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Empress Ki Saga, who are you shipping? Seung Nyang - Wang Yu or Seung Nyang -Ta-Hwan

Updated on April 20, 2017
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Maria Cecilia loves watching Korean Drama. She is not just a writer, she is a fan of Korean Actress HAJIWON


Where are we?

As of writing this, I am still feeling the after effect of Episode 23 and 24 when a lot of twists and turns happened in the story. Most of them were heartbreaking, something that you wish never happened in a korean drama. But I guess that is the impact of the story. we reacted because we were moved, and the actors and actresses were simply great. Ha Jiwon inspires me to write again, and she was great (what's new) in both episodes, that she deserves the daesang award that she got recently at MBC awards night.

Giving birth alone inside a cave, being chased by soldiers while holding a newborn child, witnessing how her child fell off the cliff while she herself received an arrow shot at the chest. woke up in a deserted place crazily looked for her child in the cold frozen river, saw her friends' dead body all scattered and just left behind like dead animals. I mean Seung-nyan felt all the pain which was followed by the pain of knowing that the father of her son will soon get married. In episode 24, we are guided to the answer on how she became a concubine of Ta-whan before becoming an Empress.

Ha Jiwon as Seung-Nyan; just gave birth to a son inside a cave.   Credit this photo also to Talking Cupboard and MBC
Ha Jiwon as Seung-Nyan; just gave birth to a son inside a cave. Credit this photo also to Talking Cupboard and MBC

Special Thanks to "Talking cupboard and others

Before I proceed I would like to thank the following:

Talking Cupboard, for the best recap ever. When the drama is not yet available on line, reading the recap by Talking cupboard is a better alternative. It will automatically bring your imagination to each episode because her recap included photos of most highlighted scenes. Aside from excellent english recap, her own opinion will make you think beyond what you see on screen.

Though I often go to TC when it comes to recap, I still go to Koala's playground sometimes to see her personal opinions. I appreciated her the most when she posted an english summary of the novel version of Empress Ki. The summary gave me an idea on what might happen in the drama and also informed me that not all were followed by MBC. In the novel, Seung nyan met Ta-whan before Wang Yu..

Empress ki forum at soompi, Hajiwon will be very proud to know how her fans reacted or expressed their opinions intelligently. Reading their discussion is a total entertainment for me and at the same time my good source of information regarding what the people are thinking.

Lasly I would like to thank MBC for the Empress Ki photos that I posted here.

Wang Yu Vs. Ta-Hwan

Let me mention the main characters first or Empress Ki and men captivatec by her

Empress Ki/Seung Nyan (Ha Ji-won)

Wang Yu/ King of Goryeo (Joo Jin-mo)

Ta-hwan/Yuan Emperor (Ji Chang-Wook)

Tangqishi/Yeon-chul's eldest son (Kim Jeong-hyun)

Taltal (Jin Yi-han)

I know Empress Ki has only two main men in her life in the persons of Wang Yu as her first love and greatest love and Ta-hwan as his husband or the emperor that made her an empress. I included Tangqishi because their scenes together provided sparks in a different perspective. One sided love in case of Tangqishi, but so obsessive that he would rather see her dead than with someone else, "if i, can't get your heart,I will take your life". In case of Taltal, episode 24 was the first scene that these two actually worked together longer. No signs of love from Taltal but attractive images of both combined with intelligence, surprisingly exposed a good chemistry too. he will soon fall for the her but as of writing this, I am not sure if he falls for her trick or fall for her like she captured his heart too.

Please Cast Your Vote

Who Do You Like For Seung-Nyan Wang Yu or Tae Han or others (TalTal, Tanguishe?

See results

Wang Yu and Ta-hwan, the rivalry started even before Seung-nyan was exposed as a woman. They both admire him for his skills as a soldier who is willing to risk his life just to fulfill his duty. Wang Yu and Ta-hwan both felt it weird that they feel something unusual about the male Seung-nyan.... well could it be possible that their inner male can sense the hidden feminine side of Seung-nyan unconsciously? But if there is contest for people with the strongest sense of smell, Tangqishi is the winner, He knew something was different about Seung-nyan because he does not possess a scent of man and he confirmed it by confronting Seung-nyan and smelled him in full force which was followed by ripping her clothes that showed her inner cloth and beautiful body. Tangqishi became crazy about her since then.

Seung-Nyan and Wang Yu


Don't get me wrong, in all Korean dramas that I watched, I always go for the first guy. I obviously like Wang Yu for Seung-nyan. Why I don't know? Maybe because I like the actor Joo Jin Mo and saw his movie Frozen flower, yes the contriversial one and fashion 70s, a drama with Lee Yo Won.

I have several favorite scenes of Seung-nyan and Wang Yu, although most of the time they were apart. Their scenes together are often worthy of repeat viewing by me.

I love episode 1 that very first time they met when WY asked SN for an archery match. I think Seung-nyan found him good looking then but instead she said "You're not good to look at yourself".

Of course I love that crazy archery match.

