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Empress Ki: A Goryeo Woman with Power Over the Yuan Dynasty

Updated on October 29, 2013

Empress Ki (Korean Drama 2013)

Starring Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki, this upcoming 2013 Korean drama will illustrate the influence Empress Ki had on the Yuan Dynasty. Both her romances and battles will be followed. The drama was initially known as Hwatoo, which means "flower cards". How that relates to the plot still has my curiosity piqued. They may have changed the title of the script, but what was written so far most likely remains the same. As a fan of Ha Ji Won, I'm really looking forward to this drama. The writers of Incarnation of Money are also in charge of the script for Empress Ki, so that's another good sign for me.

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Han Hee

Screenwriter: Jang Yeong Cheol and Jung Kyung Soon

Broadcast Network: MBC

Broadcast Period: October 21, 2013 to April 15, 2014

Airtime: Monday and Tuesday 21:55

Episodes: 50

[Image Credit: Script Reading Stills from MBC]

Characters of Empress Ki

Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki

Empress Ki is a Goryeo woman who marries into the Yuan Dynasty during a period the Goryeo struggle to maintain independence. Was she forced into the marriage? Did she marry for power and/or wealth? Or did she sincerely love the Emperor?

Joo Jin Mo as Goryeo King

The King of Goryeo loves Empress Ki.

Ji Chang Wook as Yuan Emperor

The Emperor of Yuan is also in love with Empress Ki, but the question is "who does Empress Ki love?".

Jin Yi Han as Tal Tal

Tal Tal is a scholar who has a close relationship with his uncle, viewing him as a father figure. Unfortunately, he betrays his uncle when he falls for Empress Ki's tricks. He becomes prime minister, but is it worth not being able to sleep soundly at night?

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