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Ensiferum Dragonheads EP: A Review and Commentary of this Musical Work

Updated on December 29, 2017

The front album cover for Dragonheads

The album cover for Dragonheads shows the kind of ship that the Vikings would have have used to cross oceans back in their time.
The album cover for Dragonheads shows the kind of ship that the Vikings would have have used to cross oceans back in their time.

Track listing for Dragonheads

  1. Dragonheads
  2. Warrior’s Quest
  3. Kalevala Melody
  4. White Storm
  5. Into Hiding (originally performed by Amorphis)
  6. Finnish Melody

Basic details about the EP and the members that perform on the work

Release date: February 15, 2006

Record Label it was released under: Spinefarm Records

Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum went into the year 2006 having to deal with the departure of guitarist and longtime vocalist Jari Maenpaa. Their 2006 EP (extended play) album called Dragonheads is a really solid work and they did more than rebound: they showed that they could excel as a band even with the change in vocalists. Entering the band for this release is Petri Lindroos (ex-Norther front man). Also making their debuts on this release are Sami Hinkka (bass) and Janne Parviainen (ex-Sinergy drummer). The songs Warrior’s Quest and White Storm are songs from the band’s second demo CD.

A brief explanation why Ensiferum has been so good since the start of their career

Ensiferum entered the music scene back in 1995 and they have been one of the best Finnish bands ever since. Their self-titled album Ensiferum which had great songs such as Guardians of Fate was a solid release. Then came Iron in 2004 which also had a cover of Metallica’s famous song Battery. I have also said before that guitarist Markus Toivonen should be considered one of the elite heavy metal guitarists in the world. Petri Lindroos is one of those death metal vocalists that is easier to understand and that’s a bonus.

A Brief Review of the extended play album Dragonheads

The instrumental song Kalevala Melody is a kind of soft song that the band usually uses to open up their albums. Dragonheads is in the style of melodic death metal that is very well done. White Storm is the best song on this album. It even has chanting style vocals in addition to the great hooks provided by the guitar work of Lindroos and Toivonen. Markus Toivonen does the clean vocals in this EP. Warrior’s Quest starts out very slowly before there is a dual guitar of fast picking and the slower guitar riffing mixed in.

There is a cover done of the song Into Hiding by Amorphis. I am glad that Ensiferum did this because that’s a great way to pay tribute to a band that has been in the music business for so long and excelled with what they have done. Amorphis also is one of those bands that has had a different vocalist. Tomi Joutsen joined Amorphis with the departure of Pasi Koskinen in 2003. The last song Finnish medley is actually a collection of three traditional songs. Overall, Dragonheads is an excellent work by Ensiferum which has great rhythm guitar work, great songwriting, and a good harsh vocal style by Lindroos. The final score for Dragonheads is a 90 out of 100 points. With bands such as Sentenced and Lullacry having disbanded, Ensiferum are one of the best Finnish metal bands left in the music business. We should be very thankful for that because these guys are really good!!

The song called Dragonheads

Jari Maenpaa vs. Petri Lindroos

Which one of these vocalists do you think can sing better?

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The song called White Storm (1999 demo version with Jari Maenpaa)

The song White Storm (Petri Lindroos vocal version)


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