When he was teaching her to play the geomungo

When she was teaching him the split arrow

At episode 4 WY was dreaming about Seung-nyan teasing him with her beautiful smile, Ha jiwon was really cute and attractive there although she was wearing a warrior clothes.

episode 7 when Wy run to rescue SN from Tangqishi

at the palace when WY first arrived they saw each other but Wy pretended not to see her. I love the slow motion effect....

at the palace when they kept glancing at each other during the welcome party for the victorious soldiers

When WY embraced her when she stumbled and threw up the tea sets with hot water in the air. Wy Protected Sung nyang so he caught all the hot water and scalded his shoulder. SN came and insisted to put medicine on him and volunteered to take care of him since shg was reason why the king got scalded.

When they embraced on the bridge, after watching the shadow play, and Tangqishi saw them

When Wy finally had the privilage to get her back and she was reunited with him and the group.

When WY proposed to her and gave her a hair clip or hair adornmet

episode 20 when they kissed and made love

Their last scene together before WY returns to Goryeo.

That's enough for now, I will update this list depending on the development of the story. I hope there won't be further misunderstanding between WY and SN when SN became a concubine.

Seung-nyang and Ta-hwan


One of the reasons why i am excited with Empress is this guy Ji Chang-wook or Donghae and now as Ta-hwan who loves SN so much... Although I am not shipping this pair, I admit that some point I am torned especially when he found means to rescue her which made episodes 21 and 22 very special and memorable for those shipping the two. Here are my few favorite scenes of SN and TH;

Bath scene of Ta-hwan and he wanted her to massage his feet

When he was teaching him the sword skill

When they are being chased by yuan soldiers

when Ta-hwan was unconscious and SN needed to embraced him with only her inner clothes to keep him warm

When TH let her taste his food only to feed her or make her eat

When both of them were drunk

During the shadow play, TH was very cute there when he was looking at Wy with annoyance

When TH told her that she was the first one he sees when he broke his shell

When SN was already with WY's group and TH confronted her, i think it was in episode 20.

When he helped her escaped Tangqishi, at his round bathtub, where he gave her the CPR because SN was starting to run out of oxygen. I like his worried look when he ask Dokman why she is so pale.

I like his scene of Ta-hwan when he found out SN was already dead. His Scene with Dokman and his scene with Golta before he became sick and can't speak. Great acting really Ji Chang-Wook.

When TH saw SN as one of the cnadidates to become his consort and he started speaking her name.

Again this is it for now... I will update the list depending on the next coming episodes. For sure there will be more,

More To Expect In the Next episodes

Just done with the episode 24 and 26 more to go... For now this is my resentment, I am sad SN was not able to see WY, I am sad she was separated from her child. I am sad for lady park and her baby, and I am sad WY needed to marry someong else, so that he can avenge SN.

I am sad SN decided to become a concubine to TH to avenge her father, her child and her friends.

I guess as a Wang Yu- Seung-nyan shipper, I can see my ship slowly sinking with the development of the plot. And now that Ta-hwan will definitely get her as his concubine.. more intimate scenes with him I think in the future? but of course I will not drop the drama for this.... I also would like to see how they interact with each other now that their situation is different. Besides I really don't take shipping seriously, I still love to watch this because my favorite actress is In the lead.

I am aquite afraid to see WY's reaction when he sees SN still alive and now a concubine of the emperor. Will he know right away that he has a child? I am also excited at the time when SN will see her baby...

I know that just like me, Empress ki fans are clouded with assumptions and questions in mind...while waiting for the next episode let's enjoy this hub for a while

More Developments

Just few episodes ago, I expressed my resentments... And now I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions. For the Emperor, I have nothing but great admiration for him, especially whenever he comes to Seung nyang to save her even in his own limited power. He has my sympathy for loving Seung nyang so much and yet he knew who she really loves, but I know Seung nyang's heart will soon melt for him but she will be torn, between him and the father of her child, Wang Yu, or she already set aside the feeling, and focus on her revenge....for her friends, parents. And lost child.

but I am really sad for Wang Yu, we know that kind of feeling, when we wished we can confront the person so he or she can answer our questions. We need answers no matter how painful it can be...

The reunion of the three in the palace is intense. The emperor can't speak but you can see in his eyes that he is not comfortable that Seung nyang will need to talk with Wang Yu alone, Seung nyang's face seemed to hide a lot. Just like what was said in the talking cupboard, she has the iron lady mask that you can't see emotion in her face... but we all know she is just holding back. And Wang Yu, you can see sadness in his eyes... good acting Joo Jin Mo, I feel like my heart is aching just by looking at Wang Yu's expression, which I believe affected the inner female of Seung nyang but still she controlled her personal feelings. What's more hurting is their conversation.

I will just post some that I considered really hurtful; Please see more at talking cupboard for complete recap. I am just a masochist, hurting myself by reading these lines over and over again

Seung Nyan: Do you resent me?

