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Ear Peace - Let North Korea Rock.

Updated on June 16, 2009

Ears for peace.

Ear peace
Ear peace
German fun
German fun

I wish North Korea rock.

Hey. Welcome to the home of the Ampman. A man in search of tone.

Another day draws to a close.

A day of war drawing closer too in Asia with those whackos in North Korea.

Cool it Man!

I say to you in some northern Korean communist township, doing TaeKwon Do classes until your knuckles bleed and singing patriotic hoo-hahs.

Cool! Just turn the gain down a little and you will see - you will hear - the difference in tone.

TONE is what keeps us together in this world.

The world has tone. Tune in to it.

It is why I like President Obama. That guy has to have some tone. A black man, and a smoker, in the White House? Give us a break you whackos of the world, why don't you?

Or ...go try power chords. Bar a few frets and hammer it home. I did it earlier today on a friends Engl Screamer 50 watt with E212 vintage 30 slant front cab, it has warmer Celestion speakers for that British amp grit sound. It was not as ball crunching as my Marshall LM 6101 combo though. Or as naturally vicious as that old VHT Pittbull I used to have.

American sounds. British tone. German howl.

Hey, this is just a fact as my ears dictate. It is not a declaration of third world war. Engl may be made in Germany. But we are all European brothers now.

In fact I recommend the Engl for those with a lick at the heavy metalic end of the spectrum.

Today we just got on with some Foo Fighters for fun and education.

World Peace and World Domination does not come from out the barrel of a gun. But something like it can come from out of a hot valve amp.

I wish those North Korean dictators rock.


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