds Carol dead it's on Cookie.

Cookie secretly goes looking for Carol on her own.

Lucious buys Andre and Rhonda a house. Lucious says that when Hakeem dropped his last name he knew he had to start looking towards the next generation. Lucious says Andre's faith has made him a stronger man and he's going to stop testing him. Andre comes up with a way for Lucious to raise some money, but there's a hitch. Cookie owns half of the music rights to Lucious' music and he’ll need to get her to sign over her rights. Yeah, that probably isn’t going to happen.

Hakeen questions Delgado about his boys causing trouble. Delgado assures him he's taken care of everything. Hakeem wants his second concert promoted, declaring it's his time. Major eye roll.

Cookie goes to visit an old friend who runs a bakery. She tells Cookie that Carol is hanging out with a guy named Boz who has a rep for beating women. She and Cookie go to talk to Boz. Have to say I didn’t even recognize Rosie O’Donnell at first. Looks like she’s taken off a lot of weight. Makes her look a lot younger.

Skye not thrilled by the song Lucious wants her and Jamal to do. Jamal sends Lucious out of the room to talk to Skye. She says she wants to go in a new direction with her music; a more edgier direction. Jamal offers to write something new with her.

The Baker knew Cookie in the big house. She tells Candace that Cookie got her through prison.

They find Carol. She throws up on Candace's shoes. She says she'll only go with them if they get her something to eat. They take Carol to a restaurant. Candace and Cookie fight over who Carol's coming with. Carol chooses to go with Cookie and Candace says she'll look after her kids. When Cookie is in the bathroom, Candace says if Cookie knew what Carol did while she was away in prison, there wouldn't be any happy reunion. Did she also screw Lucious?

Lucious asks if Hakeem is sure he wants to drop his last name. He brings up that he's trading off Lucious' name by calling the record company, Lyon Dynasty. He turns down Lucious offer to sign with him, declaring he can't be bought. Oh, sure you can. If Lucious offered to make you head of Empire, you'd be more than happy to sign with him.

Jamal comes in and hears Skye singing. He says she's so much more than she's putting out there.

Annika comes to see Rhonda's new digs. I wonder if Annika is going to do something to Rhonda to cause her to lose her baby, so her baby will be number one. Annika says she thinks she's in love with someone Rhonda doesn't know. Rhonda tells Annika how she got rid of a rival for Andre in college and urges her to take down anyone standing in her way to what she wants. Rhonda, that advice could end up biting you on your backside.

Cookie thinks Delgado is massaging her but it's Lucious. He's there to get Cookie to sign over the rights to his music. But she won't do it. Then Delgado comes in. Cookie kisses Delgado in front of him and Lucious says it's nice to see she's sleeping her way to the bottom.

Annika arrives at Hakeem's party. Annika lets Laura know that the song he was singing with Laura was a song he wrote for Camille. She trashes Laura and then leaves.

Lucious not happy Andre can't find a solution around Cookie. He wants to sell off the less important part of Empire, but Lucious is against that. So Andre says he'll find a way.

Lucious' idea for the Pepsi commercial being about him is dropped. Skye tells Lucious she wants to go in a new direction and wants to sign with Lucious cause he was a trail blazer when he first started. Lucious not happy about the Pepsi commercial not being about him, so he tells Andre to sell everything so he can get Swift Stream.

Delgado wants to change the venue for Cookie’s cookout music extravaganza. Lucious enters and reveals who Delgado is. Hakeem asks if Delgado has a bull on his back and Cookie rips open his shirt to show Hakeem. Delgado says he's fallen in love with Cookie and that he was trying to fix it. Cookie dumps him.

Annika comes to see Hakeem. He tells her there's no us. She says he loves her, but he say he doesn't. That she'll never be a Lyon. He cuts her off before she can tell him she's pregnant with his baby. I actually feel sorry for Annika. How the might has fallen.

Cookie starts throwing things around. Carol comes in and Cookie says she needs to go to rehab. She says Carol needs to get herself clean or she can't stay with her, cause she's going to end up killing herself and she can't have that on herself.

Skye and Jamal work on their song together. She thanks him for seeing the real her and he thanks her for letting him see her. Jamal kisses her. And no, this doesn't mean he's not gay.


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