Wang Yu : I won't have any resentment or lingering feelings towards you (oh that hurts), deep in my heart, Seung Nyang is already dead

Seung Nyan: Don't remember me. I won't hate you for chasing me out of your memory

Wang Yu: There's no reason for me to remember your highness. There's no reason except getting rid of the past. I won't have any meeting like today anymore. (Wang Yu got up from his seat and he was about to leave but Seung Nyang brave mask finally cracked a bit as tears welled in her eyes.

Seung Nyan: I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Wang Yu: There's no need for you to apologize, I've already abandoned you. Your highness must have been thinking that I resent you, but there's no person(like that) whom I hate. Don't feel sorry or shed any tears. Please continue on your path with dignity, I'll do the same. I'll never turn back, get hurt , or regret it, and I'll go my own path.

Seung Nyan: Please forget me and be happy. This is my bad self's wish to make me at ease. This is my shameless last wish. Please forgive me. Your majesty, your majesty....

Thanks so much Angel Ernani copied this from your FB account... and again thanks to talking cupboard...

Is my ship finally sinking, no doubt in spite of everything Seung Nyan and Wang Yu love each other so much.... Wang Yu helped Seung Nyan to stop the abdication by providing the book to Taltal which hold all the secrets of Yeun Chul that may bring him down... but he told him not to tell Seung Nyan that it came from him...

Their child Byul, I am looking forward to that episode where Seung nyang will realize that her baby is alive, and hope Wang Yu will be told about it, including all the sufferings of SN while saving the baby... A lot more to see and we are just done with Episode 31..

Painful Reunion

Sad Episode 32 and 33

If Episodes 23 and 24, Seung Nyang made us cry, in Episodes 32 and 33, I can feel my heart slowly being crashed by a cruel hand. It reminded me of a similar situation, when you need to co exist with a person although it hurts you so much to see him with someone else.

I really feel for Wang Yu. He too wore his iron man mask in front of Lady Ki, but behind her back he's doing her a favor, and he almost lost his life just to save her. In a near death situation, he was worrying about seung nyang. And I really feel hurt because Seung nyang did not know.

In their last encounter, although wearing her iron lady mask, Seung Nyang warned Wang Yu, about El temur's trick which might be shifted to him, so. He must be careful, Wang Yu sarcastically declined and reminded Lady Ki. That they agreed to mind their own businesses ( well not the exact words but something like that), and his underlings that knew all his sacrifices were hurting too, they knew the truth,in fact the king was still bleeding at that time but the king told them not to look too concern, because Seung Nyang was still looking at them....

I am sad in the situation when even if Seung Nyang learned about his sacrifices, she just can't turn her back to Tae han. The emperor changed for her, Tae Han too had save her life a lot of times even in his very limited power.

Tae Han wanted her that night, he was going to kiss her but he realized she was not closing her eyes, he said he will wait for the time that she will submit to him willingly.... Seung Nyang words was remarkable, when eunuch park asked why she looked so bothered she said, "I am beginning to feel afraid". It may be interpretated in many ways, she just realized that sooner or later, whether she likes it or not she will submit herself to Tae Han, it's her duty as a consort. Or is she slowly feeling something for him? It's possible I know but part of me don't want her to completely fall out of love to Wang Yu? I can't wait for the episodes where wang yu will learn that he has a son...and still alive...I still wish to see them not talking coldly to one another.....

Credit photos from Mbc and Talking Cupboard

My Personal View After watching Episode 34 and 35

Because I love Wang Yu for Seung Nyan, their present situation is really making me feel sad. Call it exaggeration but after watching the two episodes, the following morning I woke up feeling this resentment for Seung Nyang or shall I say Lady Ki. Maybe I am jealous because Taehan and Seung Nyang have more exposures together. Not that I don't like Taehan but I just like Wang Yu more than him, that it makes me feel disappointed that in this drama, my favorite couple are often apart...

Lady Ki was so pretty in that red robe that she wore when she decided to finally give in to Taehan, and when they kissed, again I am jealous because she is more responsive if not more aggressive as compared to her kiss with Wang Yu.... she had her arms clinging on his neck while kissing him back.. With Wang Yu she was a bit naïve, is it because it was her first kiss?but still I found their kiss (with Wang Yu) sweet specially at the part when she remained her eyes closed after Wang Yu kissed her.

Going back to her first making love with Taehan, will it mean she loves Taehan now or she maybe loves the emperor but the intensity can't be compared with what she feels with Wang Yu? the denial part of me said, out of her obligation and duty as a consort, or acknowledging what Tae han can do for her really melted her heart for him.... and let's face it she's only human, she came to a point that she needed to enjoy the grace of his majesty, with the acceptance that her life story with wang yu is done or finished.

A month after that she encountered Wang Yun with good looking Taltal, Wang Yu wore his mask again and after bowing to Lady ki, he continued to walk and Lady Ki still gazed at him with full of resentments. Again I am hurt with this scene. I feel hurt more when they found out she is pregnant with Taehan's child. Again I am jealouse because Wang Yu missed that chance to take care of SN when she was pregnant with Byul, and in fact as of writing this, he didn't know about the child. Then while trying to train men to strengthen his army, Eunuch Bang sent him news that SN gave birth to a Baby boy, what are we going to expect him to feel.. He probably is telling himself, I should be the father of her child?

