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Enjoy the Football Season with the Latest Trend Setting English Premier League App from Optus

Updated on July 26, 2016

The New Football App from Optus

The next three football season will see the rise of the latest trend-setting EPL app from Optus and the wraps off its three set top box choices.

This futuristic English Premier League App launched on July 4, 2016, is about to stream and kick off with exciting LIVE matches.

The International Premier League that started on July 22, 2016, can be easily accessible on all the Android and iOS devices with high-speed data and broadband connect.

Optus is offering free registration to all the customers who subscribe the app before 31st of July, 2016. This fabulous offer is valid only for the first season of EPL.

From the 1st of August, 2016 the users just need to download the app and register at a nominal subscription charge of $15 per month to access the content of the app.

The EPL app for the Smartphone and Tablet users from Optus snatched the rights for 3 consecutive years from the Fox Sports. In the year 2015, Optus made a whopping bid of $189 million to leave behind Fox Sports.

Paul Rybicki, the Optus head of Mobile Video, TV, and Content for Products and Marketing revealed the functionality of the 24x7 football channel company app during the launch of the App in the media briefing series.

Loaded with Amazing Features

  • Optus uses flexible bitrate technology for optimising the performance of the app screen
  • Irrespective of the device being a smartphone, a tablet, a phablet, a widescreen TV or a laptop, the quality of the broadband is excellent due to the use of bitrate technology
  • The 380 LIVE football matches in the English Premier League will be broadcast through the Optus EPL app
  • After the games, you can find the On-Demand feature
  • To keep the excitement on hold for the late comers, the app also has an option to hide the score.
  • One of the most notable options of the App is the split screen to help you see two games at one time, so what if it is a challenge watching it on the smartphone
  • If you cannot watch it on your Smartphone, you can connect it to your TV as the high-resolution picture quality gives you a good alternative
  • It is a 24 hours channel

The English Premier League App offers many more impressive lines of features that can turn the customers of the Australian Telco into a big lover of the game. The EPL season begins on 13th of August, 2016 and Optus is very optimistic about the entire application.

The optimism of the Optus is purely justified as in the last season, one match attracted around 1, 35,000 viewers and the series had almost 5, 00,000 viewership.

The PAYTV broadcasted the last season of EPL which reaches only one-third of the households and also has limitations imposed on it. Yet, the EPL seasons are the true crowd pullers.

Optus EPL App Benefits & Attractions

The EPL app from Optus is a 24/7 channel, loaded with a plethora of activities for the fans. It includes football news shows twice daily, previews, analysis of the played matches, panel interactive shows and highlights of the matches.

The shows will be conducted by Manish Bhasin, BBC. He will be accompanied by Ian Wright, the Arsenal Champion and Andy Townsend from Ireland.

The EPL App streaming takes some time to begin to understand your device type, connection, and speed during those few seconds through its adaptive bitstream technology. Once checked, you are successfully driven by the finest profile signal in order to watch the content smoothly without much buffering.

Optus owns 6 satellites in orbit covering New Zealand and Australia and provides coverage to the entire region.

The app is also accessible in the suburbs and other regional areas where people have little access to mobile broadband or high-speed internet connection with the help of the highest number of satellites placed in the region.

The best part of the Optus decision is to get access to the content; you need not necessarily have an Optus service. You can have an easy access with whomever provider you are with like Telstra or any other by paying additional AUD$5 monthly along with your postpaid plans.

By paying an extra AUD$5 you get access to Premier League content through Yes TV by Fetch Mini or Apple TV, as well as the NetFlix and Stan on demand content become open for you.

But, when you try accessing content through the third generation Yes TV by Fetch, Optus broadband connection becomes mandatory.

While you are signing up, an individual customer is allowed to register four devices per subscription but only a single device can be used with the account at a given point of time. However, this is not applicable for the set top box by Fetch for Yes TV as it may be used alongside a running app on a smart device.


Vimond, headquartered in Bergen, Norway is the creator of the EPL App from Optus. While creating the App, Rybicki revealed that Optus had a consultation with the English Premier League.

Vimond was the chosen company due to its experience in delivering the content related to football.

Vimond has the track record of delivering content to the Premier League in Norway, Reuters in the US, also some things for the Premier League, UK, and iFlix that is the Video-on-Demand platform in Asia.

With such strong line-up of clients and history of content delivery, Vimond was the aptest choice for building the EPL app.

Rybicki is confident that the differences in time will not hamper the registration of EPL app. Firstly, the hardcore fans will anyway try to watch the LIVE games and secondly, it does not require any extra bandwidth.

The 24x7 digital app is the beginning of a major thrust by Optus to create loyalty for the brand among its existing user base, in addition to generating new clients.


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