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Empire -- Yo Mama

Updated on May 4, 2016

Andre won't heed Lucious' warning about Leah

Last time Cookie and Lucious were made co-CEOs. When Lucious spurned Harper she told Andre his granny was alive. And Anika had a close call with the baby.

Andre hanging out with his grandmother as she's playing bingo. He asks Leah if her family comes and visits hers. She says she had a voice but they never gave her a chance. She says her boy is famous now. She asks if Andre is kin to him.

Hakeem and Jamal recording a song together. Becky says Hakeem was great. Hakeem going to have Tiana sing with him and doesn't think Laura will have a problem with it. Yeah, he understands women real well.

Lucious and Cookie lock horns when Lucious wants to control the music for the ASA Awards when D Major is the one planning it and wants to feature one of Jamal's songs. Jamal also has a problem when he learns Cookie traded in his solo for a Lyon Family performance and D Major tells Jamal not to throw a hissy fit.

Becky gives Porsha her assistant bible. Hakeem doesn't want to sing in the performance with Lucious. Cookie's sister, Candace comes wanting Carol to start taking care of her kids.

Jamal tries to sell his stuff to D Major and D Major is not impressed by Jamal and his ambushing tactics. When they get into a fight D Major kisses him, which leads to a make-out session.

Hakeem starts giving Tiana the eye as they perform together. The apple sure didn't fall far from that tree in either of his kids cases. Hakeem's so Lucious' son. And Jamal's a bit of a male ho, himself. Yep, Daddy's genes are coming out to play with both those boys.

The Lyon family together. Jamal and Lucious go at it when Jamal accuses Lucious of trying to turn his song into his. Andre brings Leah in. Andre says Lucious sent Leah away and forgot about her. When Leah tries to touch Lucious he backs away from her saying Andre doesn't know what he's done.

Cookie asks why Lucious' lied. Lucious tells Cookie his mother tried to shoot herself and said it was his fault she was like this. She didn't have any bullets in the gun. Lucious says he tripped over his mother when they were on welfare and had two kids. Lucious says he needed her to stay dead. Lucious says he took Andre to her grave because he wouldn't leave it alone. Lucious says none of them understand how dangerous she really is.

Laura has a fit about Tiana doing a duet with Hakeem. She says Hakeem could have pushed for her, instead. He says there will be other songs and she says she doesn't trust Tiana cause Tiana is still feeling him. Actually, it looks like Hakeem is the one who wants to do the feeling.

Andre catches Lucious trying to have Leah put back in her rest home when he wants to bring her home. Lucious tells Andre Leah isn't like him. Leah says she wants to go home with Lucious. Lucious brings her home and orders Juanita to make sure his mother takes her pills and she doesn't take her eyes off her.

Thirsty takes Harper for a drive. She doesn't think Lucious can do anything to her for what she did by revealing his mother was alive to Andre. He takes her to a dark alley. He has her get out. Two men grab her from behind and drag her off screaming as Thirsty rides off. Guess she was wrong.

D Major playing hot and cold with Jamal. Jamal brings up that D Major is not out and is seen out with hot girls. Jamal says this is not for him. D Major leaves.

Cookie finds Lucious on the sofa drinking whiskey and listening to music. Cookie says Leah is a feeble fragile old lady, and Lucious says that's what Leah wants everyone to think. She says this thing won't come out if he does right by his sons. Cookie says he's the king of the world and he doesn't have anything to fear.

Carol asks Candace to keep her kids a little while longer. Carol says she wants to tell Cookie what she and Lucious did. Candace says Carol helped Lucious kill a few people while Cookie was in jail. A man is listening to them talking at a nearby table. Is he one of Frank Gathers' people? Gee, I thought Carol and Lucious had sex. Might have been better if they had. Somehow having sex sounds less worse than killing people together.

A box tips over while Rhonda is with Anika and Rhonda recalls someone's hands on her back pushing her down the stairs. Now she wonders if it really was an accident that she lost her baby.

Leah playing the piano and singing. Lucious watching her. She asks if he remembers that song. He sits down at the piano and plays with her. She says he told his family bad things about her. That she was sick and she's better now. He won't say he believes her and keeps telling her his name is Lucious. I think Lucious does love her, but I also think he's scared of her at the same time.

Lucious comes in and says he made some changes to the song. He plays plays the song his mother was playing with him. He tells Hakeem to rap his truth. Lucious says they've thrown a lot of blows, but Cookie is still his first love and the boys are still their kids.

Carol alone in the bar when the man, Tyrique, comes up to her. He used to be a cop. He claims he's no longer one. Carol about to go off the wagon. Carol makes and excuse to try not to drink. He has an FBI badge in his wallet.

Andre giving a speech about family. Then Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal perform on stage. D Major watching Jamal in the audience. D Major says they get their prime spot at the ASAs.

Jamal asks D Major over and says he can handle what Derek can give him.

Rhonda and Anika together, again. Rhonda drinking wine. Rhonda looks at the shoes Anika is wearing and has a flashback of the person who pushed her down the stairs walking out the door.

Lucious sees his mother roaming the halls and she tells him to sit down. Leah says she sent Juanita away and orders Lucious to sit down. She orders him to eat what she puts before him. She says she slaved for hours in the kitchen making cakes for him. Lucious says his father was murdered and she says Lucious brought all the wickedness in the world because she was fine until he was born. She asks if Lucious loves her. She says if he loved her he wouldn't have put her away for 21 years. She says she's sorry she was too weak to kill him when she had the chance.

If she going to kill him now. She's got a big butcher knife in her hand. Did she put poison in the cake she's making Lucious eat. And just what did she do to Juanita? I swear, I expected her to reveal the woman's severed head or that she used Juanita's blood to mix up her cake batter.


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