At the end of episode 35, Wang Yu still glanced secretly to SN...Lucky woman, still love by Wang Yu even if she's carrying her child to another man...

My only wish, I wish SN and WY will start talking again, hope SN will tell him he is the father of Byul.... or If I were Seung Nyan even if I love Byul I will let him grow up with Wang Yu... At least he has her son, and to spare Byul from possible unfair treatment from Taehan...

Reading Seung Nyan's thoughts

I think her heart melted easily with people close to her risking their lives for her. That's how she started falling for Wang Yu, she remembered him from childhood, as the prince that freed her and her mother with other slaves. That is why when at the moment of truth when she was finally exposed as a woman, the feeling of affection for Wang Yu was almost instant, and it was the same thing for Wang Yu towards her.

I see the same thing in Taehan's case, he risk his life for Seung Nyan, and used his body as shield so SN won't be hit by a poison arrow., and at the hall when Tanasiri ordered for Lady Ki's arrest for failing to take care of the Emperor, Taehan although still not well, he went to the hall to announce that Nyang Ki tried to save his life by sucking the poison using her own mouth, and he immediately grabbed her hand and left the hall with her. He collapsed upon reaching his emperial bedroom. Lady Ki took care of him until he got well, and finally a decision to sleep with him.

Submitting to Taehan may mean moving on from wang yu but I sometimes have this notion that in some of her drastic decisions, Wang Yu has something to do with it. She was not thinking of becoming a concubine in fact she posted as man to avoid that fate, but when she heard Wang Yu will get married to el Temur's niece, the following day she convinced Baek an to send her as concubine. She decided to sleep with Taehan right after what happened at the Hall when she thought Wang yu really betrayed her... It was never mentioned in the drama but what a coincidence that all her major decisions, always happened after a wang yu- related event.

but what does Seung nyang really want.? she decided to become a concubine to revenge, to give justice to the death of her friends and son Byul. But what really happened after she found out that Maha was Actually Byul, as a consort then,she can't express affection to her son, and she can't even tell I am your mother, i came to this point because I was devastated when i thought you died already.... now becoming a consort as a mother of the crown prince of Yuan, how could love and priorities changed? And the poor child Byul died without knowing who his real Parents were. His parents Seung Nyan and Wang Yu was not even given ample time to talk about their son. Did they (MBC) just leave it to our imagination that Eunuch Bang probably told Wang yu exactly what happened in episode 23 and 24, I believe Sn and Wy talking about what happened before he married el temur's niece and before Seung nyan decided to become a consort can be a good highlight of the drama too, but I guess they (MBC) already made a decision regarding who or which must be highlighted. And then Wang Yu's death at the hand of Taehan. Again I am thankful that there was a scene like SN lamenting his death... at least she showed an attempt to interrogate the emperor about it, but Taltal warned her that the Emperor discovered something sensitive and killing Wang yu was his only alternative to protect her...and just like that Seung nyan forget about her resentment and remain a loyal wife to the emperor. I guess reading her thoughts can be very confusing, and I will just leave it to the viewers. Mine is obviously not please with her decision which started when she decided to become a concubine... I really missed The Seung nyang of Episode 1 to 20.

One of My Favorite Scenes, Wang Yu and Nyang Ki


I like this scene for several reasons. let me start at the lighter side first, Hajiwon was so pretty in that yellow gold gown, with matching dainty hairstyle, perfect shaped face, matching pair of eyes, lips, nose and fresh, youthful and goodlooking skin.... Joo Jin mo on the other hand looked so handsome and manly in his royal blue attire.

This scene happened after that hunt when Wang yu almost died protecting Seung nyang and the Emperor. Wang yu was called by El temur, and on his way to his quarters he and underlings encountered Lady Ki and entourage. In spite of the bounderies they set in between them, they still give respect to one another. Lady ki asked why he was at the palace and Wang yu said el temur called for him. Lady ki warned him about El temur, she was talking to Wang yu without looking at him, only when she told him that El temur might be up to something so he better be careful, and he slowly looked at him. Wang yu inspite of his overflowing love for her reacted sarcastically, he said they have nothing to do with each other that he declined her concern and then left.... Then he felt pain from his still fresh wound which made him stopped walking, Seung nyan was still looking at him. His hand was stained with fresh blood and his underlings approached him with concern. He told them not to act so obvious because Seung nyang was still looking.

This is one of the sad Wang yu and Seung nyan scenes but still my favorite because I can feel their love for each other although they are showing the opposite of what they really feel. Seung nyan can look at his eyes, probably afraid that her eyes will reveal her innermost feeling for Wang yu. I have my sympathy for Wang yu and I wish Seung Nyan knew what he did for her....

