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Empire -- Will Lucious Lose His Empire?

Updated on January 19, 2016

Jamal did more than kiss a girl, but did he like it?

It's already time for Empire's midseason finale. From the promos it seems Screaming Mimi never dropped her takeover plans for Empire, she only dumped Cookie and company as her partners. Since the promo also shows Hakeem's Mama coming back, could she and Mimi be partners?

American Sound Awards nominations are being announced. Jamal gets nominated for the award.

Hakeem tells Cookie everyone considers them a bad security risk. Cookie going to have Hakeem perform at the prison she used to be in.

Skye and Jamal apparently did the deed. Lucious walks in and gets the gist of what went down. Jamal says he's still gay, but Lucious says Skye fixed him. Oh, crap. Bad move, Jamal.

Mimi tells Lucious the board of directors might not like what he's got planned to get Swift Stream. Lucious questions if Mimi is with him or against him. Mimi says her wife has just flew in from Milan. Could that wife be Hakeem's Mama?

Cookie wants Lucious to let her use Leviticus for her barbecue, but he won't let her.

Tiana performs and announces rapper of the year. Freda got nominated and Hakeem didn't get it. Hakeem is not a happy camper.

Skye and Jamal perform together on stage. Lucious says the only true award with prestige is song of the year, which Lucious has never been nominated for.

MC takes on Skye asking if she's black now, because she's biracial. He also takes on Jamal about if he's only pretending to be gay if he gets involved with another woman. Skye being skewered on Twitter. She's mad Jamal didn't defend her.

Andre and Rhonda at their new home. Annika comes by to see her. Not good. She might do something to harm Rhonda and her baby. She's that crazy.

Jamal shares the premiere of his Pepsi commercial and thanks Lucious and Cookie for being there.

Cookie returns to prison with flashbacks and wants to leave, but Porsha gets her to go through with it. Then she sees some friends. Warden Myers gives her a hard time. Cookie learns a cellmate named Jazz got life for taking out a cellmate and she'd planned to have her perform with Hakeem on stage.

Skye performs. Skye sees a guy rubbing Jamal's arm as she performs. Lucious announces he's acquired Swift Stream. Then he invites Mimi to the stage to talk about the future of Empire. Oh-oh, here it comes.

She acknowledges all the board members then brings someone special to her to the stage. Her wife. It's Camilla. He knows the fat is in the fire now. He knows Camilla wants revenge against him for breaking her and Hakeem up. Oh, boy!

Mimi holds a board meeting taking on Lucious. She secretly taped Lucious saying he's going to get rid of any board members who are against him. She wants to remove Lucious from Empire. Andre says they have to get some board members on their side if they're to beat Mimi.

Skye asks Jamal who the guy he was talking to at the bar. Jamal says he's into men but Skye says it's okay and she doesn't want to change him.

Camilla comes to visit Hakeem. Camilla says she didn't take Lucious bribe, but he doesn't believe her. Camilla says she still believes in them. He asks if she's married, and she says everything she's done is for him. She runs her hand down his crotch. Looks like Screaming Mimi is being used as much as she's used Lucious. What goes around comes around, I guess.

Cookie wonders where Hakeem is, and he finally shows. He takes the stage. Cookie talks about how much she missed her kids while locked up. Then she introduces Hakeem. Hakeem says he can't understand why his father never brought him to the prison to see her. Then he and Laura perform.

While the concert is going on, Andre and Thirsty trying to get board members on their side. Andre tells Cookie what Camilla and Mimi are up to. Cookie talks to Hakeem in private. Cookie says Empire is their legacy as she signs her proxies over to Hakeem to vote for her, since she can't leave without seeing her old cell mate.

Cookie comes to see her friend, Jazz. She says she's innocent. Cookie says she's sorry she didn't write her. Jazz says she's done rapping.

The board meeting begins. Hakeem thinks of Camilla and all the trouble he has had with Lucious before casting his vote. Hakeem votes to kick Lucious out even though Cookie arrives screaming at him to not do it. Cookie spits in Camilla's face as Mimi puts Camilla in charge.

Lucious breaks down for all he's done to his soul to make Empire a success. He starts shooting up his office and Cookie has to talk him down. She tells Lucious he has two sons downstairs that need him to be strong. They embrace each other.

Someone sneaks into Andre and Rhonda's. Bet it's psycho Annika. Rhonda is pushed down the stairs. Annika probably thinks if she can get rid of Andre and Rhonda's golden child she'll be in the catbird seat.

Lucious feels better when he finally gets a nomination for song of the year, but he's up against Jamal. Andre tries to call Rhonda to tell her the news as Rhonda lies in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs. The only person who has a motive for this is Annika. She wants her child to be the only heir.


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