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Empire -- Titan

Updated on January 30, 2015

Lucious wants Titan, but getting him may come with a cost...

Luscious gets in Hakeem's face; asks him what he wants. Cookie storms into the meeting. Cookie and Anika get into it, and Cookie tells Hakeem he needs to sing from the heart, and stop trying to act like a street thug. Meanwhile Tiana comes to Cookie for help with her song. She thinks Cookie can do more for her than Annika can.

Luscious wants Hakeem to record new stuff, while Hakeem wants to go and play. Luscious gives his secretary Hakeem's passes to see Titan. Then challenges Hakeem to prove he's got what it takes to take over the company.

Becky sees a shooting before her eyes and Titan gets arrested. Luscious having problems with his hands, again. He tells Anika the doctor says it's serious. He tells her he has ALS. And he doesn't have much time. She shaves him for him.

Cookie announces, to Annika fury, that she's now managing Tiana. Luscious comes in saying he wants Titan, not someone like him. Luscious wants to send Annika to get Titan, while Cookie thinks she's the woman for the job. He also can't resist trashing Jamal to Cookie.

Cookie vistits Jamal at his new digs. Jamal says hiss song aren't ready. Cookie tries to jump start Jamal into doing music.

Anika thought she could lure Tiana back with promises of performing at the Teen Music Awards, but she texts Cookie about it. Sorry, Annika. This time Cookie beats you. Now laugh about that Boo-Boo Kitty.

Cookie goes to Sister Fatima to talk to her about her son, Titan. Fatima doesn't like Titan's manager and feels he's led her son astray. Cookie says Luscious wants to help Titan.

Detective asks Luscious where he was when Bunky was shot.

Andre remembers singing with Luscious when he was a child. He gives Luscious an alibi. Just like he helped him when he was a child and hid his gun from the cops.

Meanwhile Luscious and Annika meet with Titan's manager. There's a drive-by shooting during their meeting. Luscious has to knock Annika to the ground or her blood would have been painting the walls.

Cookie tells Luscious that Titan's mom raised him in Nation of Islam. Luscious says he never forgot her and she says Luscious just stopped coming to see her while she was in prison. Cookie says getting Titan means inviting the Nation back into his life and the Nation killed his father. She also says to keep telling himself he never forgot about her because she's not buying it.

Luscious tells Hakeem he will show Cookie respect and to let her help him make his songs great.

Jamal gives Luscious back his money for appearing with Hakeem. He said it he only did it as a favor for his brother.

Luscious flirting with another woman. He's getting potted a bit. He says he no longer wants Titan because of the Nation. Doesn't say much he's coming on to another young girl when he's already sleeping with one. But this one is more brown sugar than his current bed mate is.

Cookie tells Tiana she was the same age when she met Lucious.

Luscious has a run-in with a man named Bill Baretti. He apparently used to help with Luscious career and took credit for his music. Bill owns Titan. Bill tells Luscious not to go public or he'll dig up the dirt of his past and bury him and his empire. He seems to know the truth about Cookie. This makes Luscious once more determined to steal Titan from him.

Hakeem is in bed with his Mama. Tiana walks in on them in the tub and storms out. Mama is mad that Hakeem gave that little girl the key to his apartment.

Hakeem goes to Jamal and whines that Tiana is going to rip his hide off when he has to go and record with her.

Hakeem apologizes for Mama Camilla, but Tiana doesn't care. She tells him not to blow this for her and to stop dissing his mother.

Jamal goes out on the streets looking for music inspiration. Hakeem kind of gave him the idea when he suggested he use his environment to inspire him. So the brothers are still helping each other. It's too bad they can't work together as a team instead of being against each other.

Luscious gets a guard to let him see Titan because he's a fan of Luscious. Titan says Luscious lost his soul a long time ago. Luscious offers to give Titan 1.7 million to rebuild a center that got destroyed by the man he shot. So Luscious ultimately seals the deal.

Cookie tries to get through to Hakeem. He refuses to believe she loves him and he says it's too late.

Luscious says he and Cookie make a good team. She says she makes him better.

It was nice to see a flashback of Andre and Luscious. Neither parent seems all that interested in having a relationship with him. Cookie went to see Jamal and Hakeem, but she didn't go to Andre. He had to go to her. But it may be because what she told Sister Fatima that Andre was ashamed of her. Maybe something happened between them in the past to give her that impression.

It's also interesting how loyal he is to his father, and yet his father treats him like crap. Although in the past he and Luscious seemed to be tight. I guess it comes down to Luscious only being interested in the son he thinks inherited his talent. That's why he's all about Hakeem.

As for Hakeem, dude is one sick puppy. He's got a hot young thang in Tiana, but he prefers Old Yeller to her? Maybe it's some warped thing about his mother. Especially when you consider the whole Mama thing they had going during sex. What woman would want some guy to say they were his mama during sex. ICK!

Finally, is Cookie saying Annika is some Shirley Feeney from Laverne and Shirley fame? She keeps calling her rival for Luscious Boo-Boo Kitty and that was the name of the black stuffed cat Shirley Feeney had.


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