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Empire -- This Is Why They Call Him Lucifer

Updated on March 18, 2015

Lucious makes Cookie an offer she can refuse

As we last checked into Empire, Andre was being strapped down to a stretcher and taken away, while the rest of his family seemed to have successfully staved off Baretti's plan to ruin Empire. And this episode we see just how low Luscious can go.

The family is gathered for a group therapy session only Luscious doesn't show up for it. Yeah, he's still bucking for that Daddy of the Year Award. Cookie won't believe Andre is bipolar and is blaming Rhonda until Andre says he was diagnosed in junior college. Andre has flashbacks of Cookie saying goodbye to him.

Luscious is planning to marry Cookie, but plans to make her sign a pre-nup first. Luscious also won't forgive Vernon for teaming up with Andre, and Vernon doesn't like how Luscious says Empire is his company and he built it on his own. In fact, Vernon seems to be getting fed up with Luscious period.

Malcolm tells Cookie he can't stop thinking about her. Cookie kisses him. It seems Luscious timing if off so late in his career in regards to his ex.

It seems the whole family, minus Cookie, knew about Andre's condition. I thought it was being kept as some big secret. Apparently, Andre acted out in front of Luscious at a party in front of everyone and that's when Andre was diagnosed.

Jamal is thinking of taking Lola out of Lucious' house. Unfortunately, Ryan doesn't see himself with Jamal and helping to raise her. Meanwhile, Olivia's boyfriend Reg, tells her she and Lola belong to him and they're going to get Lola.

Camille is doing a photoshoot with Hakeem. Hakeem says he's bummed because Luscious didn't go to the hospital to see Andre and says he's worried about Dre. Camille says she's taking control of Hakeem's image.

Andre tells Rhonda he's not going to Lucious' party. He says he no longer cares about winning. She tries to straddle him and he tells her to get off of him. He says he gave her his power of attorney and she can sign his shares over, but to get the hell out of there.

Jamal asks Lola if she wants to come live with him.

Luscious gets a shot before his big party to help him get through it. Luscious tells Cookie that she's now head of A&R. Cookie tells Luscious he needs to be a better father and stop being so self-serving.

Looks like Vernon is doing some crack when Olivia and Reg come to see him. Reg says they want to know where Lola is.

Jamal tells Luscious he's going to take Lola. Luscious says Lola doesn't need to be raised in Jamal's lifestyle. Jamal recalls Luscious denying that Andre has a mental illness and threatening Rhonda to keep her mouth shut about what happened with Andre.

Cookie is having a smutty phone conversation with Malcolm when Luscious comes in complaining about Jamal wanting Lola. Then Camille and Hakeem come in. Cookie tells Luscious that Camille has her drawers wrapped around Hakeem and he can't breathe. Camille announces her plans for Hakeem. Jamal seems to be loving every minute of it.

Hakeem starts rapping his and Camille's new song. Luscious takes Camille off by himself. He asks her how much. When she tries to leave, he locks her in his study. He says he wants her to disappear. He says Camille is in debt up to her neck. He'll give her money to disappear. He doesn't like her trying to mold Hakeem, as that's what he's trying to do. Luscious wants to mold Hakeem in his image, while Camille wants Hakeem to develop his own unique persona.

Malcolm is called to the house by Luscious. He's to take Camille to the airport. She says as soon as she hears Luscious is dead, she'll be back.

Jamal and Hakeem sing a song to Lola.

Rhonda arrives at the house and says Luscious is the reason Andre is not here. When Luscious starts bad-mouthing Rhonda she takes him on saying he doesn't know a thing about her and everything she has she worked for. She also reveals to Cookie that Luscious has downgraded Andre, Jamal and Hakeem's shares to give them to Cookie. She says Luscious is trying to buy Cookie's loyalty. Cookie is disgusted by Luscious, and Rhonda asks Luscious how many of his own shares he gave up for Cookie. The answer is none. Hakeem arrives wanting to know where Camille is. And a high Vernon brings in Olivia and Reg. Let the games begin.

Malcolm hands Camille a tissue as she cries as he takes her to the airport.

Andre sitting with his music therapist.

Vernon says he always does the right thing. Luscious says Vernon did enough. He asks if Vernon is doing drugs, again. Vernon knocks the papers off the desk.

Andre says music isn't going to do it for him tonight. Andre thinks his therapist is going to kiss him, and she says to pray with her.

Cookie questions Reg. He says he goes way back.

Luscious tells Hakeem that Camille took his money, which she didn't. She tore up the check he gave her even though she needs the money.

Olivia asks Jamal to help her. When Jamal confronts Reg, he pulls a gun on him and is about to kill Jamal. So Luscious says Lola isn't Jamal's daughter, she's his. Which means Luscious screwed his own son's wife. How low can he go? Not much lower than this.

Cookie tries to grab Reg's gun and he puts the gun to her head. Luscious says he promised to make Olivia a star if she married Jamal. He dares Reg to shoot him. Thankfully, Malcolm saves the day and shoots Reg. Luscious says he was so afraid he'd lose Cookie and she says she wishes he had been shot. Oh, yeah, the bloom is off the rose there.

The family says goodbye to Olivia and Lola. I still hope that some way Lola is Jamal's they were cute together and she's too cute to have Lousy Luscious for her daddy.

Luscious asks Cookie to his office. He asks Cookie to marry him. She says Luscious doesn't care about nothing but himself. He destroys everything he touches. Look at what he's done to his sons. He says he can do better, and she says he just doesn't want to die alone.

Cookie goes to Malcolm and asks him to take her somewhere they can be alone together.

Cookie usually has the line of the night, but nothing can beat Hakeem's song verse, the older the berry the sweeter the juice. I still want to hide my face when I think of that scene.

For the first time I found Hakeem likable. It was nice to see he does care about his brother and didn't like his father ditching the therapy session. I thought it was a good episode. I'm going to miss this show after the finale airs. It's been the highlight of my week.


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