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Empire -- The White Party

Updated on February 25, 2015

Lucious plays both Cookie and Annika

Cookie saying goodbye to her boys before she heard her sentence and got sent away to prison.

In the present, Cookie is lounging in bed. She tells Luscious he's the only man she's ever been with. He says he's been with a lot of women but he was looking for her in all of them. She tells him to get rid of Annika and she can make him immortal. She suggests Luscious release a legacy album and do and concert with Jamal and Hakeem. Luscious says he'll ditch Annika. But will he?

Hakeem wants Jamal to do a song with him for Luscious. Jamal says he's going to wait until Luscious is gone to come out. Andre watches in the background as Luscious, Hakeem, Jamal and Cookie sing together.

A not happy Annika comes to see Luscious. She confronts Luscious about getting her father to commit fraud. She says if her father goes down for this she'll take everything done with him. She also confronts him about having sex with Cookie. Luscious says Cookie caught him at a real bad place. She demands Luscious marry her tomorrow to prove his love for her. He gets her to wait til next weekend and says he has to make the announcement at the White Party and Cookie has to be there to hear it.

Andre complains to Virgil he feels like a nothing in the family. Virgil has a plan to make Andre the temporary CEO, because Luscious incapacitated. Andre wants Rhonda to go after a female board member because she's into hot blondes.

Hakeem blows up when Cookie tells him how to sing. Luscious says he's going to be dead soon, so they need to learn to talk to each other. Hakeem accuses Cookie of loving Jamal more than him when Luscious makes them talk. Cookie says she doesn't love Jamal more, she just knows Jamal better. The two seem to finally back some progress.

Luscious tries to put the moves on Cookie, but she keeps telling him no nookie from Cookie. Then he fakes an injury and get Cookie in a clinch. She slaps him for letting her swing in the wind for 17 years and tells her to do it, again, and gets her to put out for him, again.

Jamal meets the man videographing Lucious' legacy album. Jamal realizes he's gay and says that he should keep that from Luscious.

Now Andre wants Rhonda to give herself to Mr. Blakely, since he was turned on by her picture. Only the man is old and in a wheelchair.

Hakeem spending time with his Mama Lover. She doesn't like that Jamal is being put last. Since Hakeem is getting on better with Cookie, he doesn't want her to be his Mama anymore. She buys him a white suit to wear to the White Party. He invites her to the White Party so they can come out of the closet, so to speak.

Rhonda ruins the evening when she vomits in her dinner plate. Probably at the thought of having to do the old man. Rhonda tells Andre that what he wanted her to do tonight made her sick and maybe he could be a man for once and not turn her into a geriatric whore.

Mama gets Cookie to put him last because Mama says the real star goes last. Cookie says he can go last and she'll talk about Luscious and Jamal.

Jamal goes out with the videographer. He tells Jamal he isn't ashame of who he is, this is the way God made him. He tells Jamal to do it for himself. Later, Jamal spends time with his daughter. Unfortunately, she wants her mommy. Jamal sings a song Luscious used to sing to him when he was a kid.

Andre makes his move to because interim CEO. Luscious votes against Andre at the meeting. He says the answer is know, Andrew is not taking over for him.

Cookie asks Jamal to let Hakeem go last but he has a problem with it. Jamal is disgusted that Cookie is letting Luscious do her, again, and warns her to be careful because Luscious only loves Luscious. And Jamal's words prove prophetic when Annika comes on Lucious' arm and he tells Cookie he's going to go through with marrying the viper.

Cookie goes to have a word with smug Annika and wipes the smug off the little viper's face by telling her about Luscious doing her in the studio. Rhonda warns Andre his meds aren't going to work if he drinks alcohol and he doesn't care. Andre goes to Virgil wanting to know what wrong, and he says Luscious thinks they're plotting against him.

Luscious asks Jamal to do the song for the music. He challenges Jamal to sing for the crowd. Luscious is enjoying the song until Jamal changes the song to be about a man loving a man. In short, Jamal has finally come out. Luscious is going to kill him. Cookie is proud of him. Even Virgil seems proud.

Jamal's coming out is all the news. Yep, Luscious is one very angry man about it. Meanwhile Andre and Virgil meet with Luscious and Lucious questions Virgil's loyalty. Lucious says he can't trust him because he married a white woman. Andre says his family hates him because he's not talented. Lucious says he's going to leave his business to someone who cares about his family and not someone who is trying to tear it apart.

Hakeem tells Jamal he's proud of him.

Alone in the studio Andre holds a gun to his head and pulls the trigger but there's no bullet. Sounds like he was playing Russian Roulette.

Annika goes to see Billy Baretti.

Lucious asks Cookie is she said something to Annika. She says she didn't. He says being with her was a mistake and it won't happen again. Lucious says the Legacy album is dead and that he doesn't care if the whole world doesn't care Jamal is gay, he does.

Cookie recalls being in prison with just the picture of her family to keep her going. Singing the song Lucious sang for her.


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