Thinking that after this episode, Seung nyan and Wang yu will soon find out about Byul made me stick to the drama....

What is the Ideal Ending of Empress Ki for You?

We have six more episodes to go before the ending of Empress Ki, and although we are told about the tragic or sad ending of the drama, we still wish for a happy ending but we don't want to expect so much to avoid disappointment and heartbreak.

But if we are given the chance to write the ending of Empress Ki How are you going to end it?

Let me start... I only wish that Seung nyang and Wang Yoo and Maha or Byul will know each other as parents and child, objectively I will not wish them to become family but I wish Maha to live with his father at Kuryo....Seung nyang to remain an Empress of Yuan, and all the fake letters sent by tangqishi and byung so will be cleared, so that Taehan and Seung nyang will bring back their harmonious relationship.

AS a Wang Yu- Seung Nyan shipper I would wish the ending to be Seung Nyang and Wang Yu, but I don't know why I don't feel comfortable about I afraid of what the rival shipper will be saying hahaha...But of course I can never forget my feeling when Wang Yoo found out about Seung nyang became a concubine... and when Seung nyan told him to forget her, when the barrier between the two became wide until Seung nyan gave herself to Taehan and finally gave him a son.... and Wang Yu still wants to know about her..... even when she gave birth to a baby boy that is Taehan's son....And in his delirious state he was calling Seung Nyang's name in the presence of Bisoo who I think also deserves Wang Yoo's love...Will I just settle to Seung nyang staying with Taehan while Wang Yoo making Bisoo as his queen... I think that will be fair enough hahaha.

There is a comment box below that I wish you will express your ideal ... Please feel free to share and let's see if we can create a much better one or something close to the ending of real Empress Ki drama .

© 2014 Maria Cecilia


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    • profile image

      ettolrahc 3 years ago

      Hihihi first one to vote

      hope tal tal will win even though hes not yet fallin to her hihihi

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Ettoirahc you voted for Taltal, obvious hahaha

    • profile image

      CottonCandy 3 years ago

      I like Seung Nyan & baby Emperor

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      cotton candy thanks for visiting Team Tahwan now in the lead....LoL.. Ji chang wook will really earn more popularity because of empress ki...

    • budeimud profile image

      budeimud 3 years ago

      I ship them both, as long as Seung Nyang is happy, then I will be happy too, kekekeke...., i can't vote now, can't decide because, honestly I even want to vote SN only for Kim Joo Won ..LOL.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      hi chief thanks for visiting, I guess SN's heart will mellow in the days that she will be working with the emperor, maybe she will be the one to teach him to read. Their first few nights. Staying together will be spent teaching the emperor to read.

    • profile image

      babsmd 3 years ago

      SN & WY reunite with their child. Byul lives with his dad, SN continues to be Empress to benefit Koryo, and TH dead. Tal Tal works with SN as her prime minister.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Babsmd, hahahah I like your ending so straight forward... Are you a member of Empress Ki facebook?

    • profile image

      k k 3 years ago

      i want WY and SN to be together, it actually killing me, and i like tal tal too, he is sooo manly so he should be next to SN i guess

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Oh another Wang Yu and Seung Nyang Shipper, me too I still wish themto be together and same feelinga and opinion regarding Taltal.. He is really getting attention at Empress ki

    • Ernani Anggraeni profile image

      Ernani Anggraeni 3 years ago

      after this 47 episodes of journey i ship both WaNyang and long as Seung Nyang happy.i see her Love WY and TH either.maybe her love to WY is bigger but she also wont to lose TH.she also jealous when TH spent night or playing with another women.

      She also afraid to lose TH's love.but since she is TH's wife i go for them now.i feel like WaNyang doesn't have any hope to be together anymore.

      SN is very loyal person,she do same as a wife but a bit disappointed with TH.he couldn't understand SN.

      for the ending,even after sad ending confirm news released i still hoping the ending will not that sad.

      sn become empress,wy back to love and trust sn anymore.

      tal2 teach ayu to be next emperor,he also always in sn and th's side.

      after wy and th pass away,ayu become emperor,

      SN back to koryeo...riding beach...recall of her memories with wy and th also her painful journey

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Ernani thank you for sharing, your choice of ending is also very sad. Though I agree with you that she has been a very faithful wife you won't even think she still loves Wang Yu..I also wish her to be happy but you know, she will always have a part her that will be very sad, longing for her son Byul...and sad fate of her love for Wang yu...

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Since this is Empress ki drama I would like SY to end up with the baby emperor. WY is her first love but I would like TH to be her last love. SY was able to moved on why not WY. Let go of the past and face the present and the future . Whether happy or sad- they were now only memories, learn to accept them -it 's fate . At the start I als0 like SY and WY to be together -but to my surprise when the baby emperor came to the scene , I like SY and TH chemistry more- all those irritating, funny romantic scenes .TH character seems to be have more of a human side to it. Of course being young and handsome helps a lot but WY is also very handsome.It is just that I seemed to relate more to TH chracter. Both actors were very good in portraying their roles. I know the writers massacred TH character now but you have to show the difference between the two actors . Very extreme difference thanks to the writers but I will stick with the emperor till the end.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Very well said Ananymous and i am happy to see you here. I think Sn will stay with the emperor until ayu became an emperor, i just wish that all those fake letters sent by tangqishi's group will be cleared and let emperor realized what he decided to hide for tha past five years. And hoping also for their harmonious relationship to return.

