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How Will the World End?

Updated on November 29, 2017

Doomsday, Armageddon, Ragnarok, The Apocalypse is here.

You know there is hundreds of ways people think the world will end. Zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, nuclear war, some kind of man eating plants. Dozens of ways though. While not a grand topic to talk about I shall talk about it anyways, I will talk about the main four: Zombies, Aliens, Robots and Nuclear War.

To start off this little discussion is Zombies, one of the greatest things to ever come out of horror and myths alike, everybody has heard of zombies. Whether or not they were the voodoo conjured zombies or the virus made ones. Zombies have become a large hit in games, movies and even some books. The Last of Us is a game covered with them and while not the best looking guys they still bring a bit of excitement to the game.

Zombies are your usual flesh hungry undead freaks, usually dead bodies brought back to life due to some kind of virus or paranormal activity. Not the brightest monsters ever made but they try. Usually walking around in hordes and rather slowly I might add, while not incredibly threatening alone they do make up for it in groups. When hundreds of them gather together it is rather hard to run. They usually come with the whole destroy the brain thing, due to the head being the big target in most forms of entertainment. Usually a good swing to the skull with a baseball bat or a shot to the face with a crossbow usually puts these guys out of commission. Zombies are indeed a threat no doubt about it, but compared to many things like vampires and hockey mask wearing serial killers they are not the most threatening. However while they are slow they constantly hunt for food, able to smell flesh from over a mile away, and able to take some hard body blows.

Zombies can be a threat when in groups, a simple bite and you are infected. But unlike a few others on this list you can survive this rather simply. Stock up on food and weapons, make sure your home is secured and in an easily defend-able area and keep quiet.


Next up on the list is the little grey men from space, yes. Unfortunately while Dr. Zoidberg may be an alien you won't be able to chat.

Alien Invasions usually consist of two stages. One: Aliens popping out of nowhere and wrecking the place and Two: Humanity prevailing. But I don't think so. In alot of movies the aliens either have massively better technology then we do or they have some freaky powers, or both. But many times they have some weird weakness or randomly die. Not really that threatening. Aliens for the most part have great tech, War of the Worlds showed that quite well. Large ships with even larger lazers, makes me feel a little embarrassed actually. But in any case they practically outclass us. Unlike Zombies Aliens are usually seen as being incredibly smart, able to take in the actions of humans and formulate a plan to turn us into some kind of pincushion or blob of goo. Predator. High tech, advanced intellect do not make a good pair. Least for me. I don't honestly see anyone surviving an encounter with an alien race, if the space dwellers are so inclined to murder us I believe it would be better to lie over and die. I would rather take a mindless zombie over a intellectually superior alien in a fight any day.


Next we have Nuclear War. And unlike the first two this has a better chance of actually happening. Nuclear weapons in any form of media cause massive devastation and unlike the two mentioned above there isn't really anything to fight. While Zombies and Aliens can cause massive destruction as well there is always a way to fight back, while sure you can always attack the people before they launch the nukes but I won't add that into this scenario.

Metro Last Light showed a very good image of Nuclear devastation. Most of Moscow had been destroyed leaving swamp-like lands and destroyed buildings, radiation covered most of the area and there was many creatures mutated by the radiation

While technically yes you could survive by going underground or into a bunker but that would only be the blast, the left over radiation could very well kill you just as fast as the blast could. Nuclear War would also most likely destroy everything on the face of the planet and alot faster then either the undead or extra terrestrials could. Once the nukes were shot you would not have much time to get into shelter.


Finally we come to The Robot Uprising, this is kind of similar to the alien invasion. This is the one Stephen Hawking said could happen. With every update in technology and every advancement we become one step closer to the Robot Uprising. Many picture it like Terminator,robots destroying every human they can get their cold steel hands on.

Many believe that with the up and coming creation of advanced A.I. or Artificial Intelligence that they will soon become smart enough to do what they want. Whether that means destroying all of humanity or maybe turning into sexy robots I don't know. But it could all end badly.

With the robots new intelligence they could manufacture bodies and weapons humans could only dream of, and since this is a list of possible Doomsday scenarios I will assume it will not end well. Unlike Aliens however the robots steel bodies would be hard to defeat and since most of humanities weaknesses are stuck on hard drives and super computers it would not be hard for them to figure out what we are weak to and where we could hide.

Robots would be are downfall. A weakness and realization that we rely far too much on electronics and technology. In some forms of media the robots who revolt believe humans are their own greatest enemy, in ways that is true since we fight and kill one another. So maybe it is like a cleansing.

In any case those are the four most well known forms of Doomsday scenarios, almost as well known as global warming and that giant meteor they kept making movies about. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the article tata.


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      20 months ago

      Thank you for that, sometimes I forget which one is which.

    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      20 months ago

      True. Zombies, Aliens, Robots and Nukes are usually the ones people talk about So I thought it would be cool to write a little something about it.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      20 months ago

      A fun article. Notice all your choices involve some form of intelligence, albeit in the case of zombies brain dead intelligence.


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