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End of Bleach Manga Tribute

Updated on November 8, 2017
Bleach Last Chapter Art
Bleach Last Chapter Art | Source

We all have our story of how we got into Bleach. Bleach has been apart of many fans' lives and its been a long road since the beginning of the series. Tite Kubo, the author of the manga, got Bleach published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since August 20, 2001, so Bleach has been around for 15 years. Many of us have grown up with the series, for some it was even a gateway that got them into watching anime. Personally, Bleach will hold always as the most nostalgic anime for me and seeing it end was sad and almost unreal. I still remember watching the Soul Society arc on Adult Swim when I was a kid and being so absorbed in the anime. I was really hyped back then when Ichigo and his friends went to save Rukia and fought against Gotei 13 captains. Seeing Ichigo exceed his limits with the resolve to protect his friends was inspiring to me growing up and likely many other fans of the Bleach.

Senna confused
Senna confused | Source

Not the true Bleach ending?

Unfortunately, Shonen Jump was rushing Tite Kubo to wrap up the Bleach manga during the 1000 Year Blood War arc. This is possibly because Jump's contract with Kubo is done and they wanted him to finish it or there would be some sort of penalty. In return, Bleach ended with the fans to speculate a variety of plot holes and unanswered questions since Tite Kubo had no time to finish it the proper way he envisioned it to be. Nevertheless, Bleach will always be a great series to me. Its a shame it did not end the way Kubo saw it to end, but that doesn't change the fact that it brought delight to fans who have been following series for many years. And hey, we might get more content on Bleach in the future from Kubo. We don't know much yet of what's to come for Bleach such as perhaps the anime returning or a new manga pertaining to Ichigo's son, kazui.

Ichigo smirking during fight against Grimmjow
Ichigo smirking during fight against Grimmjow | Source

Bleach Fights

What Bleach did have throughout the series was great fights. These fights are what really made Bleach memorable for fans. Tite Kubo knows well how to do fights, and usually had characters in a battle strategize on how defeat each other by collecting information on how the other fights and their power. A battle in the series was rarely ever characters slashing at each other without a plan. To honor the end of Bleach, here are some of the greatest Bleach fights.

Ichigo vs. Byakuya

Buy the Ichigo vs. Renji and Ichigo vs. Byakuya fight episodes on dvd here (Set 2 and 3)

Rukia vs. Aaroniero

Buy the Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra fight episodes and watch in high quality on dvd here (Set 18 and 19)

Hisagi vs. Findorr (amv)

Ichigo vs. Aizen Part 1

Ichigo vs. Aizen Part 2

Buy the Ichigo vs. Aizen fight episodes and watch in high quality on dvd here (Set 21 and 22)

Honorable mentions

The fights that are above, are present only because I could find them online. There are many other great fights that I couldn't include because it was difficult to find. Also, there was many amazing fights in the final arc, but I couldn't include because they're manga only. So, I am going to list off the fights...

  • Uryu Ishida vs. Mayuri Kurotsuchi
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya vs. Tier Harribel
  • Sajin Komamura and Shuhei Hisagi vs. Kaname Tosen
  • Ichigo vs. Ginjo
  • Gin vs. Aizen

The 1000 Year Blood War arc Fights

  • Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Unohana
  • Uryu Ishida vs. Jugram Haschwalth
  • Yamamoto vs. Royd Lloyd, then Yhwach
  • Byakuya, then Rukia vs. Äs Nödt
  • Renji Abarai vs. Mask De Masculine
  • Kenpachi vs. Gremmy
  • Ichibe Hyosube vs. Yhwach
  • Bazz-B vs. Jugram Haschwalth
  • Mayuri and Nemuu Kurotsuchi vs. Pernida
  • Shunsui, then Nanao vs. Lille Barro
  • Kisuke Urahara vs. Askin Nakk Le Vaar
  • Gotei 13 and Visored vs. Gerard Valkyrie
  • Ichigo, Uryu, and Aizen vs. Yhwach

Which arc was your Favorite?

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Goodbye, Bleach

Well, this is a goodbye to Bleach for now. We might get something from Kubo in the future, but that very well could just be false hope. Its been a hell of a ride since the beginning and I'm glad I discovered this anime. If you guys also love Bleach, follow my HubPages account because I might publish more pages for the anime here. Also, I will be publishing pages about other anime as well.


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    • ForIAmNaughT profile image

      Maaz Zakir 

      6 months ago from Pakistan,karachi

      Although I got into anime through Naruto and Dragonball, I still consider Bleach's first arc one of the best. In my opinion manga's ending was bad, rushed.


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