    • profile image

      Shammy 3 years ago

      I for one as a multishipper but above all an SN shipper, i am deeply happy who she ends up with, as long as i can see her smile and find that happiness she deserved in life.

      Knowing how the writers took us from ups and downs throughout the whole long series and knowing their nature i can only say i'm satisfied with the drama's ending.

      Though since i have become a TalNyang shipper, i was hoping for her to end up with Tal Tal (may it be only a platonic relationship or more as long as my ship sails to the end lol) but no the writers broke my already torn heart to a million pieces again and that's really painful!!! Anyway, my own ending??? well, i'd go for the ending story of a talnyang shipper back at soompi where after TH and WY died SN & TT together lived in the North. So that ends our Journey! Btw, Maria dear ..thumbs up for your hub ;) Still Empress Ki fighting!!!

    • profile image

      mary 3 years ago

      for the 1st episode i really like the team of seunnyang wang yu in empress,maybe i know both ha ji won and joo jin moo couple as wangnyang shippers..i look only seunnyang her 1st love to wang yu..i feel their chemistry are mature..i never change shipper til the end of not xpected that both seunnyang men are all dead in the end..the most pitiful characetr is king wang yu..we all know his character is fiction only..i dislike emperor character but in end feel sorry for him..before he die he hear for the 1st time that seunnyang loves him too..i don't know how to xpress but for me seunnyang very lucky woman she got love from both men..who willing to protect her til the end..Empress k one of my unforgetable historical drama that ive seen..!! hope to watch again ha ji won in her next project..

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Shammy sorry it took time for me to reply to you here but thank you for visiting, as you can see haven't fully written everything here, but as multi shipper you did good in managing our empress ki hub, you made it too alive even at times that we should sleeping... Hope to always hear from you even empress ki over.

    • profile image

      Guest 3 years ago

      I like SN with wang yu first, but I soon changed to the emperor because Wang yu wants to protect her too much. As independent as she is, I feel like what Wang yu wants from her limits her freedom.

    • profile image

      Wang yu 3 years ago

      Wang yu gave up everything for her, you guys are twisted. Tal hwan was a loser that tried to rape her, Wang yu always saved her, Wang yu sacrificed he's happiness so she could be happy tal hwan was only happy when she had him even tho she didn't like being with him, if it made tal hwan happy he doesn't care, yes he changed a little at the end only because the kid got what he wanted, she was more happy with wang yu, but her revenged and hungry for power forced her to the palace, if she lived as a peasant with wang yu she would be more happy, rather than living a treasury palace amen to that. Tal hwan was a stupid person he caused sung a lot of pain, Wang yu gave he's life, Kingdom, and ambitions for sung. stupid people voting for tal hwan disgraceful, at least we know there are more shallow and selfish people in this world.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 3 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Guest Thanks for your comment but I don't think Wang Yu wanted to limit her freedom... but we are entitled to our own opinions hahaha.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Wang yu guest sorry for responding to your comment, relax though I understand you very well.. I up to now can't watch the ending, I mean I heard the showed alternative endings, I haven't watched it yet.

    • profile image

      oooo 2 years ago

      I love tanqnyang

    • profile image

      oooo 2 years ago

      becouse tangqishi is so cool and i Love they

    • profile image

      Alexandra 2 years ago

      If i was sn i choose to be with tal tal in The end becouse king chunghye(wang yu) has a wife and ta hwan die

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Guests for visiting... Empress ki will be showing in the Philippine this coming October...I am still excited to watch it.

    • profile image

      annNacino 2 years ago

      i love SY and WY. TH just seems to always want to compete with WY boasting all the time that SY chooses him. but WY just keeps on being quiet. Protecting her and the emperor even if his heart is breaking. Its just sad they did not end up together....why is it like that even in real life mostly people who really love each other don't end up together....its tearing my heart apart....well anyway. Its just a show and that only means to say they really did a great job on acting their roles as they affected my life so much haha....i know many people liked TH but i don't like him...he seems to be very lucky.....what did he do to get everything. power, the woman she loves, while WY seems to suffer a lot, but just one thing WY has that TH dont have....he was being respected and loved by people around him while TH is surrounded by so much enemies even Golta the person he trusted so much. Maybe that's why SY chose to be with him....coz he is alone in the kingdom.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi annnancino you are also a wang yu seung nyan shipper. I understand you verr well. I Still have resentment with her choosing to be with the emperor. Up to now i can only rewatch it up to 22nd episodes... but i am anxiously waiting for its showing in tge Philippinez. Thanks for posting your comment

