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Empire -- The Season Two Finale

Updated on May 23, 2016

Where the wrong couple gets married...

It's the season two finale, and unfortunately, it hasn't been a very good year. Like sister show, Gotham, it had some season two growing pains, but unlike Gotham, Empire didn't really come out of the slump.

Cookie was a bit stale, this season, with at times her behavior becoming cringeworthy. Lucious was actually the MVP this season with the story of his crazy mother adding some layers to his character. And the boys seemed to be all over the map. Jamal started out the season becoming Lucious Jr and he changed lovers more often than he did his underwear, he even had sex with a girl. Hakeem betrayed his family for Camille and then betrayed Camille for his family. His love life was just as bipolar. He seemed to find true love with virgin Laura who he was going to make a big star, then he started eying Tiana's butt and telling Laura she didn't have what it takes to be a star. Andre was the same. He was deep into religion but then he turned his back on God and went back to his old scheming ways and one moment he was on Rhonda’s side and the next he wasn’t.

From the promo it seems Lucious will marry Anika so she won't have to testify against him, which is pretty lame. The feds being after him again is kind of lame, too. It almost feels like the show has run out of storyline steam after the initial story of which son would rule the empire was resolved.

Three weeks have passed since the shooting. The family is having a Welcome Home, Jamal party. Lucious is playing the piano as a woman serenades Jamal. Jamal refuses to perform at Hakeem's wedding. Jamal says he's not singing anymore. He's just tired. Jamal asks how Freda is. That she's a victim in this. Considering the show has him sing in every episode, don’t you believe it that he won’t sing.

Thirsty stopped Leah from talking to the reporters. When she makes a remark about Lucious' father he shuts her down. She says to tell the truth about his father. Lucious told them his father was a cop. Actually, I was under the mistaken impression Lucious didn’t even know who his father was.

Rhonda chokes Anika when she hears her voice and accuses her of pushing her down the stairs, but no one will believe her. Andre says he doesn't believe her, either. Great way to support your wife, dude. Rhonda says she wants Andre to do to Anika what she did to Vernon and until he does don't call her.

Lucious tells Cookie there was a fourth drug dealer he was working for in that last deal that's still around. Cookie says their pasts have to stay buried and no one can know about this.

Cookie goes to see an old associate, Shine. I swear, the way she's dressed I thought she was a pimp or a hooker. I was like, “Who the heck is that?” She came to try and make sure Shine keeps his mouth shut about what he knows. He wants Hakeem to record a song and to come to Hakeem’s wedding.

Hakeem and Andre take Jamal back to his place. He says it's okay to leave him alone. After leaving Jamal’s, Hakeen asks if it's true that Rhonda has left Andre. He assures Andre she'll be back. The brothers discuss how Lucious is the only one not to try and help Jamal. That's because of what he said to Jamal and what Jamal said to him.

Lucious comes to see Freda in jail. She tells him Carol told her he killed her father. He says he didn't lay a finger on her father. That he only helped her because of her talent. He asks her to help Jamal. He says he wrote something and gives her some music so she can record it for Jamal.

Lucious comes to see Jamal and tells him he went to see Freda. He says Freda wants no part of his offer of help. He gives him the song Freda recorded, saying he ended the cycle and she's not angry anymore. It inspires Jamal to write some music. Lucious may be horrible to him, but he also knows how to get through to him. Told you Jamal wouldn’t keep to that no singing thing.

Lucious toasts Laura and Hakeem at the rehearsal dinner. Laura's father, Arturo, asks if it's true Shine is coming to the wedding and he doesn't want him there. He feels he's too dangerous. But he doesn't get his way. Hakeem says Shine's his parents people, but he won't make him his people. Guess Cookie didn't mention he's supposed to also record Shine's song.

Jamal brings a bunch of musicians into his apartment and directs them for the number they're to play at Hakeem's wedding.

Anika sitting on the ledge threatening to kill herself. Can I say I'm sick of Anika and hope Rhonda is right and it comes out she did try to kill Rhonda.

Anika says she'd rather kill herself than snitch on Lucious. Yeah, right. Cookie implores her not to kill herself and that she's a Lyon now.

D Major comes to see Jamal claiming he came by the hospital to see him, but Lucious wouldn't let him in. Why don't I believe him. I still think D Major is a Major D-bag and only after Jamal because he wants to get Jamal to let him handle his career instead of Cookie.

Cookie says what Lucious did for Jamal was something only he could do for him. Lucious says none of this stuff would have happened if Cookie had been around. That he should have never let her go. There's a reason he never married anyone else. Yet he also told Anika he would have never dumped her for Cookie. He lies in your face and that’s why he’s a backstabber.

It's Hakeem's wedding day. Jamal asks Leah the truth about his grandfather. Leah says that Joe got what he deserved. She says what was in Joe is inside one of them. She tells them that Lucious saw his father killed in front of him. Then Lucious arrives and shuts her up.

The guests begin arriving at the wedding. Rosy, an old cronie, says he can't wait to see what Jamal does when he cuts loose from Lucious and Cookie. Shine arrives making an entrance and disrupting the wedding. Rosy says Shine brought hookers to his son's wedding. Cookie says they need to keep Shine in their circle of silence. Lucious is warned nothing good can come from Shine.

Laura prepares to walk down the aisle. Anika gets served to appear before the grand jury just before the wedding is about to take place. Laura's parents tell her to not go through with it and she agrees as she runs off saying she can't marry into a bunch of thugs. Smart girl, too bad she didn’t realize that before she gave Hakeem her V card.

Lucious tells everyone to leave. Lucious suggests that he and Anika get married so she won't have to testify. Lucious says he needs Cookie on this one, but Cookie just can’t, she’s done. Cookie walks out on Lucious. Lucious and Anika get married.

As they're walking back down the aisle, Lucious says he knows she pushed her. Meaning he now knows that Rhonda was telling the truth and Anika pushed her down the stairs to kill her baby. Anika walks away. She got away with drugging recovering drug addict, Elle, but this time she got busted.

When Tyrique comes up to Lucious at his impromptu wedding, Leah asks what Lucious half-brother is doing there. Lucious says he has no family and asks Andre to get Anika.

Rhonda comes up to Anika and attacks her. She says, “You wanted your devil child to be the only heir,” and evil Anika admits it's true, since no one is around to hear her speak the truth. Andre comes in as they fight near the rail and it appears one or both go over the side. Will Empire really kill off its only token white character? I doubt they’ll kill the evil baby-killer since she can cause plenty of trouble now she’s Mrs. Lucious Lyon.

And that’s it until next season.


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