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Empite -- Lucious and Cookie Manipulate Their Kids

Updated on April 27, 2016

And Andre and Rhonda are back to their old tricks....

The video Cookie thought would make Lucious' sons understand him, actually made them hate him more when Andre made the connection his granny was bipolar just like him and Lucious said both Andre and his mother were/are an embarrassment to him. Cookie freaked when she learned Freda is Frank Gathers daughters and she's recording a song with Jamal. And Rhonda decided she needed a time out from Andre and decided to go stay with Anika.

A man pulls a hair out of Lola's head. Is it to find out if Lucious is really her father? Actually, it's to find out if she's Jamal's or not.

Andre shows up to visit Rhonda at Anika's. Rhonda learns Andre hasn't been going to church. Andre suggests they get a new place. She says they need to want the same thing like when they wanted to take over Empire. They hear Anika throwing up in the bathroom and she reveals she's pregnant and Hakeem is the father.

Lucious having a party to celebrate his video. The shareholders say they want Lucious back as CEO. He says if the board calls him to serve as CEO he'll consider it. Right. Just like he planned. Cookie arrives as the guests are leaving.

Cookie wants to know if Lucious is planning to do something at the shareholder meeting. She also confronts him about Freda being Frank Gathers daughter. Cookie says she doesn't want Freda around her sons.

A man comes in to the barber shop Freda is working in and sits in Freda's father's chair and she attacks him when he trashes her father. Seems Cookie is right about Freda being a dangerous bitch.

Jamal plays his and Freda's song for Cookie. Cookie tries to discourage Jamal from releasing his song with Freda.

Andre comes to see Hakeem. He says he's back for the CEO meeting. Andre tutors Hakeem on how to handle the CEO meeting.

Thirsty has men break into Empire. They knock out a security guard and steal the line of clothing Hakeem was going to use to impress the shareholders at the meeting.

Hakeem comes and confronts Lucious. Lucious replies saying that he wrote a song in prison caused Snitch Bitch that reminds him of Hakeem. Hakeem also learns Lucious planted drugs so the equipment would be confiscated from Tiana's tour.

Cookie tells Jamal she set up him with another artist. It's her attempt to get him to dump Freda. Only, for Jamal to work with the artist, Freda can't be on the album. The artist's name is Stacy Run-Run.

Lucious takes Andre to his mother's grave. Lucious says he's proud of Andre, but Andre isn't buying it. Lucious says Andre has to have faith in himself. Lucious says his mother did a lot of damage to him, as he tries to get Andre to work with him. He's like a serpent. I must be crazy to even like and root for the snake most of the time.

The family tries to get Hakeem to practice how he's going to handle the line of clothing being stolen.

Freda in the studio recording as Jamal comes in to tell her she;s been cut from the album. I really feel sorry for her. She's getting screwed over, again. Jamal says he has to choose between her and Stacy. Freda takes it on the chin.

Andre calls a family meeting. Rhonda brings in Anika. Cookie blows a gasket when Anika announces she's pregnant by Hakeem. Lucious announces that Lola isn't Jamal's son. Anika says she wants her child to have a family. She also claims she's trying to make amends before leaving.

The shareholder meeting starts with Tiana performing. I can't hardly recognize her. What happened to her curly hair? Cookie comes on stage next. She introduces Hakeem. I think it's ridiculous he's CEO when he has no business experience.

Anika comes home to find Lucious sitting in her apartment. Lucious offers her ten million to give the baby to Hakeem when it's born. Lucious says he was never going to leave her for Cookie. Really? Why don't you tell Cookie that. She says he broke her heart. She reveals that her baby is a boy and threatens him with what she knows that she can tell the FBI. He threatens her back saying a lot of women don't survive child birth.

One of the shareholders asks why Hakeem hasn't released any new music. Then Lucious asks him a question. He asks Hakeem what the five biggest challenges facing the music industry in the next ten years. Hakeem actually is able to answer the question. Lucious brings up some shareholders he knows. Andre reveals to Rhonda he betrayed Hakeem to Lucious and he tells Rhonda that's how they get back to them. In short, going after control of Empire. Lucious gets the shareholders to say and chant they need Lucious.

Cookie takes the stage to do damage control. She asks Lucious to come on stage and show he and Hakeem won't fight each other for Empire.

Hakeem comes out of the board meeting having been voted off in favor of Lucious. Cookie not thrilled by Lucious and says he's a piece of work.

Stacy Run Run in Tokyo instead of doing a live recording with Jamal and pre-recorded it. He agrees to do what she wants singing along with her recording. Jamal has problems doing it. He then refuses to do it because he wants to sing with a live person. He storms out saying he wants to work with Freda. He goes to the barbershop and asks Freda to come back and record with him, but she's not jumping for joy. She says she'll think about it. She continues to sweep the floor as he walks out the door.

Thirsty goes to New Hope, PA and asks how Leah Walker is. He gives the matron a envelope and says he doesn't want to bother her. Meanwhile Leah is singing, “Mona Lisa”, while having flashbacks of Lucious. Yep, Lucious' mama is alive. The only question is does Lucious know and is he lying to his family about her being dead?


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