    • profile image

      mitchsan 2 years ago

      I like Seung Nyang and Ta Hwan . There's no doubt that she was in love with Wang Yoo but like everyone else, you're not only destined to Like one person. He is already in the past. He loves Ta hwan till the end of the drama. I don't mind if you tell me that he is selfish, childish, etc but when we are in love, we are willing to do anything just to protect the one we love and make them stay by our side. She is still always in Ta Hwan side, though there are times that she is confused when he see Wang Yoo. But as the story continues, she develops romantic feeling for the TH. The I love you and I truly truly love you in the bittersweet ending of EK is the confirmation. I was deep heartbreaking situation (LOL) after watching the final episode because I thought it was bad ending. I realized that it was good. I remember that she promised to tell him about her feelings when they're old and gray(and she knows that TH killed WY already). For me she is just willing to grow old with him. I find it too late to tell him about her feelings, but it's still a bittersweet ending. She still in Ta Hwan's side even in his last breath. What I mentioned are, for me, the reality of true love. Expect that it will not last forever because everyone will die. So good thing SN tells him before the death do they part. Oh my God, I am crying right now. Sorry for expressing my thoughts here. I wanted to calm down. T_T Huhuhuhu!

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Mitchsan thank you for your comment and i realized as a host to this topic, I myself should be in control of my own emotion. I am shipping Wang yo for SEung nyang and i don't intend to insist on that... i too believe seung nyang came to love the emperor in the end. Maybe what hirting the wang yang groups are the lack of scenes for wang yo and seung nyang, too many unsettled issues like not being able to know each other as family, I mean at least made it less painful for wang yu...let him leave yuan with his son.... But the ending is just so cruel.... Bittersweet to teahan and seung nyan but just too cruel for Wang yu.. But. Ireally appreciate your opinion.. Thank you so much for visiting

    • profile image

      christine 2 years ago

      Ive watched the drama for several times already. And i have always wanted wang yu for seungnyang. Yes, they did not end up together. But it was not because they did not love each other. It was because the circumstances were against it. Let's not forget that the story is historical. It highlights on how empress ki surpassed all her trials and became an empress. If she ended with Wang Yu, they will still end up dying with each other simply because Koryo was not independent from Yuan. Empress Ki's marriage to the emperor was the only way to liberate Koryo. However, despite everything that has happened, it clearly depicted that Sungnyang was undoubtedly inlove with Wang Yu and vice versa. For me, aside from Syngnyang, Wang Yu is the other best character in the movie. And Joo jin mo played the character really well.

    • profile image

      sal 2 years ago

      hi.. i just finished watching the drama.. I really like your writing.. although u have ur preferenace to ship between the emperor & wang yu but still u make it fair. some writer/blog that I read when they choose wang yu they will trash the emperor and vice versa... I like both too but I smitten with the emperor.. maybe because the vurnerability/weaknesses of the emperor.. but he changed because of his love.. & he loves her so very much even the dowager, baghantur & many opposed to that... altho emperor killing wang yu is kinda wrong but in his mind for his nyang.... he did that... TQ

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Christine thanks for visiting and for your comment. I agree with you in all aspects. Seung nyang wang yu love is timeless. Seung nyang loving the emperor in the end is just the right thing to do and besides she still did not have much choice yu died, even Taltal died....

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Sal thanks for visiting and for your comment.. It was not easy to remain balance honestly, at times I too lost my composure, and I realized, hosting this hub, I should try to balance the situation. Fans especially those who love Jiwon should unite...hope to still hear from you.

    • profile image

      Sheryl 2 years ago

      Well at first, i also thought Wang Yu and Nyang were indeed meant for each other.. yet towards the end of this drama i realized that Seung nyang found her true love in that foreign land (Yuan). The ending clearly showed Nyang's unconditional and tender love to Togon.She even repeatedly said that she truly loves him in the ending when he's nearly dying.( i dont remember any scene of nyang and wangyu where in they say i love you to each other). In my own perception and conviction, regardless of the given situations or even if we can conclude that she just loves her as his empress.. i believe Togon has been valuable to sunyang's heart starting the time when she was the one who protected him in Koryo. And i suppose, the flash back in the ending was to explain that Nyang prefers to stay with Togon. (remember that she opted to ride with him that moment) that time circumstances were not against wangyu and nyang's love team yet. The drama ended with a flashback and i guess that was to somehow ask us to go back to certain moments to state who really was meant for sunyang. remember when Togon joined them when Sunyang and Wangyu were drinking (the time when nyang was still pretending as a guy) He asked Nyang if she could get her and take her to Yuan in case he becomes the Emperor. We all are aware yet that she already felt attracted to wangyu somehow that time but i wondered why she wasn't able to answer "no" or to refuse right away. instead she just walked out. For me, she should've just rejected togon's offering if he was nothing to her and knowing that she was also in front of his king who was Wang yu that time. She also felt hesitant to accept wangyu's proposal when she remembered her sweet memories with togon. The emperor's weakness and only love is Sunyang ..and Sunyang 's only fear is the time when togon would be done with her. Those were to explain or to somehow prove that sunyang didn't just love togon because she didn't have any other choice but instead I realized that perhaps she already loved her ever since they met or even before she became a consort. I noticed that at the ending sunyang was about to tell togon that she loved her even before when she was still his servant

