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Empire -- What Do You Do With A Problem Like Camilla?

Updated on April 13, 2016

You get rid of her!

Last week: Rhonda lost the baby and she can't recall what happened, but now that she's back home she's started having flashbacks. Will she remember who it was? Cookie has promised Lucious she'll get Empire back from him, but will she really go through with stabbing Hakeem in the back? Hakeem thinks he can have his cake and eat it, too. He made Camilla think he dumped Laura for her so Camilla would make him CEO, then he secretly crawled into bed with her. And Mimi still hasn't discovered that Camilla has been using her to get back her teen lover, Hakeem.

Hakeem in announced as Empire's new CEO. The idiot doesn't even know what he's doing. Hakeem appoints Andre to the same position he held before. A reporter asks him about Lucious and Cookie forces him to say they're going to do a video for Lucious Boom, Boom, Boom. Cookie hits Hakeem in the head.

A reporter asks Lucious what he plans to do to get back Empire. She taunts him that he didn't see it coming what Camilla and Mimi did to him. Thirsty drags her out as Lucious has a melt down.

Hakeem performing. He replaces Lucious' picture on the Empire logo with a picture of himself. Cookie is not happy. Wait til Lucious finds out.

Rhonda doesn't think Hakeem can run Empire. Andre said he had a vision that Rhonda's fall down the stairs wasn't an accident. Rhonda says she needs to get back to work. She asks Andre if he can get Hakeem to give her a job. He says he will if she'll go to church with him for grief counseling.

Cookie comes to Luciious to report on what's going on. She gives him advice on his video. He plays a piano piece he created. She says it's some of the best work he's done in a long time. Andre arrives and tell Lucious that Camilla has cut the budget on his video. Cookie has to calm Lucious down.

Jamal confronted bv a group of his gay fans saying he's let their team down. Boy, talk about a bunch of bitches. Gives truth to the whole gay mafia thing. But Jamal will prove he likes to jump to conclusions himself.

Jamal goes to see Jameson. Jameson says that Lucious told him that Jamal and Skye got together. Jamal says Lucious did it to sabotage his chances of winning an Asa award, cause he wants to win it, himself. Yeah, right! What a stupid moron. He did it because he was happy you screwed a woman and he didn't hold a gun to your head to make you do that; you did that all on your own.

Camilla comes in and finds Hakeem with Laura. She nearly catches them swapping spit. She tells him that she told him to get rid of Laura. Camilla says as soon as Mimi kicks off she'll own all the Empire shares. She asks if he wants to make her happy and he claims he does.

Porsha competing with Carol to be Cookie's top person. Jamal comes in wanting to have it out with Lucious. Jamal doesn't want Lucious to have anything to do with his album now. She says he needs to concentrate on getting his gay fan base back. Andre comes in saying he should just drop his pants and then apologizes. Then Cookie refers to Andre as crazy and has to apologize to him. Yeah, the Lyon family is kind of crumbling.

Someone needs to give Jamal a good kick in the pants and tell him to get over himself. Jamal hadn't even been nominated when Lucious was thrilled he thought Jamal was giving up his gay lifestyle. And with Lucious' ego, he isn't going to think he needs to sabotage wittle Jamal to win an award. He's becoming as unlikable as Hakeem is.

Now Camilla is trying to cut the budget on Tiana's tour, probably because Hakeem screwed her, too. Cookie has to break the news to her. Probably because she's another of Hakeem's girlfriends. Cookie tells her she has to put her tour on hold. Tiana thinks Hakeem is doing this to her to promote Laura over her. It's not like that isn't something he wouldn't do.

Cookie asks Rhonda how to handle Andre, because she's worried about him. Rhonda says he needs to recalibrate his meds because he's starting to act-out.

Cookie suggests to Camilla that if she keeps her budget for Tiana she'll send Mirage a Trois out on tour with her. Camilla is all for getting Laura away from Hakeem. The little dick must be good in the sack. Cookie tells Hakeem he's going to lose Laura and his entire family if he doesn't fix this and get Camilla on tape proving she's unfit to run Empire. You know what would be a lot easier? Get Camilla on tape humping Hakeem and send it to Mimi. That would get her out of the company real fast. And that's exactly what he does.

Rhonda listens to Camilla on the phone with Mimi telling her to not come for a visit. Seems Mimi is already getting suspicious. She's not as dumb as I thought.

Jameson now believes he got played by Lucious. Sorry, Jamal, you're the one who had sex with Skye. Jamal performs to show the gays he's gay. Now he's singing a song trashing Lucious. What an idiot. He was happy you screwed a woman thinking you were over the gay thing. The fact you don't get that shows how dumb you really are.And how is trashing Lucious in a song supposed to prove he's gay. This is so dumb.

Jamal tells the people gathered Lucious Lyon isn't even Lucious' real name. Dude, you just proved your a dick not gay. Unless proving you're an unlikable dick without question is supposed to be a prime quality of being gay, you proved nothing.

The reporter comes again to interview Lucious again. Lucious says Jamal betrayed him by telling that secret. He tells her he's going to tell her how he became Lucious Lyon. He tells her his real name is Dwight Walker, who was a homeless street urchin. Lucious will always beat out his punk sons, because he suffered things his kids didn't. As bad of a father as he was, Lucious' mother was far worst. Team Lucious all the way!

Rhonda and Andre got to see his reverend. Andre asks Rhonda if she cheated on him. The reverend and Andre start teaming up against Rhonda. They call this a grief counseling session? Rhonda tells Cookie to tell Andre where she was when he thinks she was cheating on him. Rhonda says Andre is paranoid. Cookie tells Jamal that Hakeem better do what he promised because Lucious has an itchy trigger finger. Hakeem wants to know who will be in charge if Camilla is gone. Not you, Boo, not you!

Hakeem starts putting it to Camilla as Camilla asks if she's still his mama. Eew! Just eew! Seriously, would you want some man to think of you as his mother while he's screwing you?

Camilla says she can't see Hakeem this weekend because of Mimi. He got the whole sex session on tape. But will he use it? Apparently, he will. Hakeem sent the tape to Mimi and she's dumping her Empire stock. Andre buys it up in his dead son's name and starts acting out, again. Jamal and Hakeem wrote a song for Andre and take him to the studio to play it for him.

Hakeem asks if he's still going to be CEO, and Cookie says it's a good step he put his family, first. Nice way to fob him off. But she also didn't say he would be. And I doubt his picture on the Empire logo is going to stay, either. Is she going to double cross him?

Cookie goes to meet Lucious and fill him in. Lucious claims he's going home to celebrate on his own. He goes to see Camilla and figures out Camilla just killed Mimi and made it look like a suicide. Lucious tells Camilla it was Hakeem who sent the sex tape to Mimi. Lucious pulls a gun on Camilla. He tells her to take what she gave Mimi so it'll be a murder-suicide. Then he leaves telling her to rot in hell. Boom! Boom! Boom!


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