      " i remember the first time i served you.. your ears tickled then too.. and i.."

      it's just that togon interrupted her and uttered the word i love you :(

      Indeed, yes, wangyu is her first love since he was the one who first saved her life. he was also the king of her own land. She worked for her and admittedly wangyu's personality was really exquisite and admirable. she's a lot of reason to love him.,. yet for me Togon is her true and greatest love because she was able to realize it despite his imperfections. She loves her even if he's the reason why her father died. and that's unconditional love.

      Omg. I'm not against WangNyang fans.. Tal tal was very cute as well. but i just wanted to share my realizations since it's like the writer didn't want to directly tell us who's Ha Ji Won's love team for this Drama lol. Wang yu was my first bet for nyang but Togon is my greatest choice for her :)

      I was crying when i watched how the story ended. and i still cry at night whenever i remember the ending. It was a quite excellent yet sad love story for me.

      Continue watching it on GMA still. Thankyou.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Sheryl thanks for comment we may have different point of view regarding empress ki but your comment is highly appreciated. Opinions like yours is a reminder for me to learn to balance the situation or i will just write about wang yu and seung nyang alone.. Everyone is welcome to express their opinions and different shippers prefers their own interpretation. But I agree on one thing, Empress ki ended up with the emperor or she can never be empress. Shippers of each team must also learn to accept.....what hurting me still is the lack of wang yang scenes since it is obvious the she will end up with the emperor... The dream scene is a consolation

    • profile image

      from philippines 2 years ago

      Wang u my bet for lady ki ..he is brave man good fighter !

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      hi from Philippines we have the same thoughts

    • profile image

      rowztar 2 years ago

      Wang yu his love is countless, matured and selfless. i never expect a happy ending for them bcoz of the circumstances. But did anyone notice seung nyang only give her heart to tugon knowing that wang yu is dead? tugon always felt miserable every time wang yu around of seung nyang coz he know he can't get completely seung nyang till wang yu still alive.

      Additional JJM & HJW look compatible too but I never ship JCW & Tal tal for HJW even they are handsome.

      Though wangnyang love story is only fiction but this tragic happen also in reality, not all who loved get happiness, some did sacrifices that's why I relate seung nyang & wang yu.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Rowztar first thanks so much for your comment..and I agree on your thoughts..about wang yu and seung nyang. Even most of hermajor dwcision was done after wang yu incidents. First applying as concubine after hearing wang yu got married, then giving in to Togon after she thought wang yu betrayed her

    • profile image

      grey 2 years ago

      I was originally Wang Yu-Nyang shipper. But when I was able to watch it by myself and really digest it, I already felt like it was really a hard decision to choose between the two. As a coward, Tae Hwan got my sympathy lol. I felt like wanting to take care of him. But yeah I still really love Wang Yu. First love never dies... Until the emperor killed him which was something I was furious about. What had happened to Koryo then? Lol.

      Plus, although it might sound a bit odd. I really, really, really like Tangqishi. I love obsession thingy on plots and he was that towards Nyang. I think there was chemistry although it was one-sided love. But who cares? Lol!

      Now, seriously, I don't know who among the men will I be choosing. But since I still haven't got past the feels of Tangqishi's obsession towards Nyang, I VOTED TANGQISHI. Hahahaha!!

      Nice opinion btw. :)

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Grey hello, thanks for sharing your opinions and you are right once upon a time while wat hing empress ki, i was torn between wang you and taehan. So you also noticed about that sparks between tangquishi and Seung nyang... I like all theor confrontation scenes, so much emotions are involved though not the same for each other.... Hope to see you also in my other hubs for Hajiwon

    • profile image

      princess 2 years ago

      I love SN and WY to be together as she promised

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 24 months ago from Philippines

      princess thanks.. i love them too..

    • profile image

      Kara 19 months ago

      When i watched Empress Ki for the first time I had the same opinion as Yours. Recently I watched It one more time and I've seen things a little bit different. First of all I stop to symphatize with Wang Yu and his friends. Everyone say that Togon survive thanks to Wang Yu. in fact, they protect only their country.

      They did not care about his life at all. Remember when Togon finally return to Yuan with Seung Nyang and El Temur? Guards took him because he fainted. Seung Nyang said to Wang Yu and his friends that they should go with him cause El Temur may kill Togon. They stop her and said - Let them take Togon. The most important thing is that they seen him alive. They know that Goryeo people didn't kill him. So now the can kill him by themselves, We don't care. After I heard that the only person I was sorry was Seung Nywang and her father. Besides Wang Yu didn't save the prey. He brought the victim to a predator personally.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 16 months ago from Philippines

      thanks for Visiting I may not agree with you but I admire your opinion

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